Compatible Washing Machine Drum Paddle



Low cost compatible plastic drum lifter or paddle to fit the Whirlpool washing machine models as listed which are suitable for many Aquasteam models This version of the drum paddle is 218mm long by 55mm wide and has four fixing lugs. If this is not the configuration that you have please contact us with the 12NC code from the rating plate of your washing machine.
Agitator size (base): 218 x 55 mm


  • AWO/D5446
  • AWO/D5505
  • AWO/D5506
  • AWO/D5516
  • AWO/D5526
  • AWO/D5556
  • AWO/D5706
  • AWO/D5706/S
  • AWO/D5716
  • AWO/D5726
  • AWO/D5926
  • AWO/R5206
  • AWO/R5406
  • AWOD5926
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