Beko washing machine not filling with water Error code E08

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Beko washing machine wmb series not filling with water Error code E08


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Diagnosing  the Beko washing machine error

Beko washing machine replacing & checking the water valve (800x450)

Replacing & checking the water valve

Beko washing machine is not filling with water (800x450)

Take lid off and also 2 check for kinked water pipe

Beko washing machine checking the water valve (800x450)

Checking the water valve open circuit

Beko washing machine testing the water valve (800x450)

Testing the good water valve

How to enter test mode Beko washing machine to find the fault

If your Beko washing machine is not filling with water or stopping in the cycle then it you may have a water fill problem. You may be getting Beko error code E08.

The problem may be one of these.

  • Faulty tap going to washing machine.
  • Kinked water pipe.
  • Water valve filter may be blocked.
  • Water valve solenoid may have failed.
  • Bad connection to valve or Pcb.
  • Faulty wiring.
  • Also check pressure switch.
  • Faulty pcb.


This video can be used on all these models and many more.

WMB81431LW, WMB71231B, WMB61631W, WM5141W, WM5141S, WMB71422S, WMP601W, WMP541W, WMB81241LS, WML72S, WASH814DW, WMC6100W, WMB61021W, WMB71642S, WMB61431W, WMC6140W, WMB71021W, WMB61631S, WMB81241LB, WML72B, WMP652W, WMP631S, WM74135W, WMB61221S, WMB71231S, WM74155LW, WM74155LS, WMB61431S, WMB51221W, WM622W, WMB61431B, WMD61W, WMB51221S, WMP501S, WMB61221W, WM7355S, WMB81221LS, WMC6100S, WMB81241LW, WML72WXC, WMC6120W, WMB91242LB, WML15105D, WM5100W, WME8227W, WMB71442W, WM85135LW, WME7227W, WME7247W, WM5100S, WMC62W, WM6123W, WME7267W, WMC61W, WM6103W, WM6123S, WME7227S, WM6167W, WME8227S, WM5121W, WM6111W, WMP621W, WM612W, WM6355W, WME7247S, WMC61S, WM5121S, WM6167S, WME7267S, WM7335W, WME8227B, WMB91242LC, WMI71641, WMI7462, WMI71441, WMB71231W, WME7227B

5 Responses to “Beko washing machine not filling with water Error code E08”

  1. Ian Yoxall says : Reply

    Hi Paul, Beko WM71442W.
    Problem is when selecting a different temperature setting via the temp button, will work ok on default mode of 30c
    Problem is when trying to step through to alternative temp, faults to 90c !!
    Q. Is this push button fault or pub fault.
    If so how much for pub etc,
    Cheers, IAN

  2. Hi..

    My BEKO washing machine model no. W8772B displayed E08 error code. I have changed the solenoid valve & the pressure switch but it did not solve the problem.. What should I look next?..

    Should I change the PCB main controller ?


  3. snurabdul says : Reply

    my beko displayed E07 WHEN I WANT TO TEASTED IT please help me to fix it

  4. STeve says : Reply

    Hi, I have checked both valves and they both read about 4ohms but o think your video said should be about 12. Seems odd both are the same, does this mean I have to replace them?

  5. Elizabeth says : Reply

    F13 error displayed on beko wmb91442 lw before the lights stay on
    Can u advice please on what’s wrong

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