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This video will show you how to clean filter and unblock the Dishwasher pump to clear the Bosch, Neff or Siemens E25 error code fault





Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher pump cover

Other type of Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher pump cover


The most common in my view is the impeller jamming on the pump normally something small like a piece of chipped china or bit of broken glass, this can be removed with tweezers or pin nose pliers. After removing it should rotate easily by hand… then you should replace the pump cover and the filter above it must be locked by aligning the blue arrows so that large bits of rubbish cannot get into the impeller again.

There are two types of pump covers one is held on with a screw and the other clips into place.


In a lot of people’s houses they have the dishwasher plumed into a sink unit and the fittings can get clogged and also blocked with fat, some have a cross inside the spigot and this gets blocked with all kinds of stuff.

When you push the dishwasher into place the pipes can get trapped and kinked so make sure that this does not happen. Sometimes the waste pipe has kinked when it was fitted and over time the dishwasher is getting worse at emptying and this is when the E25 fault starts occurring.dishwasher trapped or kinked waste hose

Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher prone to the seal failing and water can get insideThe last fault is the pump has failed or it is only working intermittently. The new type of modern pump has the armature inside the pump housing and is prone to the seal failing and water can get inside and reduce the inefficiency of the pump.




Plumbing fittings to check are shown in these photographs






clogged pipe dishwasher plumed into a sink unit


This video can be used on all these makes Airlux, ATAG, Balay, Bosch, Constructa, Gorenje, Imperial, Koenic, Kuppersbusch, Neff, Pelgrim, Pitsos, Siemens, Thermador, Tecnik, Viva, V-Zug,

91 Responses to “Bosch, Neff or Siemens Dishwasher not emptying fault E25 Error Code”

  1. Adam says : Reply

    Thank you!! Saved me a lot of money not needing to call for a service man!

    • sorry for the late reply
      I’m glad we could help you with this problem please remember to subscribe to our Channel as this helps us a lot

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
    • Don says : Reply

      A perfect video. I followed it perfectly and found and removed the offending piece of plastic. I did it in about 5 minutes, roughly the length of your video. Perfect! Thanks.

  2. Chris says : Reply

    I have a Bosh Exxcel which started with an E15 error message half way through a wash. Reset and put on quick wash and finished.
    Then E25 error.
    I watched the video and took apart. There was a chip from a plate on the impellor but didn’t look like it was blocking it.
    Did not work so removed motor.
    Looks OK and turns fine but still E25.
    I have ensured that drain hose is not blocked.
    When I start it up again it has about 4 goes at spinning the motor and I can see water move in the hose leading from the drainage motor but then it gives up and E25 again.
    Should I try a new motor or is the whole dishwasher toast?

    • There may be an error code still stored in the computer’s memory try leaving the machine unplugged for 24 hours and try again, this sometimes will clear the error code. I would need make and model to be able to assist you further.

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
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  3. Andrew says : Reply

    Excellent advice….within minutes I’d retrieved a piece of plastic nearly an inch long…. Working as new now. Happy days, thanks Paul & team

  4. Chris says : Reply

    WRT Bosch Exxcel with E15 and E25, left it overnight and it now works fine.
    Maybe just needed time.

  5. David Alan says : Reply

    Very good advice on the video, got impeller cover off, nothing blocking it,tried to turn impeller but it was very stiff. Spend a minute or two rotating the impeller with finger and voila, a rubber band slowly came loose from impeller shaft, pair of tweezers and got the sucker out. Works good now, saved me a $150 service call out. Good site!!!!!!!

  6. Paul says : Reply

    Brilliant site.

    I have error 25, done all above but still getting error 25, it started with e24, but is now e25….can’t get it to go, – any ideas?

  7. Paul says : Reply

    Did the full hygiene rinse but would not drain 😞 Can I put draino in?

  8. ZAC says : Reply

    I have removed a piece of bone and the propeller is moving freely , i have checked the out let pipe is clear but after a trial run it still comes up with E-25 and there is water in the bottom of the machine ?

  9. H Verduzco says : Reply

    Thank you for the advised. I was able to fix my dishwasher the day before Thanksgiving guest arrive. Wow – how horrible would it have been a hard Thanksgiving dinner without my fabulous dishwashers. It is part of the family.

  10. Helle Kock Baun says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the tutorial on unblocking the pump..!
    Not a fun thing on a Saturday night with a full dishwasher 🙂
    Greetings from Denmark

  11. Julian Lee says : Reply

    Yes … got this code …cleaned all & changed the pump ….fault code still there….could there be any other blockages elsewhere? Or do I have to wait the 24hr for the memory to clear the code …does the machine have to be off etc?



  12. Martin says : Reply

    Hi, I have a Bosch SMS69L02GB/07 which has an error code E25. I have checked inside drain and no apparent problem. The machine is full of water after one of the long cleaning cycles when the E25 appears. If you put the machine on a pre rinse it pumps the water out that is in the bottom of the machine ( checked this can see water coming out of the drain outside) does the pre rinse fine no error code. Happy days, put the machine on a full wash cycle gets half way through E25 and full of water. try the pre rinse no go E25, leave it for a while and the pre rinse works and empties the machine. Put it on an full cycle E25. I have pulled the machine out so that all the hoses at the back are nice and straight so no kinked hoses to blame as E25 comes up with full wash cycle, pump out with rinse etc etc. Have you any ideas as to the problem? I haven’t taken it apart yet but if you could give me some pointers as to possible problem.
    many thanks

  13. Caroline Brown says : Reply

    Great video and easy removal of small piece of glass. Dishwasher now working like a charm!
    Saved us muchos $$.

  14. Marrin says : Reply

    Error 25. We had just finished a meal for 16 people when the dishwasher failed to run and displayed E25. The video was really clear and allowed us to get it running again so saved an evening of washing up by hand. Thank you

  15. Darlene says : Reply

    Great and helpful video. Worked like a charm. One hint, a turkey baster works great for emptying the water particularly down in the pump chamber.:)

  16. woollymammoth says : Reply

    Thank you so much!!! Dishwasher ran out of warranty last month and today it started making a grinding noise and then stopped with E25 error. Followed your instructions and found a piece of glass exactly like the video. All working fine and £60 call out fee saved!

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