Compatible Integrated Fridge & Freezer Door Hinge

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Low cost replacement for the Technic door hinge used on integrated fridge and freezer models This hinge will only fit the upper left hand position or the lower right hand position looking at the front door for the other hinge to fit the lower left or upper right positions please see the door hinge HS81239 from the related products. NOTE: This door hinge are designed to only fit in the positions given in the diagram below!


  • A2072/1
  • BFS121
  • BSF121UK
  • BTS1610IUK
  • BTS1614
  • BTS1614UK
  • BTS1624A
  • OS-KVE160L
  • OS-KVG160IL
  • OS-KVG160L
  • OSKVF120
  • OSKVF120/1
  • OSKVF1200
  • OSKVG160L


  • CUL16G
  • CUZ12G


  • GS164IUK
  • GSE160
  • GSE160IUK
  • GSE160UK
  • GSF120
  • GSF120IUK
  • GSF120UK
  • IN-SF-120G
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