Beko cooker not heating up, How to replace oven element

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Beko oven not heating up, How to replace a Beko fan oven element.




This cooker tutorial is on a Beko oven that is not heating up or tripping the electric supply (earth trip or Rcd on fuse board) it can be used on free standing Beko cooker or built in cookers.

Beko cooker not heating up or triping the electric







Finding the faults:

1. The first thing you need to check is that the oven timer is not on auto if it is turn it on to manual.

2. When you turn the oven on that the thermostat light comes on, then after 5 minutes you find that you do not have any heat in the oven then this is a good indication that the oven element has blown and need replacing.

3. If when you turn the oven on and it trips the electricity (this is the earth trip or Rcd on fuse board) then you have a very good chance that the oven element has gone to earth. You will need to test the element with a mega (earth insulation tester) if there are no clear signs that it has blown.

4. On most built in ovens you will need to remove the oven from its housing and then start taking it apart.


How to replace your fan oven element in your Beko cooker.

1. Disconnect the appliance from the electric supply!
2. Take of the door according to your hinge types see videos on this. This gives you more room to work and stops any damage accruing to the door or hinges.
3. Now you can remove all oven shelves in the cooker.
4. Take out the fan guard at the back by removing the screws.
5. You now need to remove the element screws (see video on this) some can be removed from inside front of oven others have to be removed from back.
6. Disconnected the wirers from the element (always good practise to take notes of where they came from of take a photograph)
7. Test element for fault, see our video on this
8. If the element is faulty replace it.
9. If this tutorial helped you and you did not by the part from us you can always get paul a beer for making this video tutorial for you.

90 Responses to “Beko cooker not heating up, How to replace oven element”

  1. gary says : Reply

    I have a built in oven that seem to take longer than usual to heat up?
    I put the oven on the required temp to cook food yet for some reason when the timer is up the food is not even half cooked ?
    not sure on the model number I’m afraid but any advice would be very grateful

  2. GRANT DUNCAN says : Reply

    hi,my BEKO oven is running ok,fan ok,but will not heat above approx 100 degrees although it set at 220 degrees,when i move the temp control up and down the red light goes out about 80 or 100 degrees ,so it seems the temp control/thermostat is working.
    I heated up food tonight and usaually takes approx 30 mins set at 220 degrees,but after 30 mins it was only luke warm
    any suggestions?

  3. Ralph Macartney says : Reply

    Hi, I have a built in beko OIF21300B which isn’t heating up on the main oven. Having replaced the element tonight thinking that was the source of the issue it has not resolved the issue? Have tested the element I took out and it seems fine also. What’s my next move?


    • Richard says : Reply

      Double check the timer display is set for normal operation. After the mains goes off, some oven displays need resetting and may have flashing icons. This unset state can prevent a main oven’s fan, heating element, oven light, and/or indicator light, from working. This is the case with my Beko DVC665 which has five display buttons, and requires buttons two and three to be pressed together before normal operation of the fan oven is possible. The hobs and top oven seem unaffected.

  4. Jane says : Reply

    Hi, Hubby disconnected the oven element in the Beko DVC665X. To replace with the new one. But on connecting it again, it just keeps tripping the fuse. Do you have any ideas what might be wrong?

  5. Alan Thomson says : Reply

    When replacing the element on a Beko oven, which wire goes where at the back, yellow on top or grey on top?

  6. Alan says : Reply

    My grill is being temperamental, sometimes it works , other times it just refuses to heat.
    I would presume there is a short somewhere but where do I start looking?

  7. Neal Clayton says : Reply


    I’m having an issue with a beko BDVC663W, It’s dead!

    And what i mean, it’s unresponsive to any of the controls, none of the lights come on, I’ve checked the main power supply to the unit, an all is fine.

    It was working perfectly fine yesterday, just will not power up?!
    I have checked the wiring to the cooker, and all is in order, there has never been any tell tale signs of anything wearing out either.

    And to make matters worst, it’s 2 year cover expired 6 months ago!

    Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


  8. Mr J bartlett says : Reply

    I have a beko elctric oven model BSC630K
    The oven and grill are not working, no oven light on, no heat either. Do you have any ideas what the problem might be?, the hobs on top are working fine

    • Lauren says : Reply

      What happened with this as my oven is having the exact same problem. No light no grill no heat but there is a noise like the fan is still going round but I’m not sure as don’t know where it is to look. Can you please give me some light as to what happened.

  9. Tommy says : Reply

    My Beto CIF71 oven doesn’t heat to the correct temperature. I have followed your checks and it does heat so don’t need to change the element. What else should I do, how do I check if the selector switch is on manual, the timer is not on auto and the thermostat cut out isn’t cutting out?

  10. Claire Johnstone says : Reply

    Hi my beko single oven the oven is heating up but taking a very long time to cook anything hours x. And the fan is not working do I need a new oven xxx

  11. John Warren says : Reply

    An excellent tuition video, having never changed an element before and not much of an electrician, found it very informative and being able to see the element being changed really boosted my confidence. Element arrived the next day as promised so well done on the delivery service as well.

    Thank you very much

  12. Mr Chris Ablett says : Reply

    beko bsc630w neither oven or grill heating up at all,
    oven light and hobs work fine, just stopped heating suddenly, did not trip mains, any idea’s??

  13. Ellen says : Reply

    Thank you for such a helpful video! Having replaced the element and the oven is now heating up, the light is no longer working despite setting the clock. Have we gone wrong somewhere?

  14. Martyn Dixon says : Reply


    I have a Beko KDVC Range Cooker and the fan oven is not heating up. I can select a temperature on the control panel, the light switches on and the fan etc. appears to be working. The light then switches off indicating the oven is up to temperature however the oven is not heated, tell by fell of the oven & an independent thermostat. I’m thinking the thermostat is broke / thermostat fuse has gone however I cannot appear to locate the fuse to check, any suggestions?


  15. Alex says : Reply

    I have changed the element in my beko OIF21300b oven but it is still not heating up

  16. Beko Schematic Diagrams - free wiring diagrams says : Reply

    […] Download Image More @ […]

  17. Raman says : Reply

    Hi, I have Beko oven OIF21000X, if I turn on the nub, RCD is tripping, what is the problem with it and how to fix it or unrepairable?

  18. Aaron Jeffery says : Reply

    Have a fitted Beco Oven that isnt heating up at all. No light/grill/fan. Hob working fine. Older analogue system so no clock just a timer. Type: BCE B50410N Model # OUM 2N100X.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
    All the best

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