Beko wtk range of washing machines Error Code E01

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How to test E01 Error fault code on Beko made washing machines

The test procedure for Beko washing machine error code E01

Is your Beko Washing Machine displaying Error Code E1?

This tutorial will help on all Beko WTK72011 WTK74011 WTK82011 WTK84011 WTK94121 WTK10412 Series washing machines.

It will also help with all the brands that Beko manufacture for

Aftron, Ahma, Alpari, Altus, Ansonic, Arcelik, Arctic, Aya, Baoerma, Beko, Belling, Beta, Blanco, Blomberg, Bluesky, Bomann, Brandt, Bru, Carrefour Home, Codini, Continental Edison, Crystal, Cucine, Cylinda, Defy, Ecron, Elba, Elektra Bregenz, Elettrozeta, Elin, Elvita, Eskimo, Essentielb, Far, Federal, Fensa, Fisher & Paykel, Flavel, Fortress, Friac, Fricon, Generalmatic, Gplus, Grundig, Haka, Hyundai, IFB, Kenwood, Keysmart, Konka, Lamona, Leader, Listo, Majestic, Montpellier, New World, Nikkei, Nortline, Oceania, Oceanic, Orion, Pars, Peabody, Perfect, Philco, Princess, Prolux, Raymond, Royal, Saba, Saivod, SanGiorgio, Sang, Schaub Lorenz, Selecline, Siera, Singer, Speed, Starke, Superfrost, Tecnogas, Tophouse, Venus, Vico, Victory, Videocon, Wasco, Westpoint, White-Westinghouse, Winstar, Wpro, Zenith, 

Are you finding that your washing machine washes poorly? The machine is not heating the water or is the Programme taking longer than expected? These are all things that could indicate a problem with your Beko WTK72011w's NTC sensor. 

What is an NTC?

NTC stands for negative temperature coefficients. That means that the resistance decreases when the temperature rises.

The NTC is used to measure the water temperature inside the drum. When the water temperature in the machine reaches to the required temperature, The heater is then disabled by means of the heater relay on the control board.

The specification on the NTC for a Beko Washing machine WTK72011w displaying an E1 Error code

Resistance @ 25c 4773 ohm - 4837 ohm 

Operating Temp -10C - +100C

An E1 Error code on a Beko washing machine Indicates that the NTC sensor has failed. This may mean it has sort circuited or have a Open loop error. 

How To Repair a E1 Error code on a Beko Washing Machine

  1. First thing to check. Is machine displaying E1 Error code
  2. Check the connector on the main board marked KN2 correctly attached. If yes proceed to 3 if not reattach and try machine again. 
  3.  Take out the KN2 connector and measure the resistance between the 2 green wires, pins 3 and 4
  4.  Measure the value of the NTC resistance. Does it show approx. 5k OHM under 25°C temperature? Or is it Open loop/Short circuited? If yes Replace the main control board. If No proceed to 5
  5. Remove the rear cover of the machine. You will find the NTC on the heater  remove the NTC connector from the heater, Then measure the NTC value directly from the NTC. Does it show approx. 5k OHM under 25°C temperature? Or does it read short circuit/Open loop? If Yes then the value measured on the control board connector is wrong, The cabling is at fault; check it. If No Replace NTC.  Making sure to re-attach the connectors back into the correct places
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