Hi Paul! I have Siemens WM14E461GB/43 washing machine and water is leaking from bottom front, can you help? Thanks. Carole     Paul Says         Hi Carole Siemens WM14E461GB/43 Washing Machine Spare Parts  If your Siemens WM14E461GB/43 washing machine is leaking from the front of the door, it sounds like you need

beko wtv7531x0 not spinning

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i have a beko wtv7531x0 after a spin clothes are still wet what can i do chris     Paul answers   Beko wtv7531x0 washing machine carbon brushes   beko wtv7531x0 not spinning  To try and help with this problem on your Beko washing machine, I have put together a full list of videos below

Hoover DYN9164DPG door seal is leaking.! Can you supply this item and if so, what is the expected delivery time to Sunderland Tyne and wear? Can you help please? Iweka     Paul answers   Hoover washing machine door seal for DYN9164DPG   Hi Iweka  It looks like you have a hole in the seal, If

Beko AA class WMA5105 washing machine Machine is jumping around (lot more than usual)and making very loud clattering (slapping) noise when spinning Piaras     Paul answers   Beko WMA5105 washing machine Spare Parts   Hi Piaras  I would check for  movement in the bearings on the drum also if the machine is not emptying

Bosch washing machine belt slipping

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Hi Paul! My Bosch Maxx9 washing-machine (2yrs old) has a problem I can’t diagnose. The belt OCCASIONALLY slips around rear drum-pulley causing high-pitched squeal, especially when attempting high-speed spin. Runs perfectly sometimes, other times it squeals like crazy. If the drum fails to turn properly for loo long, tacho-sensor ends programme. Similar to unbalanced load,

I have a Whirlpool Washing machine AWOD 6727 Serial No. 8592 969 15007. Is Carbon Brush type SKU: H2RHLS13701238 the correct onr for this model. If not, what is the SKU no.? Duncan     Paul answers     Hi Duncan whirpool awod6727 spare parts   good morning Duncan on this model of machine they

Hi Paul! our washing machine Hotpoint Aquarious has become very noisy and i was wondering if you can replace the bearings for me, as i don’t think i have the tools to do this type of job Chris     Paul answers     Hi Chris   yes we do do call outs but only in

Hi Paul! our washing machine Hotpoint Aquarious WML730 very slowly fills with water without being actually switched on. Just went to use on return from holidays (after 3 weeks). The drum was full of water. Please help! Thank you CharlesCharles     Paul answers     Hi Charles   Washing machine water valves for sale

Hi Paul – I need to replace the door seal on my zanussi zfw1012w but it does not have a removable front panel. Please can you advise as I must remove the concrete counterweight Many Thanks! Paul O’Riordan     Paul answers   Zanussi zwf1012w washing machine seal   Hi Paul O’Riordan     i think

HI my siemens washing(WXB1260GB/07) machine is stopping mid rinse. It heats, drains ,fills,spins but intermitently stops mid rinse(not all the time, but now increasingly more of the time) any suggestions Paul     Paul answers   Siemens washing machine WXB1260GB/07 spare parts   Hi Paul you might find you have a blockage or you might