2900 Watts Grill Heater Element

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Genuine replacement 2900 watts dual grill element to fit Aeg, Küppersbusch & Electrolux models of cooker & Oven.
Specifications: 900 (1000 + 1900) watts, Length: 360 mm , Width: 375 mm, Bracket: 100 mm, Tags: 55/25 mm, Cross Bar: 425 mm


  • B3101-4-B UK
  • B3101-4-D UK
  • B3101-4-M UK
  • B3101-4-W UK
  • B4101-4-A UK
  • B4101-4-B UK
  • B4101-4-M UK
  • B4101-4-W UK
  • B8871-4-A UK


  • EOB2610B UK BASE R
  • EOB2610W UK BASE R
  • EOB2610X UK BASE R
  • EOB5600B UK
  • EOB5600W UK
  • EOB5600X UK
  • EOB6632K UK
  • EOB6632U UK
  • EOB6632W UK
  • EOB6632X UK
  • EOB6636X UK
  • EOB6696X UK
  • EOC6630W UK
  • EOC6630X UK
  • EOC6690X UK


Sorry we do not have specific repair guide for this part at this moment, but we have many videos to help you change your cooker or oven grill element and other videos on all types of cooker, oven or built in oven repairs.
How to Replace a Grill Element on a cooker or oven
These are just some examples of how to replace cooker or oven grill element.

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This cooker or oven grill heater element it´s a relatively easy part to fit. Find out more about grill heater elements below:
Cooker & oven grill heater element also known as: Top Element, Resistor, Heating Element, Dual Element, Dual Heater, Upper Element, Upper Heater, Grill Element.
One of the most common faults when an oven has stopped heating up is the element. Why buy a whole new oven when you can simply replace the faulty element!
If you need help fitting your cooker & oven grill heater element, See our repair guides.
Please make sure you are ordering the correct grill element for your cooker, oven or built in oven. Your model number will be listed in the models tab.
We strongly recommend elements are fitted by suitably qualified person with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply!