300 LT Thermo-siphon solar water heater

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The solar panels are German Engineered, Build Quality to last, with a Life Expectancy of 35+ Years , 10 year warranty and German built quality


This video show you the strength of the solar panel

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Thermosiphon systems are a very simply & cost effective way of producing FREE Hot Water. These Solar Panels work on the priciple of Gravity so no Electricity is required. German Engineering from Europe’s leading Solar Thermal Panel Manufacturer. A specially coated selective absorber converts light into heat. The heat is transferred into the water tank. These panels are engineered to withstand the stresses of stagnation so there is no need for a heat dump.

Main components of 300L FR II:
  1. Solar panel TS 350. S1582. 2 pieces
  2. Water tank horizontal 300 litres. K1258. 1 piece
  3. Expansion tank 7 litres. K3035. 1 piece
  4. Panel connection set. S5146. 1 piece
  5. Tank connection set for 300L FR II. S5150. 1 piece
  6. Expansion and de-aeration set. S5113. 1 piece
  7. Cold water connection set. S5118. 1 piece
  8. Electric heating element 2kW / 230V. K1259. 1 piece
  9. Stand for 300L FR II. S5144. 1 piece
  10. HEAT TRANSFER LIQUID. D4112. 25 litres