Bush & Cookology Compact tumble dryer Fault Finding Service & Maintenance

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Watch the video it will explain the fault and show you how to diagnose the problem and rectify it

This video will show you How to repair your Compact tumble dryer made for any of these brands Bush, Cookology, Panda, Avanti.

These tumble dryers are manufactured by a Chinese company they are reasonably good quality this video will show you how to replace most of the components inside the tumble dryer and also show you how it works there are two belts on this machine one is to turn the Drum the other is to turn the air fan blade.

There is an inherent problem that if the tumble dryer is overloaded sometimes the belt can jump off the drum it is easy to put the belt back on but you do need to know how it threads through the jockey wheel and over the pully. 

The heater is 750 watts so it only draws a few amps. The heating Element is RHC621 

There are two thermostats on this tumble dryer one is a cut-out stat which is on the heating element itself and then you have a cycling thermostat which is built into the housing at the back of the machine.

The parts for these tumble dryers are very hard to obtain as there are no UK stockists of most of the components.

I can tell you that the belt is 4PH 1611

the motor is Huzhou yueqiu YXB-50JH AND HAS A 5UF capacitor fitted which is cbb61

The wiring diagram Compact tumble dryer Bush Cookology Panda Avanti

7 Responses to “Bush & Cookology Compact tumble dryer Fault Finding Service & Maintenance”

  1. Emma Goodman says : Reply

    With regards to the cookology tumble dryer and fault finding. I have checked to belts and they are fine. However when you turn it on there is a loud noise as if something is rubbing somewhere. What else cannit be?

  2. Stacey says : Reply

    I have a compact dryer Euhomy CD-9. My dryer is not drying and shuts off after turning on by itself? I checked the vent hose and there was no lint in it. I watched your videos on the Panda Compact Dryer and it was very helpful. Can you please help me with what could be wrong with my dryer? Also I’ve tried finding belts and other parts for my particular brand Euhomy and can’t find any to buy from and the manufacturer says they are always out of stock? If you could direct me where to find parts like thermal fuses and belts ( 2 that you had on your video for my brand) I would greatly appreciate it.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    Thank you

    Stacey Montello

    • You did not say which country you are from as I have not heard of that brand in the United Kingdom, I think this brand might be for the American market as I have seen a couple on Google that a 110 voltage all I can tell you is, these are made by Chinese company if it is the same design the manufacturer is a company called media, and it is Chinese. You need to find a local distributor of these parts.
      I hope this helps you, and I’m glad you found the video useful

    • Stacey Montello says : Reply

      Thank you for your message! I’m from the United States. And it’s a euhomy Model CD-9. Serial number is CD09210607470578.
      I have contacted Euhomy and they have told me that they are out of stock most of the time and when they actually had a belt replacement they asked me to pay $30.00 for shipping the part from china and then they told me once I went to order it they no longer had it stock now! I’ve looked everywhere online for a distributor and cannot find any information on the model I have. I purchased this through Amazon and they were no help either.
      I don’t know what else to do? I replaced my the belt that goes around the pulleys and it was a different brand manufacturer and I just went off of the size of the drum that my compact dryer has and it was working beautifully and actually worked better than it did when I bought it but recently it stopped working while it was running and the panel was not lit like usual. So I unplugged it waited a couple of minutes plugged it back in opened and closed the door 6 times and it reset I believe because the panel lights came back on but it stopped working again after turning it on and I noticed no heat at this point. So after watching your videos I decided to buy a multi meter and check the circuits and find if everything is getting power. I’m doing this today but my main concern is the parts.

      Can I use a universal part or another brand name part like magic chef or panda for a part that I find is not getting power? Because these dryers are basically all the same except for voltage. And logic tells me that it’s about the capacity of the dryer matching up correct?
      I hope to hear back from you soon
      Thank you so much for your time

      Stacey Montello

  3. Marivic V says : Reply

    I have the tumble dyer cost way and the drum is broken where can I buy the the drum?

  4. Marie Paul says : Reply


    Thank you for your very informative videos.

    I have a BLACK+DECKER BCED37 Compact Dryer for Standard Wall Outlet, Small, 4 Modes, Load Volume 13.2 lbs., White. I purchased it about a year ago on Amazon and recently, the machine stopped working. When a tech came, he replaced the door switch. It started running again. However, the unit was not heating up. Subsequently, I was told that the unit could not be repaired because Black and Decker did not sell parts for this unit. I am in Brooklyn, NY, USA. It is it the thermal fuse? Or the heating element? Was it caused when they replaced the door switch? More importantly, are these parts available elsewhere in the world?

    Thank you very much for your help.



  5. Djemmy says : Reply


    I have the exact same tumble dryer home and I followed your tutorial to open it up. Great tutorial to be honest, simple and straight 👍

    I came across a problem with the heater ( it is actually gone ) and I wondered if you could tell me where can I buy parts to repair it myself.

    Thank you very much


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