Air-conditioning meter for holiday apartments and villas

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This Air-conditioning meter is the perfect solution for landlords who have excessively large electrical bills due to tenants leaving the air-conditioning on when they are staying at apartments or villas on holiday. You can pre load the meter to an amount of credit for your tenants stay, and if they use all the credit up before for the end of their stay they are able to add more them self’s. Credit is displayed on the unit so that the user can see at all times the remaining credit.
The owners will have access to the meter so that for their own use they will be able to override the coin slots and add credit or remove credit manually.   
These meters can be programmed for regional rates of electricity and can, in some cases, be programmed for individual needs.
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The meter is capable of running up to 100 amp capacity and makes it the only meter available capable of running multiple air conditioning units for your villa or apartment
Electronic Coin meter with LCD readout
Dual Coin: Accepts € 2& € 1 coins
2 year manufacturer guarantee
Ideal for holiday homes/villas, flats, apartments, rented accommodation.
Adjustable tariff
100amp 240v
Credit is added by inserting either €1 or €2 coins. This meter does have two separate slots to prevent problems if a coin becomes lodged so that the meter can be operated until a service engineer is called. Significant testing has been undertaken to ensure a reliable and efficient Air-conditioning meter  has been produced.  Credit is displayed on the unit so that the user can see at all times the remaining credit.  When the credit falls to zero the electricity supply is stopped until further coins are inserted.