Bush & Cookology Compact tumble dryer Fault Finding Service & Maintenance

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Watch the video it will explain the fault and show you how to diagnose the problem and rectify it

This video will show you How to repair your Compact tumble dryer made for any of these brands Bush, Cookology, Panda, Avanti.

These tumble dryers are manufactured by a Chinese company they are reasonably good quality this video will show you how to replace most of the components inside the tumble dryer and also show you how it works there are two belts on this machine one is to turn the Drum the other is to turn the air fan blade.

There is an inherent problem that if the tumble dryer is overloaded sometimes the belt can jump off the drum it is easy to put the belt back on but you do need to know how it threads through the jockey wheel and over the pully. 

The heater is 750 watts so it only draws a few amps. The heating Element is RHC621 

There are two thermostats on this tumble dryer one is a cut-out stat which is on the heating element itself and then you have a cycling thermostat which is built into the housing at the back of the machine.

The parts for these tumble dryers are very hard to obtain as there are no UK stockists of most of the components.

I can tell you that the belt is 4PH 1611

the motor is Huzhou yueqiu YXB-50JH AND HAS A 5UF capacitor fitted which is cbb61

The wiring diagram Compact tumble dryer Bush Cookology Panda Avanti

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