How to Replace Beko washing Machine Door Seal

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This video will show you How to replace and fit a new Door Seal gasket


If your washing machine is leaking from the front of the door, or the door seal is torn, warped or damaged, or mold has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning, it´s time to replace it for a new one.

This video will show you in detail how to replace the door seal gasket and fit the new one properly to Beko Alpari, Arcelik, Altus, Beko, Brandt, Bomann, Bru, Bluesky, Defy, Fisher & Paykel, Far, Kenwood, Listo, Saba, San Giorgio, Venus & Wasco models of washing machine.

How to Replace Beko washing Machine Door Seal

If your washing machine is leaking from the front of the door, or the door seal is torn, warped or damaged, or mold has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning, it´s time to replace it for a new one.

It can be used on all these Beko models:  

BEKO WM5100S - Ser.No.7148881100; Ser.No.7148881200, BEKO WM5100W, BEKO WM5120S, BEKO WM5120W, BEKO WM5121S, BEKO WM5121W, BEKO WM5140S, BEKO WM5140W, BEKO WM6103W, BEKO WM6120S, BEKO WM6123S, BEKO WM6123W, BEKO WM6133S, BEKO WM6133W, BEKO WM6143S, BEKO WM6143W, BEKO WM6167S, BEKO WM6167W, BEKO WM6355W, BEKO WMC61W, BEKO WMC62W, BEKO WMC64W

Here is the step by step procedure on the process:
• First thing we need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply, and remove the two screws in the back of the machine that hold the top panel.
• Then remove the soap drawer and the screw that holds the facial panel.
• To remove the control panel from the machine you need, with the help of a flat blade screw driver, release the three plastic pins that hold it to the chassis of the machine. Be careful on doing this, because they can easily break, just take your time and do it one by one.
• The next thing to do is remove the kick strip or plinth from the bottom of the machine to access the screws that hold the front facial panel
• Take off the outer door seal retaining band or spring with the help of a flat blade screw driver, and peel the seal of the lip, and tuck it inside the drum.
• Remove the two screws that hold the lock
• Unscrew the three screws at the bottom of the facial panel, and now you are ready to release the front facial panel of the chassis. Just slide it downwards and it will come loose easily. Remember that at the top there are small plastic lugs that fit into the panel, don´t lose them!
• The next thing to do is remove the retaining spring that holds the gasket to the drum with the help of a flat blade screw driver
• Peel the seal from the drum and do remember that at the top of the drum there is a small mark that indicates the correct position of the seal.
• It´s a good idea to give a good clean around the outer drum; just wipe all the scale and scum that builds up over time.
• Now we´re ready to fit the new seal, align the seal with the small mark at the top of the drum and the draining holes at the bottom, make sure the seal marks line up on the drum this is very important.
• When fitting the new seal, it´s a good idea to use a little bit of fairy liquid just to help you slide the seal to its correct position (see video for this), and also with the help of a clamp, secure the seal into its place and then just slowly work around the drum. Make sure that the seal fits correctly on the lip of the drum.
• After fitting the new seal, inspect it for creases and if its correctly aligned with the top mark of the drum, if needed, just push it yourself to its place (see video for this)
• Tuck the gasket inside the drum and put back again the retaining spring that holds the gasket to the drum, with the help of a clamp.
• The next step is to replace the front facial panel of the machine, remember to align the holes with the lugs on the chassis, and don’t forget the little pins at the top!
• Fit the three screws at the bottom and the kick strip or plinth.
• Now just fit the door lock that is held on with two screws and unfold the seal from inside the drum. Carefully just put the seal under the lip of the front panel, and replace the seal retaining band or spring.
• The control panel goes into place by just pressing it against the chassis of the washing machine, and you are ready to fit the screw from the soap drawer.
• Insert the soap drawer and the top panel of the washing machine
• Now the only things you need to do is connect the machine up, select a wash program and slide a piece of paper underneath the washing machine to inspect for any leaks!

The Causes of Black Marks & Mildew or mold on Washing Machine Door Seal and how to stop this happening

The bacteriological build-up in your machine is due to poor cleaning and damp environment over the days that the machine is not being used. It really is that simple and, all too often down to bad maintenance.
What happens is that new type of washing machines use less water to wash and are left for too long without performing a maintenance wash which will allow bacteria to build up in the washing machine which will grow very happily in the warm damp conditions which will eventually lead to what is shown here on the door seal or door rubber as some people call it.
Also using solely liquid detergents, liquid tablets, color only powders (or liquid) as well as most of the "alternative" products like Soap nuts, Eco-balls NOT contain any bleach and will not remove any bacteria effectively. Should you wish to use these alternative products you will also have to add bleach to prevent "greying" of your whites over time as well as other problems.
Whipping the door seal after each wash will help no end leaving the machine door slightly ajar when not in use also massively helps; this allows the seal to dry out and hinders the growth of bacteria inside the washing machine's drum as well as the door seal.

26 Responses to “How to Replace Beko washing Machine Door Seal”

  1. Steven says : Reply

    Will the Beko door seal replacement video be the same for Model WM5101W it looks a lot like it would be? Thanks

  2. Liam says : Reply

    Hi there. I’ve got my seal partly in but haven’t yet fitted the larger spring. When I spin the drum, there’s a rubbery squeak. Will this disappear when I put it all back together? Or when I try a wash, am I likely to rip the seal out altogether?
    At the moment, I’m having trouble getting the large spring on. So will have another go with someone to help me tomorrow.
    The seal model number is correct and seems to be fitted ok.
    Regards, Liam.

  3. mark says : Reply

    hi there
    I have a BEKO wmb 61431w and the problem is a musty smell when the door is left open can you help please thanks

    regards, mark

    • Hi Mark you might have a bit of mould around tub seal and drum, you need to clean around and let the machine do a boil wash after, this will help.
      every month i would put the machine on one hot wash with a little bleach

  4. Henry says : Reply

    after fitting a door seal on my Beko wmc62w it wont stop filling with water what have i done wrong

  5. Sally Neish says : Reply

    I have a Beko WB 6005 NS 05/107089/11 and can’t seem to find the right part number for the door seal. Could you possibly let me have it. Thanks very much. Best wishes, Sally

  6. Danny keech says : Reply

    Hi, I’m having trouble fitting the door seal, I’ve got the right parts, and someone helping me, but I can’t get the rubber to go round the metal part of the drum, it keeps sliding off. what do you suggest?

    • Nyafus says : Reply

      I have beko wmb10 w, but I a selector/regulator problem. when you regulate to main wash, it skips to cold wash but it will wash it with hot water. what is the problem?

  7. Dave says : Reply

    Hi,I have a beko washing machine for about a year and every time we put a wash on there is a nasty smell,I have cleaned the filter,pipes right from the pump to the outside drain and still no good and I don’t no what to do next or where the smell is coming from.can you help?

  8. Amy says : Reply

    Hi I have a beko WMB71442S and the rubber seal on the door needs changing, would a seal off a beko WM5140W fit? Thanks

  9. Phil says : Reply

    back plates for fixing hinges on intergrated beko wm1 61241 have fallen out i have them but how do i re fit them do i have to take off the front panel if so how?? thanks Phil

  10. Paul says : Reply

    I have a WMA 520 S that needs door seal replacing is the above video applicable to this machine

  11. Psm says : Reply

    My seal got caught up with the wash when it was spinning! I’ve managed to free it, the wash and the metal coils. Nothing seems damaged. Does the door really have to come off to replace the seal?

  12. Karen says : Reply

    Hi my seal keeps coming away from metal ring that holds it in place. Its not ayear old yet. I had it sortec lastime and took 2 mins but im unable to work it out. Can you help please ..

  13. Alison says : Reply

    I have a beko washing machine and it’s leaking from the draw . Bloody thing not happy . I put washing liquid in with the washing and don’t use the draw. The draw is fully clean. As to the filter in the bottom I can’t open it as the plastic clips have broken off cause it was to tight in the first place . Can anyone tell me what to do .

  14. Clive Brown says : Reply

    Great instruction video, thank you.
    Replaced drum seal, unfortunately, although all lights on nothing is working. It is not requesting water to start cycle.
    Does anyone have any suggestion as to what is the problem?

  15. Pete Whinn says : Reply

    Hi guys, presume these instructions also work on BEKO WMB91442LW ??

  16. Mike says : Reply

    I have aWDX854313OB. Can’t get front panel off to fit door seal. Help please

  17. Pauline says : Reply

    Hi I am replacing the plastic part of the door lock. When removing the hinge the retainer plate fell into the machine. How do I get it out? Thanks Pauline

  18. dean says : Reply

    I have a becko wme8227b washing machine.
    I have checked all the pipes and changed the pump and my washing machine still wont empty any ideas please

  19. Lennon says : Reply

    Hello i have a beko WMB61021 6kg washing machine and the seal has worn away I’ve got an other one but don’t know how to put it on and how many people would have to fix it

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