Dishwasher not filling with water or washing correctly. How service the appliance.

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When your dishwasher doesn't clean well or fill with water, why not fix it yourself following these simple steps in the video and avoid the expensive call out charges of an engineer. A simple service of your dishwasher and cleaning of the parts often solves the problem.

Dishwasher not filling with water

Insufficient water in the dishwasher can cause poor cleaning. If the floats get stuck in the raised position or the pressure bowls or pipes get blocked with slim, the dishwasher won’t fill with water. Another likely cause is a clogged inlet screen or faulty inlet valve



1 - Remove the spray arm and clean out the holes using a paper clip as a hook it is the best tool for the job. Spray arms like this one you unscrew a cap on top. Others require you to pull them off.

2 - Remove the filter for cleaning.3 You should be able to see the dishwasher main tank pressure bowl this will need to be removed then cleaned see video on this.

3 - The base plate or sometimes known as a kick strip will need to be removed followed by the cover plate behind.

4 - Next you will need to remove the side panel to gain access to the water flow system it is the one on the right on this machine.

5 - You will now see the dishwasher filling pressure bowl this will need to be cleaned.

6 - All the pipes that go to the main pressure switch will need to be checked for blockages. By blowing into the pipes you should here the pressure switch click, this tells you that the switch should be working correctly.

7 - Once you have cleaned everything and replaced them try the dishwasher again if it works great you have not need to buy a new valve.

8 - If the dishwasher still does not fill you will have to try replacing the main water valve see other tutorials on this.

50 Responses to “Dishwasher not filling with water or washing correctly. How service the appliance.”

  1. Indra says : Reply

    I am having problems with my smeg dishwasher D16012 it is not taking in water. I have cleaned the filter,filled with salt and clean the spray arms. Bought in July ,2012. Hello please !!!!!

  2. Vidisha says : Reply

    I have Beko DW451 Slimline Dishwashe builtin. It is not spraying water from the top. Water from the base is filling up. There is no problem with the draining either. If I switch on the dishwasher after some time (6-10 minutes) a burning smell comes. Paul could you please help?

  3. Juliette says : Reply

    My neff SL1051f is not filling with water. Checked for leaks, none found. Reset mahine. Filled with water with a jug and pumps out ok. Checked water is on and no kink in the aquastop hose. Trying to remove the water pressure matrix to rinse it out as I wonder if the float is stuck as water only trickles in but I cannot remove it. It is attached in the centre to the middle side of the machine which has a cover inside. Please can you help as to how to remove this or any other things to try.


  4. Simon Chapman says : Reply

    Hi, I have a Hotpoint Aquarius DF62P which is 16 years old. I have a problem that there appears to be no water pressure into the spinning arms. When I run it and open the door to check, I can see water coming out of the bottom spinning arm up to a height of about 3inches but no water at all is getting upto the top spinning arm. When I took off the tubing that connects to the bottom and top spinning arms there are two inlets from the bottom of the machine which when the machine is run do push some water through, but not with any great pressure or gushing.
    the machine is filling with water and I have had the side off and checked the floats and switches which seem to be working ok and I have cleaned all the pipes and tubing that I could see and that could be removed easily. I have also taken the spinning arms off and the tube from the bottom spinning arm to the top and checked for blockages and dirt and they are all now spotless. I have checked the drain pump and there is no debris there and the machine drains ok. So short of taking the door and front plate off and delving underneath the machine I think I have checked all the main things.
    Any ideas why there is no pressure to the water getting to the spinning arms or what else I should check?

    • sorry for the late reply
      You need to inspect the impeller on the main motor pump and also make sure that all the spray arms of clear of any blockages

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
  5. Simon Chapman says : Reply

    Thanks for the reply and the advice. I have checked the spray arms and they are clear I assume that I will have to remove the motor to check the impeller? I have taken the side off and can see the main motor which is turning but is not giving the power to the water that it should. I assume that it could therefore be some sort of blockage or debris jamming or slowing the impeller or possibly the motor has lost power? (I don’t have a meter to check this). although it was working for one wash and then not the next. I should also say that the heater is not working but assume that if there is not enough water passing through the heater will not work?

    • Floodgates says : Reply

      Did you manage to fix this problem as I am having the exact same issue. Did you replace the impeller pump in the end?

  6. benson says : Reply

    Beko dishwasher model DSFN1532 not filling with water . it does drain if filled manually and sounds as though it is working. I have checked filters and water connection and electrics, all ok. The salt light is not on but it is some time since salt was replenished. Will it fill with water without salt?

  7. Becky says : Reply

    My lamona dishwasher isn’t filling up. Can anybody help please

  8. Sue says : Reply

    Neff integrated dishwasher
    During the night we had one of the switches trip in the fuse box. I switched it back up to find that the dishwasher had almost finished, however, the signal on the dishwasher door reads E…15 with a picture of a tap. There doesn’t seem to be any water getting into the machine.
    I have trno ed to reset, it doesn’t work. Tried switching off manually, doesn’t respond. I switched the power to machine. Left it for a few mins hoping I would be able to switch f the programme this way, it didn’t work.
    I have cleaned the machine arms, filters etc.. Which I do once a week anyway.

    Any suggestions please.

  9. Con Byrne says : Reply

    My Siemens dishwasher (11 year’s old) has taken to pumping the water out as it fills from the inbuilt water softener so that when it starts to wash dishes there is no water in the system. My temporary solution is to open the door and lob a few litres of water into the innards. This has the desired effect, except, of course, the dishes are being washed in unsoftened water. I also have to remember to refill the dishwasher twenty minutes or so before the end of its cycle. Having better things to do with my life, is there a simple repair solution or should I just go to my local store and buy a replacement?

  10. nicole says : Reply

    Lamona LAM 8301 not filling with water there is power as it sounds like it is stuck

  11. Ylber derguti says : Reply

    Ariston LV 625 IL.
    I have problem , when it starts is starting good but after the light 3 and to go to light 4 his blinking light 1 and 3.

  12. tony fyfield says : Reply

    Hi I have a siemens dishwasher Typ SD6P1s, Sn 277W01TG/27, FD9610, It came up with with error code 15 and told to turn tap off and call customer services. It makes a noise as if trying to fill up, it went through the wash cycle but I think it stopped through the rinse cycle. Customer servise is not available for the past few days. I have seen yur video on cleaning the pressure bowl etc. Is it the same for a Siemens? and do you have further advice. Thanks for your time.Tony

  13. Trace Allsop says : Reply

    I have found the indesit water channel part ES1087840 in the bottom of the machine and am unable to find out how to fit it ! Please can you help

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