Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guide & Faults | DC05 Absolute, DC08 Allergy Animal, DC11 Allergy

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Troubleshooting and Replacing a Faulty Motor on a Dyson Cylinder Vacuum

Welcome to our guide on diagnosing and fixing common issues with Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaners, specifically the DC08 Allergy Animal model, but it is also applicable for Dyson DC05 Absolute and Dyson DC11 Allergy.


Please remember that, when working with any electrical appliances, safety should always be your top priority, and we also suggest you watch our video.


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Identifying the Problem & Preparing for Repair

If your vacuum cleaner emits a burning smell and the motor's sound fluctuates, it’s likely that the motor is faulty. One common issue is metal fatigue in the power cable, which can occur in vacuum cleaners with retractable cords. Constant stretching of the cable can damage the copper strands inside, resulting in intermittent power supply. This issue can occur either at the plug end or the coil end.

If the problem is at the plug end, you can save money by shortening the cable and replacing the plug. However, if the cable is damaged at the coiled end, it's more effective to replace the entire cable.

In this guide, we will focus on the issue of a fluctuating motor that emits a burning smell, indicating a problem with the motor itself.

Before starting the repair, disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the power supply. Remove the filter housing and the collection bowl using the clip at the top. Next, detach the hose by pressing down the clip at the bottom and lifting it up.



Examining the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Now, you will need to turn on the vacuum cleaner to listen for a fluctuating motor sound and observe for sparking. The sparks are likely caused by the carbon brushes not making proper contact with the commutator part of the armature. If the vacuum cleaner has been used extensively with this problem, the armature may be damaged.

It's possible to repair minor damage by cleaning it up and replacing the carbon brushes. However, considering the cost of vacuum cleaner motors, it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire motor.

After identifying the problem and deciding to replace the motor, it's time to disassemble the vacuum cleaner. Each model disassembles differently, so you will need to refer to your model’s specific manual for instructions.

Remember, always disconnect the power supply before performing any maintenance. 



Disassembling the Dyson DC08 Vacuum Cleaner

Begin by removing the base filter, which can be done by pressing down on the designated area. Be cautious as the filter will likely be dirty and filled with carbon dust from the motor. That's why it is best for you to replace the filter before continuing.

You should also remove the top filter, and to be able to do that, you will detach a clip that will allow you to open the compartment and replace the filter.

Next, remove the hinge part. A flat blade screwdriver can be used to do this carefully. When removing the hinge part, you will see two lugs, one on either side. Carefully ease it off.

Now, the two wheels of your vacuum cleaner need to be removed. You can use a reasonably-sized flat-blade screwdriver to pop them off. These wheels have clips all around, so they only need to be pushed back into place. Removing the wheels will reveal two screws on either side.

After this, undo the four screws on either side. Please note that screw sizes may vary with different models of machines.

Now you're ready to remove the motor and its cover. Remember to clip the cables in when replacing it. Disconnect the neutral side and you have the motor. At this point, you can strip down the motor and examine it more closely.

If you're not familiar with how to replace the Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner motor, we recommend you watch our video thoroughly.



Replacing the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Once you have decided to replace the entire motor, it's time for reassembly. To make it easier, you should place the plastic fitting from the housing onto the motor and get the wiring in place.

The wiring should go around the way it was initially. Once you have the wiring in place, connect the ground to the red - though this may vary from machine to machine.

After securing the motor and the wiring, place the assembly back into the vacuum cleaner.

Before reassembling the vacuum cleaner fully, replace the filters and carefully reattach the parts you removed earlier.

Finally, test your vacuum cleaner to make sure the replacement was successful.

Remember, if you encounter any difficulties, you can watch our video to solve your issues.


We tried to be concise and give brief information on this guide, so we would recommend you watch our video since we're showing you how easily you can change the motor of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.



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1. Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guide & Faults | DC05 Absolute, DC08 Allergy Animal, DC11 Allergy

1. Dyson Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guide & Faults | DC05 Absolute, DC08 Allergy Animal, DC11 Allergy

2. Identifying the Problem & Preparing for Repair

2. Identifying the Problem & Preparing for Repair

3. Examining & Removing the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

3. Examining & Removing the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

4. Replacing the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

4. Replacing the DC08 Vacuum Cleaner Motor

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