Tumble Dryer Belt & Pulley Kit



Genuine replacement belt and pulley kit used on Beko tumble dryer models as listed or as directed as this kit may fit tumble dryer models not shown If you only need the small drive belt it is available from the related items as a low cost compatible spare part.
4PHE226 type, this is belt and pulley kit modification by the manufacturer, it is essential that both parts are fitted.


  • ADSV6
  • DRVS62S
  • DRVS62W
  • DRVS73S
  • DRVS73W
  • DRVT61W
  • DRVT71W
  • DSV64W
  • DV1160
  • DV1560X
  • DV7110
  • DVSC711W
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