1kW Plug in Solar Panel Kit

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Plug-in Solar Panel Quad Kit - 1kW 4 x 250W Solar Panels 2 x Enecsys 480-60 Duo Microinverters 1 x 13A Mains Lead (5M) 1 x 2M Extension Cable 1 x Distribution Unit & End Cap 1 x RCD Protected Plug 8 x Freestanding TricF Frames

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Solar Panel

Your plug-in SOLAR is fitted with a polycrystalline solar panel that works more efficiently than a polycrystalline solar panel
which you may find in other solar power installations. Each panel can generate up to 250W and has a twenty-five-year 80%
power guarantee.
The Micro Inverter
The inverter converts direct current from the sun into
alternating current for use in your home, as such, it forms
the heart of your plug-in SOLAR. We opted for a Microinverter from Enecsys in Cambridge, UK, which has been manufactured using specialised components to make it especially robust, providing a lifespan of at least twenty years, whilst operating at temperatures from 40°C minus to 85°C plus. The Microinverter has a wireless transmitter to enable real-time monitoring via the Internet which is available to you if you incorporate an additional gateway and can be purchased separately.
The Frame
plug-in SOLAR comes with supporting legs which are made from two solid pieces of British designed and engineered steel. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated steel. This supports the module at an angle of thirty degrees, just right to catch the sun's rays. Your plug-in SOLAR, can be anchored to the ground with pegs, placed on a patio, flat roof or even a shed or pergola (additional fixings may be required, and can be supplied at an additional cost in our shop).
All main components comply fully with the G83 requirements and have MCS registrations
applicable to each component.
The guarantee on the module is for twenty-five years, and twenty years on the inverter.