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  1. Beko Door Interlock

    Genuine replacement door interlock for your Beko washing machine.
    THIS IS A GENUINE BEKO PRODUCT Manufacturer's Code - 2805310100 .
    Alternative Part Numbers: 2805310400, 2805310500, 082641854, 82641853, BE62102, 82641853, BE62104

    Also known as Door safety interlock or door safety lock.
    See the full list of makes and models below.
    Type: Metalflex ZV-446 T28505310400 or Type: Rold T85 DA003

  2. Beko Solenoid Valve
    Suitable for listed models from Aftron, Ahma, Akai, Alpari, Altus, Ansonic, Arcelik, Arctic, Ardem, Armani, Atlas, Aya, Bee Electrics, Beko, Beta, Blomberg, Bluematic, Bluesky, Bomann, Brandt, Bru, Campomatic, Carad, Carrefour Home, Cellini, Cntal, Codini, Continental Edison, Croma, Crown, Crystal, Cucine, Defy, Donar, Ecron, Elba, Electrolux, Elekta, Elektra Bregenz, Elettrozeta, Eskimo, Essentielb, Euro, Euroline, Euromaid, Europa, Exquisit, Fagor, Far, Federal, Fensa, Fisher & Paykel, Flavel, Fortress, Fricon, Funix, Generalmatic, Gmatic, Goldi, Graetz, Grundig, Helkama, Hoover, Houseline, Huwa, Hyundai, ISE, Jide, Kenwood, Konka, Lamo, Listo, Magic, Mastercook, Meiling, Mercury, Midea, Mirage, Modena, Moritz, New House, Nikkei, Nortline, Offenberg, Pars, Peabody, Penguin, Perfect, Philco, Pilot, Princess, Prolux, Rainford, Raymond, Rotel, Saba, Saivod, San Giorgio, Sang, Schaub Lorenz, Selecline, Siera, Sierra, Smeg, Speed, Star Mal, Starwash, Style, Sunny, Super General, Superfrost, Surfline, Sywood, Tecnokit, Tensai, Thomson, Tophouse, Universal, Valenti, Venus, Vico, Victory, Wasco, Weili, Westpoint, White-Westinghouse, Winson, Winstar, Xinfei and Zanussi.

    This is a Genuine spare part.
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