Washing Machine Door Interlock



Genuine replacement door interlock that fits various Whirlpool washing machines.


  • WAT3560WSNL


  • AWG032/WP
  • AWG562PW
  • AWG565/PW
  • AWG583


Sorry we do not have the exact repair guide for this washing machine door lock at this moment but these useful videos will help you.


How to fit washing machine door locks


How a washing machine door interlock works.


also a useful video on How to open a washing machine door that won't open normally.

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A washing machine door interlock is an electronic device that is designed to give a time delay of approximately 2 minutes before the door of a washing machine can be opened once the wash cycle has completed. See our video on how washing machine door interlocks work. Washing Machine Door Locks should engage when they are working correctly to keep the door closed during the cycle the door should remain locked; it is can be extremely dangerous if this is not the case.


Faulty Door Lock?

 The common fault when a door interlock fails is that the washing machine will not start. There will be power to the washing machine, which can sometimes be ascertained by the light (if present) being lit up on the front facia panel. However, when the door is closed and the wash cycle is selected and started the machine will appear 'dead'. Or you may have an intermittent fault. See our video on how washing machine door interlocks work.

If your door is locked shut and you cannot get into the machine to get your clothes out then also see our video on How to open a washing machine door.