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180 Responses to “Buy Paul a Beer”

  1. Michael Conway says : Reply

    Indesit tumble dryer fixed in a flash! £20 thermostat, easy stuff – thanks Paul enjoy a beer

  2. Alan says : Reply

    Washing m/c wouldnt spin , you suggested motor brushes : It was , now fixed! Many thanks.

  3. Anthony says : Reply


    I don’t have a fault. I’m trying to fit a replacement door seal (door boot, door rubber, or whatever) to my AEG L 12710 VIT washing machine. Funnily enough, you have a video of a very similar model being fitted with a door seal, but upon taking the lid off mine, I can see that the chassis is very different indeed. It is not possible to remove the front face of the appliance because there is no separate front face. Rather, this machine has a “shell” split fore and aft.

    I know I need to get the front half of the shell off, but it’s very difficult to see how to do it without some guidance. I wish I had a service manual. Is there any way you can help? I’ll certainly buy you a few beers.

    — Anthony

  4. Charlotte says : Reply

    Went to Just Answers… Who wanted £25 to join.. Their “expert advice” was to find a hotpoint engineer. ?!?!!
    Found this page. Diagnosed issue in 5 mins. Cheers mate, sent you a beer!

  5. Mark Peters says : Reply

    Beko washing machine WMB91242LB error code 11 I think I cleared and it now says 15 20 of the diagnostic screen. What happened was it was tripping the electricity a few weeks back and I took off the heating element and cleaned up the element. The machine worked fine for about the wnxt 5-6 spins and no tripping if the electrics.

    Now on the last time on spinning it was on the final spin on the program and it tripped the electric. Since then it has never spinned again since.

    I have checked the carbon brushes but they look fine. Is there something more serious do think now do think I was right to clean up the heating element also? I’m at a loose now as the anxhine just won’t spin.

    Thanks Mark

  6. Mike Rodent says : Reply

    Hi Paul Indesit WIXE 127 UK TEV

    Found your info on the door lock very useful.
    Where can I find the Circuit Diagram for this machine. Once I can pin down the fault- I will source parts from you

    Regards Mike

  7. Emilia Gladstone says : Reply

    G’day from Australia. Paul I loved your video, my washing machine is now unblocked and working. Thank you!!

  8. Ahmed aguri says : Reply

    Hello sir
    I have Ariston Tumble dryer type TCF97B. I have a problem with ntc sensor which gives resestance 5Kohm at 25C, so when I start the dryer it gives me fault code F03. Can you help me to know the behavior of ntc sensor what should be at 25C or what the range for this one . If it is possible, can you send a pdf file. Thanks

  9. Jack baldwin says : Reply

    Thank you for your time making video of replacing gasket on front loader LG wash machine,

    VERY HELP-FULL !!!!!

  10. PK MAKWANA says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your advice following my email.
    After watching your videos on Youtube my cousin and I managed to resolve the intermittent noise coming from the front end of the Whirlpool AZA9790 tumble dryer. The small nut holding the fan onto the motor spindle was somewhat loose and the fan was slipping on the motor spindle everytime the drum changed direction of rotation. So we tightened the nut, cleaned the fan blade and inner parts of the machine and reconnected everything back just the way you explained in your videos. And hey presto, the intermittent noise has gone!
    Keep making the videos! You have our support.
    Enjoy the beer money.
    PK Makwana

  11. Morgan says : Reply

    Hi, my beko washing machine WMB 71642 W will come on but the dial won’t change the setting of the wash and my washer won’t start, I’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in but there has been no change

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