I have a Whirlpool Washing machine AWOD 6727 Serial No. 8592 969 15007. Is Carbon Brush type SKU: H2RHLS13701238 the correct onr for this model. If not, what is the SKU no.? Duncan     Paul answers     Hi Duncan whirpool awod6727 spare parts   good morning Duncan on this model of machine they

Hi Paul! our washing machine Hotpoint Aquarious has become very noisy and i was wondering if you can replace the bearings for me, as i don’t think i have the tools to do this type of job Chris     Paul answers     Hi Chris   yes we do do call outs but only in

Hi Paul! our washing machine Hotpoint Aquarious WML730 very slowly fills with water without being actually switched on. Just went to use on return from holidays (after 3 weeks). The drum was full of water. Please help! Thank you CharlesCharles     Paul answers     Hi Charles   Washing machine water valves for sale

Hi Paul – I need to replace the door seal on my zanussi zfw1012w but it does not have a removable front panel. Please can you advise as I must remove the concrete counterweight Many Thanks! Paul O’Riordan     Paul answers   Zanussi zwf1012w washing machine seal   Hi Paul O’Riordan     i think

HI my siemens washing(WXB1260GB/07) machine is stopping mid rinse. It heats, drains ,fills,spins but intermitently stops mid rinse(not all the time, but now increasingly more of the time) any suggestions Paul     Paul answers   Siemens washing machine WXB1260GB/07 spare parts   Hi Paul you might find you have a blockage or you might

Message left on 26 Jan 2016, 12:54 PM (GMT+0) We have a samsung eco bubble washing macine wf80f5e0w. Iit starts to fill with. Water but stops after a very short while 15 to 30 secs. The display then flashes but does not display an error code. Im wondering if the problem is with the control

Beko wm7355S wont spin

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Hi there, my Beko WM7355S won’t spin with washing in the drum. The belt goes round & it will spin if empty but anything weighty in the drum & it won’t turn. Any ideas please?  Heidi     Paul answers   Beko WM7355S washing machine Spare Parts   Hi  Heidi  I would check for motor faults

hi. bosch classixx 6 WAE28363GB has stopped with 45 mins left of a 1hr 35 min cycle. The wash symbol is still showing. There have been some grinding noises intermittently over the last month but was not in when it has stopped so dont knowwhat happened. Any obvious things to check? it is approx 7

Hoover WMH147DF/2-80 carbon brushes     Hi Paul! you helped me with my dishwasher could you please help me with my washing machine? I have a Hoover WMH147DF/2-80 serial/product no 31003409, the drum turned intermittently and then stopped turning altogether. it shows error code 08, which I thought was the tacho, but having looked at it

I have a beko wm5100 washing machine that will not spin lisa     Paul answers   Beko WM5100 washing machine Spare Parts   Hi lisa  I would check the motor faults first, see videos below. I have also included some useful links here  To try and help with this problem on your Beko washing machine, I