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  1. 2200 Watts Fan Oven Heating Element
    Genuine replacement fan oven element for your CDA, Caple, Delonghi, Elba, Kenwood, Prestige, Rangecookers,Tecnolec ovens.
    Key features: 2200 watts/ 3 Turns/ Length 215 mm/ Width 190 mm/ Bracket : 70 mm/ Tags: 25 mm
  2. 2500 watt Fan Oven Heater Element
    Genuine replacement 2500 watt Fan Oven Heater Element to fit Candy, Caple, Carrera, CDA, Delonghi, Elba, Gasfire, Homark, Hoover, Kelvinator, Kenwood, Prestige, Rosieres & White Westinghouse ovens.
    Description: 2500 watts, 3 Turns, Specification: 3 Turn/ Type: 3311R460 or 0013R079 rca 2500w/ Height: 220 (mm)/ Width 193 mm/ Bracket : 70 mm/ Tags: 25 mm Usually shipped within 5 working days
  3. 2200 watt Heater Element for Fan Oven CDA, Caple, Delonghi, Elba, Kenwood, Prestige, Range cookers
    Quality replacement fan oven element fits various Delonghi ovens.
    Key features: 2200 watts, 3 Turns, Length 215 mm, Width 190 mm, Bracket : 70 mm, Tags: 25 mm
  4. Washing Machine Door Seal

    Genuine replacement door door seal to fit Beko & ISE models of washing machine.
    Manufacturer's Code - 2804860200
    Other Product Codes - 2804860100

  5. Washing Machine Door Seal
    Quality replacement door seal that fits various Beko & ISE models of washing machine.
    Equivalent to manufacturer's code - 2804860200
  6. Washing Machine Door Handle
    Genuine replacement door handle for your Beko washing machine.
    This simple to fit door handle is an original manufacturer replacement. Perfect if the old handle has broken or failed.
  7. Washing Machine Door Hinge
    Genuine replacement door hinge that fits various Beko washing machines.
    Failing door hinges are a common fault on most home appliances. The washing machine door and washing machine hinges are easy to replace.
  8. 4 Inch Wide x 4 Metre Length Tumble Dryer Vent Hose
    Quality replacement vent hose - 4 x 4metres fits various Universal tumble dryers. Good quality universal replacement tumble dryer vent hose is made of corrugated plastic tubing that allows steam produced by your tumble dryer to be removed from the room.
    This hose can either be hung through a door or window and has a maximum stretch of 4 metres. Great replacement if your hose is split and leaking steam.
    Fits all tumble dryers with a 4 inch / 102mm vent hose opening. Dimensions: Length- up to 4 metres. Diameter- 4 inch
    This item is equivalent to this product code - 1250220108
  9. Washing Machine Ceset Carbon Brushes RH
    Genuine Replacement Ceset motor carbon brushes to fit Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Ignis, Ikea, Neutral, Matura, Laden, Arcelik As, Asea, Balay, Bosch, Cl, Constructa, Cylinda, Elvita, Fisher & Pakel, Friac, Neutral, Pitsos, Polar, Privileg, Radiola, Siemens, Tegran, V-Zug & Viking models of washing machine 
    PLEASE NOTE: These carbon brushes only fit washing machines with Ceset motors and at the right hend angle, wich means the slope is going left to right.
    Also these brushes are serial number dependent, so if you are not sure if these fit your washing machine, please contact us with full model number and serial number from ID plate.
  10. Premium Compatible Fan Oven Heating Element
    Premium quality but still a low cost cooker and built in oven fan oven element made by EGO, 3 turn 2500W to fit many models of built in ovens and cookers The original fan element fitted may be a 2 turn as opposed to the newer 3 turn version here which improves reliability with this version made by EGO ensuring a top quality replacement, often better than the original elements. Please note that this element fits many more models and brands
    Round Element 3 Turns :: 2200/2500 Watts :: Length 210/220 mm :: Width 177 mm :: Bracket : 70 mm :: Tags: 25 mm :: Terminal Length: 35mm :: Hole Or Stud Centre: 56mm :: Plate Length: 22mm
  11. Oven Door Hinge Set
    Set of oven door hinges (left and right) used on Fisher And Paykel (F&P) oven and cooker models as listed.
  12. Compatible Washing Machine Drain Pump
    Low cost replacement drain pump and filter assembly to fit washing machine and washer dryer models including built in and integrated models. This drain pump fits a staggering amount of models so if you get confused or aren't sure if this is the one for your washing machine then please feel free to contact us for more help.
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