Gas Hob Not Lighting Or Igniting On The Gas Cooker With Hob

Ignition System Repair Guide: Gas Stove Top Burner Not Lighting/Igniting

If you're finding that one or more igniters on your stove or gas worktop are not functioning properly and failing to ignite, despite the sound of gas flowing, this guide is for you.

On the other hand, if the flame lights up immediately on some burners, you might be dealing with one of three issues related to the ignition system: the spark generator, the spark electrodes, or cleaning-related damage. Here we will delve into each of these possibilities and guide you on how to diagnose them.


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Recognizing a Good Spark

Before we begin, it's essential to know what a healthy spark looks like. A strong spark jumps from the electrode tip to the cap, igniting the gas, as shown in our video.

We suggest you watch our video to see the signs of a well-functioning ignition system.

When you press a button to light the burner, the spark travels from the spark generator to the burner. If the spark doesn't occur at the right location, the gas won't ignite.



Common Problems and Solutions

Several common problems could hinder your ignition system:

  1. Dirty Burner Head or Cap: If the burner head or cap is grimy, cleaning is in order. Since electricity needs a positive and negative field to create a spark, any dirt or grime could disrupt this, preventing the spark from occurring at the right location. Ensure all passages on the head are clean for the gas to flow correctly.
  2. Damaged Spark Electrode: In the process of cleaning, spark electrodes could get damaged or fractured. In such cases, the spark jumps to the body of the burner rather than to the cap, causing the spark to occur at the wrong location and preventing ignition.
  3. Chaffed or Insulated Lead: If the lead going to the electrode is damaged, chaffed, or the insulation is failing, it could cause a short circuit. For instance, if the lead from the spark generator is resting next to a pipe, it could create a spark on the pipe, preventing the spark from reaching the tip.
  4. Poor Connections: Poorly insulated connections in the system could also cause issues. A spark will always jump to the closest point to the Earth, which means if the connections are not well insulated, no spark will be generated.


You should remember that, in the case of the last two issues, you might need to disassemble the appliance. 


For all your gas appliance parts and more information on part names, you can visit our repair guide for a complete guide to understanding common faults.


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