Beko Washing machine filling overnight or continuously filling E04

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How to test E04 Error fault code on Beko made washing machines

Is your Beko Washing Machine displaying Error Code E04?

Is your washing machine continuously filling with water or is it filling overnight, you may have a problem with either the water valve or possibly the circuit board.

The water valve is used to take water inside the machine in required amounts when needed. This will depend on whether it is on a pre-wash, wash cycle or rinse cycle. 1 water valve takes water to 1 soap draw compartment in the other takes water to the other compartment but when the water valves are activated at the same time this is when the soap draw actually takes away the conditioner or softener in the middle compartment. This is achieved by the excess volume of water going through the soap draw tubes and over the holes in the top of the draw to the middle compartment. when the water pressure is not great enough this is why the soap draw sometimes leaves conditioner or softener in the middle compartment. 

the readings on the coils should be

Operating Voltage: 220 / 240VAC 50-60 Hz

Nominal Power: 5 – 8 W

Flow: 10 L/min

Operating Temperatures: T85ºC

Coil resistance: 3400 – 4850 Ω

The test procedure for Beko washing machine error code E04

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