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141 Responses to “Buy Paul a Beer”

  1. David says : Reply

    Thanks Paul,

    One of your videos gave me the confidence to replace a broken drive belt in our tumble dryer.

    Enjoy a few beers on me.



    • Greg says : Reply

      Hi Paul, I’m not really great as a handyman but thanks to your very clear and detailed video, I was able to change the pump on our Whirlpool tumble dryer. I live in the south-west of France and initially contacted a local tradesman to come and fix the tumble dryer. He charged me 44 euros travel expenses ( he lives 5 minutes away) plus 22 euros for half an hour labour costs. In the end he said the problem was some sort of major part that needed replacing and that he couldn’t fix it and suggested it would be cheaper to buy a new tumble dryer. Like a lot of French tradesmen he was basically bullshitting and ripped me off. Since the problem was that the dryer wasn’t pumping the water I invested in a new pump kit (about 30 euros) and with the fantastic help of your video I managed to change the pump. And voila, the dryer is now working perfectly. Thanks for your great video. I’ll buy you a beer or 2. Kind regards, Greg in Toulouse.

  2. Kathryn says : Reply

    Hi Paul,

    I have an Indesit washer dryer, model IWDC 6125. My next door neighbours very kindly gave it to me a few years ago.

    I only use the washing machine part of it because the few times that I used the tumble dryer, several years ago, it seemed to shrink my clothes. I’m not bothered by this, I don’t need a tumble dryer.

    I started the washing machine as normal today. It seemed to be fine. I put on some headphones and started boiling some potatoes. After not that long, I smelt a burning smell in the kitchen and I couldn’t tell whether it was something that had been stuck on the bottom of the saucepan or whether it was coming from the washing machine.

    Because I had had my headphones on, I couldn’t tell whether the washing machine has been working as normal. But when I inspected it, and turn my music off, I noticed that the washing machine wasn’t making any noises and nothing was moving The green on/off light was still on. The red door lock was Not lit. The start/stop green light was lit.

    I thought perhaps I had been mistaken when I thought I had set it running, so I pressed the start button again and it flashed Orange so, looking at my booklet, I thought I had made it pause. So I pressed it again and the start/pause light went back to green but nothing else happened. I was able to open the door and the washing was wet. So it obviously had started it, but then it had stopped again. Or maybe I had stopped it myself, thinking that it hadn’t started, and putting it on pause. I can’t remember whether I had purposefully tried to pause it, when I smelt the burning smell.

    I waited over half an hour because in the booklet it says it goes into standby mode after half an hour. I thought perhaps after the half-hour, it would reset itself or do something.

    But no. It’s about 6 hours later. I have tried to get it to go again by briefly pressing the on/off switch as suggested in the booklet, and then starting it off again using the start/pause button, but I hear a faint click in the machine, which normally happens I think, when I press start, but now nothing else happens.

    I’m reluctant to use the dishwasher which is next to it, in case there might be some impact if something has burnt out at the back, or a pipe is blocked or whatever. They are both plugged into the same socket. The dishwasher is attached directly to the socket and the washing machine is attached to the same socket via an extension lead.

    At some point I decided to switch the programme to see if that would work. I put it onto ‘drain’ as I thought that shouldn’t be too drastic. But it didn’t do anything then either.

    The two green lights are still on and it is now about 6 hours later or more. The washing is still inside and wet. I’m not sure what to do. Should I turn the machine off at the socket? I have tried to turn the machine off using its on/off but nothing happens.

    Maybe it is fine and I just pressed it and paused it and messed up the cycle when I shouldn’t have, mistakenly believing that it wasn’t working properly, but perhaps it was, and perhaps I just happened to turn it off at a time when it was going to be quiet anyway.

    But I think the burning smell might have made me want to interrupt the cycle. I can’t quite remember the order of events. But perhaps I just need to turn it off at the socket and start it again and it will be fine? But a bit reluctant to turn it off at the socket as then I will be tempted to turn it back on again and if there is some kind of electrical fault or something burnt out, I’m not sure it would be a good idea.

    So I will probably leave it on overnight. Check my fire alarm first 🙂

    Probably repeated myself a little bit, sorry.

    Such a great idea, helping people, with your knowledge of appliances. Thanks 🙂 well done. Looking forward to buying you a beer.:)

    Thank you so much in advance for your help and don’t worry if you don’t have time or there’s not enough people available to help or whatever.

    Thank you!

  3. Anonymous says : Reply

    I would like to buy you a beer anonymously, I think I should be able to do so without giving you an e-mail address. How would I go about this?

  4. Brian says : Reply

    The oven is on manual clock works fine when turning function knob only the fan works no light comes on no thermostat indication light no oven or grill checked bulb thats fine checked element has continuitie is the fault control knob

  5. Damian says : Reply

    Thanks Paul for your help. Got the tumble dryer working. Made a contribution for you and your team have a drink. Thank you. Damian.

  6. Richard says : Reply

    Thanks Paul for the videos. Helped me to dismantle my tumble dryer and to remove the frayed drive belt. Will buy you a beer and try to buy the new belt from you too if you stock it.

  7. Annmarie Scott says : Reply

    Hi my candy tumble dryer has stopped working, all lights are flashing with e22 on display, I have cleaned the filter, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  8. Simon says : Reply

    How to repair were unable to supply necessary part but were incredibly helpful in my search so I would definitely recommend.


  9. Tiffany Orndorff says : Reply

    This video saved me money and time (waiting for a repair person), the culprit was a broken piece of a dish all the way inside the machine, your video showed me exactly how to get to it and put the dishwasher back together. Enjoy the beer and thank you 🍻 😊

  10. Tom says : Reply

    Hi, great videos, I was just watching your hoover tumble dryer heating video – https://youtu.be/W62MlTwehik and noticed your ammeter for testing the current being drawn from the appliance. I am after a new one as the casing of mine has become brittle and come apart however I cannot find one anywhere. Is that a custom unit put together yourself or can I also purchase one myself? If so where can I get it. I would be very grateful if you could get back to me.

    Many thanks,

  11. Natasha Gardiner says : Reply

    Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I bought John Lewis & Partners JLBIWD1405 Integrated Washer Dryer (actually Electrolux) only a couple of months ago. There is a scratching noise coming from the drum and 2 Electrolux engineers, who were sent as it is under guarantee, insist it is a bra wire, even though we have not lost any or have any defective garments. They say the washer dryer needs to be scrapped. Is there anyway of repairing the machine? If not would you recommend any particular integrated washer-dryer without a sealed drum, as we can’t find any?! Thank you natasha

  12. Anup B says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I’ve watched many of your video’s and have to thank you for helping everyone here.
    The environment is a better place with people that repair stuff than just throw away.

    Anyhow, I have a AEG T59840 Heat pump tumble dryer. Its probably 12 years old however still a good machine compared to many. Anyhow we started having problems with it with it just not drying clothes properly, all clothes no matter how long the program or intensity are just remaining damp. all filters etc are clean and also read the below.

    Now – I took out a repair plan on it and the engineers instead of doing any diagnostics, started to replace parts. They replaced the whole base of the machine which has the compressor on it (wowsers must have been costly). Then exactly the same results, they then came back and replaced the circuit board (control panel). Same results. They’ve given up!

    So, do you know what the problem could be, I have gone through the diagnostics and in one of the selections it says E32, but I assume that’s because I have not earthed the drum with the chassis?… So that error would pop up anyway?

    I’m getting to the point where it probably needs to go to the tip.
    Can you help – Could do with a very specific repair guide to this machine and diagnostic help as it seems to differ from other models.
    On some of the diagnostic screen it displays “24” or “25” maybe that’s the ambient temp, another screen displays “1111”.

    I have a multimeter so can do a few checks.
    By only thought is the drum brush as that might be effecting the reading of dampness in the drum?


  13. Abdul J Wahaab says : Reply

    Hello Dear sir I have hotpoint smart tech washing machine it’s working perfect before load shedding in my area after this this its start making problem when I press start button its take around few min to come on and in few days it’s showing f12 error then suddenly control board lights off but door keep spinning even I open the door it keep spinning

    Please any advice

  14. Shahed Mirza says : Reply

    I have a fagor FI-48Wq model, it was working but one day the pnp start switch is busted and since then not working at all our use to fill water after few days later it stopped filling the water doing nothing there is a power light on but doing nothing, abs i had one washer Repairer not the commercial repairer , he came and checked everything but could not find the problem but he did say the start switch that pnp switch which has 2 inlet 2 outlet but one of the wire is not showing 110v is showing 45v and then he did say that he got electrocuted once then he completely power off meaning taking the switch off from the socked.

  15. Katie and Gav says : Reply

    Just repaired our Beko washer after watching your video – amazing- saved us the cost of replacing so thanks very much! I’ve bought you a beer 🙂

  16. Sunil Patel says : Reply

    Hi I watch video on YouTube Mr Paul given great advice I will start myself do small things can I bought amp meter for testing appliances on showing video please and how much cost ? Thanks

  17. unplanned says : Reply

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  18. Charlotte says : Reply

    Have a round on me, Paul. £5 is certainly cheaper than the £60 I otherwise would have spent calling in a repairman. Thanks so much for your videos, they’re great even for beginners like me!

  19. Jane Rushin says : Reply

    Thank you for your excellent video on pump inspection and cleaning; I found what was stopping the pump from working in my Zanussi 1220S, most satisfying! 😀

  20. Melinda says : Reply

    Thanks to your videos, I just repaired a 3E error on our Samsung washer. I’ve learnt far more about washing machine motors than I ever wanted to know, but it saved us a tonne of cash. Cheers! Have a beer on me.

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