Beko washing machine self test & diagnostic mode

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How to enter test mode Beko washing machine to find the fault


When looking at the dial on a Beko washing machine treat it as a clock 1 to 12 as in picture.
On some models you may have more programs but for the basic access into the diagnostic mode is the same the same

How to enter test mode Beko washing machine to find the fault

Start by turning the washing machine of with door shut.

Now turn the dial to the position 1 Which is normally the 90c hold the start /pause button down while you press the on/off button to on for a couple of seconds till light flashes

Now turn the dial to the position 6 and hold down a few seconds the next time you enter it should turn on all the lights now you are in self test diagnostic mode:

Every time you Press the on/off button it will change the test function.

1st all the lights will show

 2nd will not do anything

3rd This will tell the motor to turn at standard wash speed clockwise with pump emptying.

4th This will tell the motor to turn at standard wash speed anticlockwise with pump emptying.

5th This will tell the motor to spin clockwise with pump emptying.

6th This will activate right hand compartment water valve. Please note machine will keep filling until you stop it.

7th This will activate left hand compartment water valve. Please note machine will keep filling until you stop it.

8th This will activate booth water valves together. Please note machine will keep filling until you stop it.

9th will not do anything

10th this will start fill cycle until water activates the pressure switch at normal fill level (Normally just below the glass on the door) when the Beko washing machine has reached the level it will start clockwise rotation at normal wash action and heat the water. Please note You Have to stop it manually.

11 this will activate the pump only to empty.

Press again and you are back at the start. Turn machine of and leave for a few minutes and the switch back on and you’re in normal wash mode.

70 Responses to “Beko washing machine self test & diagnostic mode”

  1. david burdis says : Reply

    Hi I have a Beco washing machine, I do not seem to be getting any power to the washing machine I have checked the plug fuse and the socket and both are OK. There is nothing showing on the display, is there an internal cut-out switch or something on these models, I have tried to reset the unit by holding down the start ,pause and cancel buttons for the 3-5 seconds as recommended but without any success.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Colin says : Reply

    Hi. Beko wm5140s. When on off is turned on the machine trips the master fuse. Landlord tried disconnecting the motor and it trips the socket fuse only. Obviously tried replacing fuse and using different sockets. The machine isnt new to me and was recently transported here by car. Any thoughts please?

  3. Iain says : Reply

    Hi, I have a Beko 51221 S. and it’s stuck with the end/cancel button flashing. Doesn’t matter what setting you have, nothing happens. Any ideas?

  4. shahin ahmed says : Reply

    hi Paul. You’re doing a great job at helping people on distress, like myself. My BEKO WX943440W has no hot water when washing clothes. Is there a diagnostic and test mode on this model of machine. Thanks.

  5. G barlow says : Reply

    Beko WMB101433LW motor doesn’t run.everything else sounds like it’s working!

  6. Colin Hughes says : Reply

    My beko washing machine is 2 years old and very noisy on spin cycle and getting louder

  7. John says : Reply

    My BEKO WMG11464W washing machine seems to be stuck on a programme. I successfully got the door open by a fluke and though that by putting it on a another wash it would be okay. But no. It seem the program is stuck. Any thoughts on what buttons to press to get the program reset etc
    The power trip switch went down when the program went awol.

  8. Tony Harrison says : Reply

    Hi There
    My Beko wmb 31431 lw fills with water but wont start. I can hear a faint click but nothing happens, the wash light is on.

  9. len weststeijn says : Reply

    Beko WMD 78144 stopped in spinning cycle. Screen says 20 arrow is flashing but nothing happens. Door wouldn’t open. Managed to open the door by fiddling with the lock but still 20 on the display.Tried on/off.Plug out and tried diagnostics. Only thing i can get on the screen is F11. Rest of diagnostics does nothing.
    But idea is faulty doorlock or motor problems but how to find out which it is.

  10. D Heslehurst says : Reply

    Hi, We have a Beko WI 1483 integrated washing machine that won’t spin fast during any wash setting. It will spin anticlockwise when in test mode but not clockwise or fast spin. The machine drains ok but doesn’t show any error codes just 15 25 when first going into test mode. Any advice appreciated.

  11. Shaton says : Reply

    I have a Beko WME7247 model, and on the screen, all programmes are lit up, and will not go off.
    I cant even do a diagnostic test on it. Ive tried switching it on and off and leaving for a while, but the problem persists, and Im unable to use it.
    Can you help please.
    Thank you

  12. Becky pain says : Reply

    The machine will not open after a cycle

  13. Evelyn says : Reply

    My beko WTG820M1W will not spin or drain I’ve checked filter and hose 2 make sure it wasn’t blocked any idea how I can fix this problem

  14. Peter Mosiro says : Reply

    Hallo there, I have beko washing machine model WX742430S which is not turning or spinning. The carbon brushes are still long enough and the belt is still intact. Kindly advice on what could be the problem.

  15. Jon Turner says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I really hope you can help me.
    I have a Beko WM6120W Washing machine.
    At the moment, it doesn’t matter which programme I turn it to the End/Cancel is flashing. I’ve tried holding down the Start/pause button for a few seconds and it does change to the Ready and Wash lights coming on but nothing happens. I’m able to open the door as well at this point.
    I think it might be a faulty door lock mechanism, as the door should lock. Am I on the right track Paul? I would very much appreciate your help and guidance.
    Thank you

  16. ERICA Stinchcomb says : Reply


  17. Niall o says : Reply

    Hi Paul.
    I have a BEKO WI1483 integrated washing machine and the clock is at 00:00 and flashing start symbol.
    How to I reset the machine/run test for issue?
    Thanks in advance

  18. rebecca says : Reply

    Any help with resetting and test mode on model beko WRE 6512 BWW please? There was a power cut 3 times when the washing was on. We’re not sure if it s the washing machine problem as there was another power cut when the washing machine was off too. And the setting seem to have gone crazy as when it starts to wash …it doesn’t wash as usual. it fills water soap OK then the drum turns for 2 seconds and stops…does the same repeatedly instead of continuing to turn…….it can spin because when we turned it to spin mode it worked…it’s like it needs a fresh restart. Bt we cant find which buttons we needs to press on that model.

  19. Nigel says : Reply

    I have a Beko washer dryer WDJ7523023W. Will not turn on. No lights on control panel and no ogher sign of life. I have checked and power is getting as far as circuit boards.

  20. Mirna says : Reply

    I just replace door lock in my beko washing machine but continue the same message “door open”.
    I don’t understand, i thought that when i change tha door block will finish the problem.
    I hope that you can help me, i am not technician and i need repair it.

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