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We always appreciate a beer or two after a hard day filming and writing the appliance repair guides. You can buy a single beer or a round for all the staff whichever you prefer.


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130 Responses to “Buy Paul a Beer”

  1. Lisa says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the how to replace a washing machine door seal video. My leak is now sorted and I shall be joining you in a celebratory beer! A very chuffed Lisa

  2. Chad says : Reply

    Hi! I’ve recently replaced the carbon brushes in our beko washing machine but it sounds like they are grinding against the commutator. Will they be ok? Thanks

  3. Yacob says : Reply

    Dear sir I managed to take out the drum of the candy washingmachine model EVO 1283 DW-S thanks to your video but my problem is that I cannot open the drum as there are no screws can you give me an idea please to open the drum ?

    Yacob Spiteri

  4. Sarah says : Reply

    Thank you for the step by step tutorial. There was indeed a small piece of glass in the bottom, just as your tutorial showed. 15mins work and dishwasher is fixed. Definitely worth buying you a pint? What a great idea! Enjoy it!

  5. Zuhair says : Reply

    My Samsung washing machine vibrating too much forcing to move from it’s position

  6. A.Kdadir says : Reply

    I would like to thank Paul for a very useful video,thanks again .

  7. Abd says : Reply

    Venus vg165
    Not cooling inside but cover is cold
    Please help

  8. Steve Power says : Reply

    Hi I have Siemens Iq300 washing machine (wm14q391gb) and ona cycle is now making a hell or a racquet so I believe that the bearing has gone. Could you please tell me how much a replacement would be and if there’s any other parts that are worth replacing whilst it’s apart
    Many thanks
    Steve Power

  9. Simon says : Reply

    Evening, looking for some help. I have a hoover tumble dryer (condensing) it’s about 13-14 months old. It keeps displaying an E22 code.

    I called Hoover who wanted silly amounts of money. We’re talking 3 figures. I’m thinking of doing it myself. Easy Job? I believe it’s a pump fault, is that your view? If it is, do you stock parts?

  10. Aziz says : Reply

    Very helpful video on how to change the carbon brushes on my BEKO washing machine. That was the problem for the drum not spinning and now it’s working perfectly. Missus is very happy

  11. Helen Duncan says : Reply

    In August I purchased the BEKO Tumble Dryer Stacking Kit with Shelf. I have lost the packet of screws and washers – could you tell me what I need please, or do you sell replacement fixings?
    Thank you:)

  12. George BERRILL says : Reply

    I have an 18 year old Hotpint Aquarius WMA 35 P 1300 spin machine that stopped mid cycle, the only indications of trouble was a ‘door lock’ light flashing and a machine full of water – and the machine doing nothing. Being a keen D.I.Y’er I thought I’d take a look and see if it’s something not too serious – it was working ok to start with so whatever has gone wrong can’t be terminal (I hoped) After checking out door locks and general wiring I decided to get some help so went on YT. There I found a site built for idiots like me – how-to-repair.com, had a read and decided to drop them a email. So started my saga. . .
    I had an email back inside 12 hours with suggestions as what it might be.
    I had a quick look for a new doorlock and then needed to await it’s arrival.
    Put the new lock on – still the machine won’t work – more emails = more suggestions
    Today I finally cracked it, with the help from the nice people on the site and a bit of magnifying glass I found a micro crack on the board and soldered it together = machine now up and running
    The patience of these lovely people deserves a medal!
    I have decided these wonderful people deserve a proper ‘Thank You’ and so put a £20 thank you into their pot.

  13. Freda Evans says : Reply

    I have Samsung WF431ABP/XAA 04
    Serial: Y0IC54ABB02171A
    I’m showing error code 3E
    Motor tries to rotate left then right with faint clicking souds, then stops trying. What’s wrong and what parts do I need. I’m able to tear it down and put it back together


  14. Agnes Macdonald says : Reply

    Can someone advice please I have a seemans fan oven the fan and grill is working but oven not heating

  15. Eric says : Reply

    Followed the video on to repair a Hotpoint Aquairius washer/dryer that had all the lights flashing, and we now have a working machine again, so many thanks, and enjoy the beer!

  16. Mickey says : Reply

    Thanks so much Paul!! I’ve just fixed my washing machine and am so glad I didn’t have to call someone out. I’m a broke single mum who uses cloth nappies so being without a machine for even a day was NOT an option! Next time I’ll make sure my toddler never fills my machine up with coins 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Svend says : Reply

    Dear Paul,

    Your video on how to replace the drain pump on a Bosch/NEF dishwasher saved us a bundle. It also improved my standing with the wife. Sorry I did not order form you shop as I live in Italy. All the best and keep up the great work.



  18. richard says : Reply

    Thanks enjoy the case of beer mate

  19. Ademola says : Reply

    Hi Paul, many thanks for your video on how to change the capacitor on my Tumble dryer. So grateful and enjoy the beer. God bless you guys.

  20. Peter says : Reply

    A beer on me for the Beko seal replacement video. Wasn’t exactly the same model but gave me a rough outline of how to sort, so thank you.

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