Bosch washing machine will not spin

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Bosch washing machine will not spin



Bosch washing machine spare parts


There are a number of reasons why your Bosch washing machine will not spin, watch the video for the 3 main faults.


This video will show you how to find the fault on your Bosch washing machine that will not spin or turn the drum during the rinse cycles.

There are 3 possible causes to this.

1 Your Bosch washing machine can’t drain the water.

2 The motor is at fault, this is possibly the brushes.

3 There may be a fault on the wiring or one of the PCB’S (printed circuit boards)

If your Bosch washing machine is not turning the drum at all, then there is a chance that it could be just a problem with the motor, wiring or PCB and nothing to do with a blockage.

29 Responses to “Bosch washing machine will not spin”

  1. Geraldine Gonzales says : Reply

    How to lock the bosch washing machine even if its already close it doesn’t appears keys on the screen..what shall we do with this.

  2. Del Mourer says : Reply

    I have a Bosch Washing Machine that does not spin because a shirt got caught in the door after the machine started to run and the spin cycle will not work. the stuck shirt was not allowing the drum to spin. The motor seemed to be trying to turn the drum but could not do it.
    Can you tell me what happened? Did the motor burn out our did a belt come off?

  3. Jan carr says : Reply

    Bosch washing machine will not empty after wash. Motor is going but water dies not flush out?

  4. redhead says : Reply

    the filter will not open, only turns slightly ? how do I take it off without breaking the plastic please?

  5. Vicky shaw says : Reply

    My Bosch washer will not spin key symbol flashing also will not wash on other cycles what do I do

  6. Sue woodward says : Reply

    My Bosch washing mc is washing ok but won’t finish cycle unless I put it on rinsenand spin

  7. Patricia says : Reply

    My Bosch front load will not spin it will fill with water and the drum will spin when I spin it but not on a cycle brushes are good, motor is good, but no spinning on the cycles

  8. Sandra DAVIDSON says : Reply

    Washing done stopped about 24 mins from end then went on when finished machine beeped but washing still soaking wet

    • First thing to check is the pump for any blockages and make sure that all the pipes are clear at the bottom of the machine, the next thing you need to check is the carbon brushes in the motor

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
  9. Sandra DAVIDSON says : Reply

    Clean blockage is my hubby allowed to check brushes and if so where are they and is it an easy job machine turning on but when put to 40 degree wash just comes up zero thanks in advance for advice. Sandra

  10. Sandra DAVIDSON says : Reply

    Right have checked pump cleaned out carbon brushes fine what else do you recommend thanks. Sandra

  11. Craig K says : Reply

    Have a Bosch Classic 1000 washing machine 5 years old. Recently stopped turning bowl or spinning. Will fill and drain water however does start turning bowl for wash cycle. Took motor out replaced brushes, checks all hoses etc and all fine back together however still will not turn bowl?. Any ideas appreciated before I relegate it to the trash

  12. Michael Duffy says : Reply

    Bosch washing machine switches on proceeds to wash but when cycle is finished clothes come out soaking wet?Classic xx 1400 model

  13. May says : Reply

    My Bosch Axxis doesn’t spin. We’ve checked the hoses (no blockage), we’ve checked the motor (nothing), and replaced the carbon brushes. Where can I find the printed circuit board on the stacked washer/dryer (dryer on top)? Thank you in advance.

  14. Philippa Thomas says : Reply

    Washing machine works ok, but makes a big buzzing sound when pumping out water. Can send you bosh machine no , it is about 3 yes old.

  15. Jyoti Shah says : Reply

    Hello, I have a Bosch washing machine. When there is 1 minute left in the cycle, the machine just keeps going round and does not stop. I have to stop it manually but the clothes have not been drained. I then put it on the gentle spin cycle where the clothes are drained and spun and then the machine stops automatically as it should and the clothes are fine.

    We have checked for any blockages in the filter and checked that the propeller freely spins and that’s all fine. So we are not sure what the problem is? Please could you help? Thank you.

  16. Paul says : Reply


    We have had a Bosch front loader washing machine for about 6 years.

    For the last 15 months it has been in storage because we were overseas.
    When we tried to use it the drum will not turn. The motor seems to be trying, but nothing happens. Also, we cannot manually turn the drum.

    Any suggestions?


  17. Amanda says : Reply

    My washing machine won’t spin it makes a clicking sound (almost like a miniture jack hammer). It hadn’t drained either. I have removed the filter plug and a large amount of water has come out.
    I then tried putting it on a spin cycle and just got the clicking noise again with no movement.
    Can you please advise what I should try next?

  18. Pete says : Reply

    Bosch vision 500 washer won’t turn or spin. Cleaned out coin trap. Checked motor with volunteer good. Checked capacitor. Good. Got e20 e01 c00 e09 faults. Help.

  19. gabby says : Reply

    My washing machine squeezes the water in some programs, and in other, it does not, and then a filter mark icon appears on the display panel. In other programs, as I mentioned, it does squeeze the water and everything is normal. What could be the problem?

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