Condenser tumble dryer not heating up Aeg, Electrolux & Zanussi Etc

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Condenser tumble dryer not heating up

Diagnostic Help

Condenser tumble dryer are relatively easy for most people fix if they are reasonably competent in DIY and working with electrical products as they really are rather simple appliances

This video can be used on all these makes of Condenser tumble dryer

AEG, Arthur Martin, Castor, Corbero, Electrolux, Elektro Helios, Faure, Hansa, Husqvarna, Lloyds, Marijnen, Privileg, Rex, Tricity Bendix, Zanker, Zanker-Electrolux, Zanussi, Zoppas, 

Your Condenser tumble dryer is not heating? It Could Be One Of The Following:

  1. Heater fault.
  2. Cut out Thermostat faulty (TOC Thermal Overload Cut-out)
  3. Cycling Thermostat faulty
  4. Ntc fault if fitted faulty
  5. Air flow temperature thermostat faulty
  6. Pcb if fitted

dryer heater location

Dryer heater location

wiring connector for removing heater element

wiring connector for removing heater element

Cut out and cycling Thermostats are fitted around heater

Cut out and cycling Thermostats are fitted around heater

hidden thermostats are fitted in many locations

hidden thermostats are fitted in many locations

Condenser dryers can be installed without the requirement to have a vent to the outside. However, it should be noted that these cannot be installed just anywhere and there are restrictions on temperatures and that cleaning filters regularly becomes essential. The moisture removed from the clothing during the drying process is condensed internally and the water vapour either drained to the house drainage system or collected in a container which has to be manually emptied.

low heat can be caused by one side of the heater not working or air flow problems

Thermostats & heater elements can be simply tested for continuity using an electrical meter. If the heater is open circuit it will require to be replaced, bearing in mind that many are in fact two elements for the different levels of heat, so check both circuits. If the heater is not open circuit and you have continuity then you should then look at the thermostats. Normally there are one of possibly two mounted around the heater housing but there are also often another one, possibly two, hidden on the vent or front of machine as you will see in this video there is one hidden in the drum, this is commonly known as the "exhaust stat" Air flow temperature thermostat.

Ntc sensors can be tested by using charts to measure resistance compared to the temperature see other videos on this.

Air flow temperature thermostat hidden Condenser tumble dryer cycling thermostat

Testing  cut out stat

Testing cut out stat

Testing Cycling Thermostats

Testing Cycling Thermostats

Testing low heat side of heater element

Testing low heat side of heater element

Testing high heat side of heater element

Testing high heat side of heater element

9 Responses to “Condenser tumble dryer not heating up Aeg, Electrolux & Zanussi Etc”

  1. Eran Olshanski says : Reply


    I have T36809 AEG.

    The ENDE LED is blinking after a few minutes, how can i know what is the problem?


  2. Terri says : Reply

    Hello where is the reset button for the zanussi its the same one as in your veidos

  3. Tom says : Reply

    Hi, excellent video! I have the following zanussi –
    mod zdc68560w
    prod 91609680201
    Heating element is fine, just wondering if you knew where to locate the thermostat in this model. It seems it isn’t in the drum.
    Many thanks,

  4. rob says : Reply

    hi Paul I have a Zanussi lindo 300 condenser tumble dryer which hasn’t done much work
    model ZDC 8202P
    product 916 097 379/00
    my problem is that it does not heat up at all
    I have tested the heating element and the thermal cut outs
    and also I have tried tipping water into the top with the draw removed and it does not pump
    even though the float switch is working
    I have removed the pump from the machine and tested it on the bench and it works
    the tumble dryer operates as it should other than getting hot
    could you please point me in the right direction
    could it be a circuit board fault and if so are these repairable?
    I am an electrician by trade and so have a basic working knowledge of electronics

    ps keep up the good work on your website very helpful well done
    many thanks rob

  5. Simon Cooper says : Reply

    Top man, drum thermostat knackered.
    Thank you for your videos, would have cost me many pounds more if I hadn’t seen this.
    Now to buy my bitfrom you.
    Many thanks.

  6. Henco says : Reply

    Hi I need some info on a Zanussi ZTE7101 I have two thermostats 261P and 261PB what is the difference where can I buy the 261PB for this unit?


  7. Austin o malley says : Reply

    I have a zanussi lindo 100, pnc 916097657/00 it will heat fine on timed program, but not on auto / sensor cycle, I suspect the pump?? Not sure,? Any light you might shed ??

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