Washing Machine Rear Half & Bearings



Genuine replacement rear half & bearings that fits various Servis washing machines.


  • M6000
  • M6000-1
  • M6002S
  • M6002W
  • M6003
  • M6003-1
  • M6003S
  • M6003S-1
  • M6011
  • M6011-1
  • M6011S
  • M6011S-1
  • M6011UK
  • M6012S
  • M6012W
  • M6503S
  • M6503W
  • M6512S
  • M6512W
  • M6513S


Sorry we do not have the exact repair guide for this drum tub assembly at this moment.
We have many videos to help you change your washing machine drum tub assembly and other videos on all types of washing machine repairs. 

This is just an example of one video on how to replace a drum tub assembly on your washing machine.

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This washing machine drum tub assembly spare part of all repairs on washing machines can be one of the most difficult to be successfully completed, as this requires a complete strip down of the machine. Find out more about drum tub assembly below:

Washing machine drum tub also known as: drum assembly, tank unit, tub assembly, weld tub drum assembly, wash unit
If you need help fitting your washing machine drum tub assembly. See our repair guides. 
Please make sure you are ordering the correct drum tub for your Washing machine.
Your model number will be listed in the models tab.
If you are unsure please contact us with your washing machine model number and we will check it for you. Contact us with full model number and serial number of the ID plate

Reasons why you have to replace your drum assembly:

Many washing machines come with a sealed drum – this means that the drum is welded together, rather than being bolted. Because of this, drum bearings or spider can’t be replaced because sealed drums can’t be stripped-down. Another case is when your washing machine comes with drum paddles that are fixed from the inside of a sealed drum - if the paddle breaks, the whole drum will need to be replaced.