Hoover Door Seal

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Suitable for listed models from Baumatic, Candy, Caple and Hoover.

This is a Genuine spare part.

Please check model fit list to ensure this door seal is correct for your model.

Door seals are also known as gaskets, door boot, door rubber, door gasket, door bellows, door hood, tub seal.


  • BWMI1472DN1


  • BWMI1262DN1
  • BWMI1472DN1
  • CWB 0713-07
  • CWB 0862DN1-S
  • CWB 1062DN1-S
  • CWB 1382DN1-S
  • CWB 1462DN1-S
  • CWB 714DN1-S
  • CWB 814DN1-S
  • HWB 2402DN1-S
  • HWB 8135DN1-S
  • HWB 814DN1-80S
  • LI4 1080 E VR04
  • LI4 1480 E VR04


  • WMI2006


  • HWB 814DN1-80S


If your appliance is leaking from the front or underneath, the door seal may have a hole or its damaged. You may be replacing the seal because Mould has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning and needs replacing.

This is a fairly straightforward job on most models, but on some models, especially ones without a removable front panel or washer dryers, it can take several frustrating hours for you.

But with our video tutorials on replacing door seals we make it easy for you

how to change door seal

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