Beko WM5100W & WM5100S test mode and error codes

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How to enter test mode on Beko WM5100S & WM5100W to repair faults and test errors


Beko WM5100S & WM5100W Diagnostic





Important notice on Beko WM5100S WM5100W

Before entering test mode please be aware that you are not meant to leave the washing machine Unattended. There is a chance the machine can overfill when testing the water valves or the Machine could overheat when testing the heater. Also when entering the test mode make sure the drum is empty as not to cause damage when on spin mode:

If you have problems with the drum not turning or spinning. Then check the carbon brushes in the motor first and test the motor separately before running this Diagnostic sequence as you could do damage to the PCB.

Test Mode Sequence

To enter test mode.

it is advisable that washing machine be switched off or at least 5 minutes prior to entering test mode

With the machine switched off shut the door and turn the dial to the 90 degree position. Now press and hold down the start/pause button and press the on/off  on, while  holding  the start/pause button down for 3 seconds until the start/pause is flashing .

Now turn the dial to the spin/drain position keeping the start/pause button pressed, hold  for 3 more seconds then release.

Now that you've entered the Diagnostic / test mode remember every time you press the start/pause button this will be one advance the program to a new test.


1: All the led’s will flash to check that they are working

2: This will activate the start/pause led and wash light led

3: The pump will run while the drum does a clockwise rotation on normal wash cycle.

Led lights: pre wash flashing start/pause flashing.

4:Pump will continue running while drum rotates anticlockwise rotation in wash cycle.

Led lights: rinse/hold flashing start/pause flashing.

5: Pump will continue to run while drum goes into spin mode on clockwise rotation make sure there are no clothes in machine before performing this test.

Led lights: start/pause flashing extra/rinse flashing.

6:The right hand soap drawer water valve will be letting water into the machine.

Led lights: start/pause flashing and ready flashing.

7: Left hand soap draw water valve will be letting water in.

Led lights: start/pause flashing wash flashing.

8: Both water valves will be activated and water will be coming into the soap drawer on all three compartments. (At this point it is worth checking the fabric conditioner Compartment To make sure that it is siphoning correctly)

Led lights: start/pause flashing spin and flashing.

9: This just stops the machine from the water valve check sequence.

10: This is a complete test wash cycle the machine will fill to the correct water level. When the pressure switch activates at the correct water level the drums will start turning in a clockwise rotation with the heater on. After 2 or 3 minutes the motor will stop turning but the heat system will continue to heat the water boiling point. Please be aware that the heating element will not shut down automatically.

Led lights: pre wash flashing start/pause flashing.

11: This activates the pump to drain water away.

Led lights: start/pause flashing.

12: This takes you back to the beginning of the test sequence

To exit the test mode.

Turn the machine off wait a couple of minutes, when you turn the machine back on it should be set on a normal spin cycle.

19 Responses to “Beko WM5100W & WM5100S test mode and error codes”

  1. ohc9000 says : Reply

    Even if you think your WM5100W has a physical fault, it’s worth doing the full test mode. My mysterious issue (which I suspect was caused by a power surge) has now been fixed. I feel like a propa washing machine technician now.

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  3. sean says : Reply

    hi i have a beko wm5100s it starts to spin when u put it on any cycle for a few seconds the. stops can u tell me what is the problem with it thanks

  4. Shirley says : Reply

    I have a WMB 751441 LA front loader and it gives a display of ’20’. No matter what I try I can’t get the mavhine to start (yes I tried resetting).

    • photo  
      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
      • James Clubb says : Reply

        Hi Paul, I have a Beko wm5100w I’ve done the test mode but the motor tests don’t seem to do anything. I’ve taken the back off and the belt is still on and there’s no burnt out smells. Any idea what the issue could be?

  5. john says : Reply

    My beko wm5100w washing machine will not go to test mode. I followed this procedure:

    With the machine switched off shut the door and turn the dial to the 90 degree position. Now press and hold down the start/pause button and press the on/off on, while holding the start/pause button down for 3 seconds until the start/pause is flashing .

    Unfortunately the start/pause light is not flashing. It remains on but does not flash.

    Please advise. Thank you

  6. Tanya says : Reply

    I put my beko wm5100w into test mode and it doesn’t move past extra rinse mode!! Please help

  7. Shaun Hardie says : Reply

    Hi Paul, I have a Beko WM5100W, and when doing the “TEST MODE” the sequence does not go past TEST 6, and I can’t progress any further.

    My machine has quite a bit of water remaining in the machine and the clothes were soaking wet.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Shaun Hardie.

  8. DONNA says : Reply

    my extra rinse light won t go off on my beko WMA 1715 WASHING MACHINE CAN ANYBODY HELP ?

  9. Gemma says : Reply

    I have a Beko wm5100w and put this on test mode. None of the motor tests worked at all, it does not spin. Can you help?

  10. peter says : Reply

    hello my beko washing machine is turning my power of in the house soon has i switch washing machine on it clicks of what do you think this could be any help please beko model number wms 100w thanks

  11. ves masina ne starta says : Reply

    Imaproblem sa ves masinom BEKO WBM 76106,Naime kad je ukljucim nece da pocne sa radom.Promjenio sam bravicu na vratima ,ali problem je ostao.Pozdrav Seid ,Sarajevo,Bosna i hercegovina

  12. David R says : Reply

    BEKO WM5100W Washing machine test mode: – everything works as described until TEST NUMBER 10: – The pre-wash LED does not flash alongside the start/pause LED, although the sequence operates correctly. I know these two LED’s flash together as in Test Mode 3. Does the fact that start/pause LED only flashes in test mode 10 is pointing to some fault, or is all ok? The machine works fine otherwise apart from it does not FULLY empty all the water from the powder/conditioner drawer? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  13. Malcolm Rogers says : Reply

    My Beko washing machine will not start after I switch it on, water goes in and then it will not spin. Can you help please?

  14. oluwafemi ayotunde fayemi says : Reply

    hello, i have a beko wm5100 it starts to spin when u put it on any cycle for a few seconds its stops can u tell me what is the problem with it thanks, have checked the motor its working perfect and the brushing is good too,

    I noticed at NO load the drum will work perfect at full cycle but at full load the motor will refused to turn and the PCB relay continue to make a sound and the start Led with the ready Led goes OFF and ON continuously, please what could be the course

  15. Sam Phipps says : Reply

    I have a Beko wm74165w
    I have done the diagnosis and the drum does not rotate either way on 3/4 or any further.
    After pressing the start button and turning the dial I get E13.


  16. norman bell says : Reply

    beko wm5100 test mode works but drain pump does not run. pump runs if you connect middle red on pressure switch to orange pump wires. Therefore pump is ok and would work if tub overfills. But does not work when fed from control board on test.
    Do I need a new control board or is there anything else I should check?

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