Washing Machine Lifter Paddle

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Low cost compatible plastic drum lifter paddle to fit Beko washing machines If you are unsure if this is the drum paddle or lifter used in your Beko washing machine please contact us for more help. If the drum paddle is not fitted correctly it will break again, please ensure that they are fitted correctly and are secure. Plastic drum paddles are very susceptible to damage primarily from overloading and washing the likes of trainers in your washing machine and this is strongly advised against. You can find various articles about these parts on the main UK Whitegoods website but, if they break again after a short period of time then there is either another fault with the washing machine causing premature failure or it will be as a result of what is being washed in the machine. Therefore, no manufacturer offers a warranty on these parts as a result of this mainly due to the assumption being that any damage is due to the way in which they are used.
Dimensions are 211mm X 48mm


  • WM5100S
  • WM5100W
  • WM5120S
  • WM5120W
  • WM5140S
  • WM5140W
  • WM6103W
  • WM6120S
  • WM6123S
  • WM6123W
  • WM6133S
  • WM6133W
  • WM6143S
  • WM6143W
  • WM6167S
  • WM6167W
  • WM6355W
  • WM7127S
  • WM7127W
  • WM7147S
  • WM7147W
  • WM8127S
  • WM8127W
  • WMA510S
  • WMA510W
  • WMA520S
  • WMA520W
  • WMC61W
  • WMC62W
  • WMC64W
  • WME7227S
  • WME7227W
  • WME7247S
  • WME7247W
  • WME7267S
  • WME7267W
  • WME8227B
  • WME8227S
  • WME8227W
  • WMXD847W
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