Beko WM6143B, WM6143S, WM6143W test mode and error codes

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How to enter test mode on Beko WM6143B, WM6143S, WM6143W to repair faults and test errors

Beko Diagnostic

 Important notice on Beko WM6143B, WM6143S, WM6143W

Before entering test mode please be aware that you are not meant to leave the washing machine Unattended. There is a chance the machine can overfill when testing the water valves or the Machine could overheat when testing the heater. Also when entering the test mode make sure the drum is empty as not to cause damage when on spin mode:

Test Mode Sequence

If you have problems with the drum not turning or spinning. Then check the carbon brushes in the motor first and test the motor separately before running this Diagnostic sequence as you could do damage to the PCB.


To enter test mode.

 It is advisable that washing machine be switched off or at least 5 minutes prior to entering test mode

With the machine switched off shut the door and turn the dial to the 90 degree position. Now press and hold down the start/pause button and press the on/off on, while holding the start/pause button down for 3 seconds until the start/pause is flashing.

 Now turn the dial to the spin/drain position keeping the start/pause button pressed, hold for 3 more seconds then release.

 Now that you've entered the Diagnostic / test mode, remember every time you press the start/pause button this will be one advance the program to a new test.

 1: All the led’s will flash to check that they are working

 2: This will activate the start/pause led you can now test the functions of the spin controller.

No spin                start/pause will be flashing

600:                      start/pause will be flashing, plus extra rinse solid light

800:                      start/pause will be flashing, plus extra rinse solid light

1000:                    start/pause will be flashing, time saver light solid light

1200:                    start/pause will be flashing, time saver light solid light

1400:                    start/pause will be flashing; extra rinse and time saver lights will be solid.


3: Drum does a clockwise rotation on normal wash cycle. The pump will run only if water is in the drum. Led lights: start/pause flashing.


4: Drum rotates anticlockwise rotation in wash cycle. The pump will run only if water is in the drum. Led lights: start/pause flashing.

5: Goes into spin mode on clockwise rotation make sure there are no clothes in machine before performing this test as washer will spin at its fastest rpm. Pump will be running. Led lights: start/pause flashing.

6: This is the full wash and heat test. Machine will start to fill with right hand soap drawer water valve about 10 seconds, and then it will switch to Left hand soap draw water valve about 10 seconds. Both water valves will be activated and water will be coming into the soap drawer on all three compartments until machine reaches the correct water level. After about 10 minutes the motor will stop turning the heat system will turn off at about 40 degrees. and the machine will empty. the pump should drain the water away. After it has finished the machine will turn of and go back to normal mode.


30 Responses to “Beko WM6143B, WM6143S, WM6143W test mode and error codes”

  1. joanna says : Reply

    what if test sequence is fine until it comes to end and water hasn’t drained out of drum !!

  2. Tony says : Reply


    I have a similar washing machine (Beko WML beko wml 25125 r says the manufactor label, same 4 buttons next to the power switch and 2 wheels) and tried to go into test mode to find the reason the machine is not washing anymore. I tried the same sequence but it’s not going into test mode. The only difference I notices is that in the video the “ready” lamp is turned off even when you turned the switch to 90°. In my case the ready lamp is turned on as soon as the machine is switched on. What can I try to get it into test mode?

    Thanks for your great tutorials.

  3. Paul says : Reply

    Here’s a weird one guys…

    BEKO wmb81241l won’t spin in any program.
    No apparent PCB fault in test mode.

    All tests run except the rotate/spin tests yet no error code on the screen?

    No motor noise so thinking motor rather than PCB?


  4. Tim Lang says : Reply

    My Beko WM6143W recently overfilled and forced the door open flooding the kitchen.
    emptied machine and overfilled again. What should I be watching out for when I use the test mode please. Any help very much appreciated

  5. Peter says : Reply

    Washing machine instead doing motor test goeas straight into spin it means is doing spin instead of washing speed
    What can be wrong??
    Help please

  6. Peter says : Reply

    Ive sorted out
    Somehow cable from the bottom of the motor got ripped off
    Because of that motor was only able to spin


  7. Emma D'sylva says : Reply

    Hi. I have a Beko wmb71231B. There is something wrong with the timing because it’ll say how many minutes are left and then partway through the cycle it’ll add more time on to it. My 28min wash has been in and doing things for about 2hrs now with the time remaining keep going up and down on the screen. Any ideas?

  8. Naomi says : Reply

    Thanks. My cool wool wash with wool load wasn’t spinning. With no practical skills I presumed I was buying a new machine. However google to the rescue I found this. Thank you it was super easy to follow and very much appreciated. All appears to be working fine so maybe it was just a heavy load that couldn’t turn or I was impatient!

  9. Fran says : Reply

    Can anyone advise exactly how to initiate the Time Save function of the Beko WM6143B washing machine? The instructions in the manual provided are not particularly clear, do I initiate the function before starting the wash programme? Can anyone provide the correct sequence to initiate the Time Save as the current wash programme at over 2 hours is just too long.

  10. Marilyn Turner says : Reply

    Washing machine Beko WMB61431W

    The machine is washing and rinsing as normal but it is now cutting out on the spin cycle.
    I have reset the dial to spin only and the machine spins for 2 minutes and then cuts out again.
    Do you have any suggestions please?
    The machine is only two years old.
    Marilyn Turner

  11. Vic Wells says : Reply

    Why don’t my wmb61431s washing machine fabric dispenser work the comfort liquid just stays in the tray

  12. Michelle says : Reply

    Hi. I have a beko 4143B have changed the brushes, cleaned filters etc but machine will still not do fast spin. Everything else is fine. I have run the test mode twice and notice that when it is at 1400 spin the start light is flashing as described and the time save light is solid but the extra rinse light is not on/solid like in the tutorial. Can you please advise what the issue is here. During the test it does do the fast spin just not during the washes. Dirty clothes piling up now so could do with knowing if it’s fixable. Thanks

  13. Michelle says : Reply

    Sorry mis type it’s a 6143B

  14. Gary Wilkes says : Reply

    My Beko washing machine WM6143W will not work.As soon as I press the on/off switch the following lights flash.
    ReadyTimeDelay 3/6/9 hour all flash.
    Nothing else happens.Unable to do the text function

  15. Ashraf says : Reply

    Hi i have a beko drayer dc1560 the drayer light on but not work and make 2 peep

  16. Rich says : Reply

    Am trying to get into testing but my controls are different and have tried guessing how to get into test mode but no luck
    I have a Beko WMY81440. and the turn control does not have a ’12 o clock’ — hope this makes sense
    – many thanks

  17. Richard says : Reply

    I have a beko wm6143b washing machine n it all lights up but when I press start 2 wash it just locks door n dosnt do awt else n wen I try put it in 2 test mode it just say ready what can I do

  18. Owen Coppins says : Reply

    My beko wmb71642w washing machine is stuck on 17 mins mid through a wash and I have tried the reseting mode I done it and still no think still says 17 on the screen

  19. Mick says : Reply

    Hi I have a beko wm6143w it works fine on everything but the spin cycle I’ve gone through the testing sequence and everything works fine even the spin at full speed but when you go on to any of the wash cycles spin doesn’t work

  20. Gaynor Waldram says : Reply

    I have beko. Wm 6143M I have tried diagnostic test but nothing happens apart from stop button flashes is there anything else I can do

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