Compatible Washing Machine Drum Paddle

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Drum paddle, lifter or agitator to fit a number of Vestel produced washing machine models including the models shown or as advised if your model is not listed
Can be used on models from: Avea, Bell, Bellavita, Basicline, BSK, Bluesky, Bush, Cobal, Continent, Clayton, Domeos, Far, Funix, Homeking, Holme, Harrow, Hyundai, JPC, Jetwash, Linetech, Listo, Proaction, Sogelux, Schauen, Seelect, Selecline, Sog, Sovereign, Technica, Tucson, Teka, Technic, Techwood, Unic Line, Waltham, Welco, Wellington, Westwood


  • BFW1000


  • WK105VB
  • WK105VS
  • WK126V
  • WK126VB
  • WK126VS
  • WK1400Y
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