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We always appreciate a beer or two after a hard day filming and writing the appliance repair guides. You can buy a single beer or a round for all the staff whichever you prefer.

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86 Responses to “Buy Paul a Beer”

  1. david taylor says : Reply

    Amazing video on heating system diagnostics on Hoover dryers gave me confidence to fix it myself. Final fault was the relay on the
    PCB board with the relay supplied by yourself. Many thanks including taking my call on Friday 01/09/17.
    Enjoy the beer
    with best wishes
    Davis Taylor

  2. Riaz Imam says : Reply

    I have Samsung No frost Refrigerator Model SR-44 , the problem I am facing is that the refrigerator is not starting Automatically and I have to put the switch ON & OFF myself. When it turns off itself it does not start itself. We are unable to understand what kind of fault it is whereas the Compressor is perfect.

    Awaiting for the reply.

  3. Graeme says : Reply

    Thanks for posting the video of how to change the carbon brushes on a Beko WME8227W washing machine. Under £10 for parts which came overnight via eBay and easy to fit thanks to the video. Washing machine working again in less than 24 hours.
    Enjoy the beer

  4. Livy Gibbs says : Reply

    I’m so grateful for the video to help me have the confidence to repair / clean a faulty and blocked filter pump. You saved me the repair bills and it gave me a great sense of achievement to be able to fix the problem with your tutorial assistance. Enjoy the beer!

  5. Barry says : Reply


    A great informative video of how to change the belt on a Zanussi tumble dryer. The belt arrived promptly at my local Sainsburys, and in no time dispite my best efforts in doing it wrong and after figuring it out and talking to you, had the tumble dryer up and running again.
    Enjoy the beer


  6. Inge says : Reply

    hello Paul

    thanks and congratulations for your clear guidance. You have managed to help me – yes a Belgian woman 😉 – fix my dishwasher. I had an E25 problem, so I followed your directions: I first cleaned the filter, had to clean the pump, eventually decided to order a new pump and replaced it, I then had an E15 problem, so I remembered you saying there might be a leak after fixing the pump, so I took it out again and clicked it in properly, I even managed to put the whole thing back together afterwards, and now it’s functioning again. 😉
    So thanks from a richer (in many ways) and grateful single mum from Poperinge. I’m glad I did try this at home 😉
    You certainly deserve a quality beer, so my advice would be: grab a Stella 😉

    thanks again,
    best wishes

  7. Tomas says : Reply

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your tutorial on how to fix a PCB board. Bought a cheap, broken dryer and fixed it for less than 2 pounds.
    Enjoy the beer.


  8. Raymond Liddell says : Reply

    Would be willing to pay say £30 for a 20 min tutorial on certain things.. like a pcb + on certain machines ? i.e. how to identify a heater relay on a ~+$ board..? thanks..

  9. Michael says : Reply

    Paul, you are a star. Thank you for the video and tips on repairing the brushes on a Beko washing machine. Bought the parts through you and you were a great help on the phone too. Fixed my daughter’s machine and it’s working fine. I also have a new socket tool set, which I had to get to remove and replace the motor, but that will be useful in the future. Saved us a fortune – enjoy the beer.

  10. bill johnstone says : Reply

    hi i am looking for a creda oven element for a model x155es also the light bulb can you help.

  11. Valto says : Reply

    Great video on cleaning the Electrolux dryer pump. I wonder if there is a way to convert the dryer to just empty the water directly to floor drain (by gravity) Ie skipping need for pump totally?

  12. Anne says : Reply

    Hi Paul. I have a new Hotpoint washing machine Hotpoint RPD9467J and it seems very difficult to remove the heating element all the way as the wires look like they’re welded to the panel. Could this be the case? It means the wires stop the element from being able to take out fully so I can’t look inside. I’m scared to pull in case this breaks the wires but I’d like to.know your opinion please!

  13. John says : Reply

    Hi thanks for your video on washing machine motor brushes, tried to buy you a beer but the paypal site wouldn’t let me enter an amount John

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