E51, E52, E53 & E54 Tumble dryer error code Electrolux, AEG & Zanussi

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E51, E52, E53 & E54 Tumble dryer error code Electrolux, AEG & Zanussi


Error code family E5? is 5 flashing green lights followed by a number of red flashing lights?

These error codes are for ENVo6 Cuirct boards on these tumble dryer Electrolux, AEG, Arthur Martin, Elektro Helios, Eureka, Faure, Frigidaire, Gibson Appliance, Husqvarna, Kelvinator, Marijnen, Parkinson Cowan, Progress, Simpson, Tornado, Tricity Bendix, Volta, Westinghouse, Zanker, Zanussi & Zoppas.



On all of these faults if you hear a humming noise then it could be a capacitor!


Motor power triac short-circuited.

Possible fault Motor faulty; Wiring faulty; Electronic board faulty. Machine Status/Action Cycle interrupted.


Intervention of motor overheating safety cut-out.

Possible fault Motor faulty; Intervention of motor overheating cutout; Wiring faulty; Electronic board faulty.

Machine Status/Action Power to the heater unit and reversal of the direction of rotation are interrupted. If the problem does not re-occur, the alarm is memorized and the cycle continues. If the fault persists after several attempts to supply power (about 35 min.), alarm E51 is generated.


Motor triac “sensing” circuit faulty.

Possible fault Electronic board faulty. Machine Status/Action Cycle interrupted.


Motor in-operational.

Possible fault Excessive wash load; Voltage too low; Motor/transmission system inoperative.

Machine Status/Action Cycle paused after several attempts at powering the motor.

31 Responses to “E51, E52, E53 & E54 Tumble dryer error code Electrolux, AEG & Zanussi”

  1. eric says : Reply

    hi there,

    my Electrolux 14070W washer has an error 54. In the EWM1100 repair manual I’ve read how to measure the terminals on both the logicboard as well as the motor. Turns out 2 terminal pins on the motor have a connection to ground (casing motor). There are seven pins. From left to right (bottum to top) it’s pin 5 and pin 6. These pin are attached to a light green and a dark green wire. The light green goes into the casing, the other one to the coil on the right hand side. The manual says to replace the motor if on any of the pins current is leaking.

    question: befor replacing the motor is there any thing to try first to fix it?

  2. Tjarco says : Reply

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for these wonderful tutorials. I am hoping you could help me with the following.

    A few weeks ago our Electrolux Lavatherm dryer (model 58860) stopped working and I have been trying to figure out what went wrong. After following your diagnostic video I got the machine to reveal the error code E.5E. I’ve been wandering the internet in search of an explanation as to what this E.5E code might mean, but without any luck.

    Besides the error code the follow is noteworthy. At the time when the machine stopped working there was a bit of a smell, like burning, possibly from the heater or the motor.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    • i have found this for you it might help its in Dutch:
      E5E Communicatiefout motorelektronica Leverancier bellen Elektronica vervangen
      E5E Communication error engine electronics Supplier dial electronics module
      i hope this is some help

  3. Richard Palmer says : Reply

    Hi Paul, your site has been a life saver. Our faithful Zanussi Sensor dryer has packed in with what looks like a motor fault E51 – I’ve watched your video. Now this fault has been manifesting for some time, the dryer has only staerted with a 1/4 load any more and the hum comes starts but no fault light. Anyway, yesterday the red light came on – I did an error code test and it indicates E51. Now I am assuming that its the start capacitor, I was going to replace both just in case. However, because we’ve had this fault for a couple of months do you think the motor might be borked and if so – is there a multimeter test I could do to ensure it isn’t? I’m no stranger to spanners etc and I drive a fiendishly complex 1990s Citroen XM but nothing has defeated me before this dryer but your site has changed all that. I will be ordering some parts from you and definately buying yuou a beer once I stop getting a hard time for the knackered machine!

  4. E53 electrolux says : Reply

    e53 motor triac sense fault …problem in pcb….litl problem if you have a soldering iron….small smd coresistors beetvean relays an around them have bad contact….reparing time 90min cost o.5l of good beer

  5. Mr H says : Reply

    Hi I have an AEG Lavatherm 88840 which has an LCD display instead of the model shown. How do you enter the diagnostic mode on this model to clear the error codes after replacing capacitors?


  6. ctrlz says : Reply

    Good information on E54.
    I will ask may be you have an idea – I have error code E54 on zanussi zte285. I replaced both running and starting capacitors – starting capacitor was 1.5uF instead of 6uF , I replaced it. The other is fine. Yet motor do not start. Just in case I tried another 2uF running capacitor – but nothing changed. I removed belt and wired motor directly to AC, and motor runs – tested both directions and it spins just fine . Turned shaft by hand – rotates freely. Both windings have about ~29ohm resistence too. Motor seems good. Soldered out and tested all relays – all are good.
    What else could cause E54 ? Any ideas?

  7. samantha rank says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    i found your fault finding video very useful, thanks. I have an error code E53 and so started with the replacement of the start capacitor 6uf followed by the other capacitor (won’t pretend to know what this is!) seems to be working fine for the majority of the cycle until it switches between drying mode and cooling mode when it sound like the machine is struggling to move the drum. a quick open of the door and pressing start seems to reset something and it continues onto cooling mode – i have tested all the functions using your test video and all seems to work fine but i have had an error E51 since replacing both capacitors …. any ideas? Zanussi ZDC 67550 W (is now 10 years old) thanks sam

  8. Mark says : Reply

    I’ve had this issue with my washer many times… The dreaded E51 on the whirlpool cabrio washer. I had a tech out he recommended to replace the washer. I watched all the online videos, searched forever too… Looked like it was going to cost me $500… The fix to this issue is an easy one, at least for me, at no cost, and little effort.
    1. unplug the machine
    2. slide it forward enough to see the bottom of the unit.
    3. There is a silver 1/4″ Allen wrench bolt at the bottom of the white plastic drum in the center.
    4. tighten up the bolt… righty tighty
    5. plug it back in
    6. it should pick up where the load left off
    7. add a little loctite to make it work for a longer period.


  9. mike says : Reply

    Good day everyone….issue I have an Electrolux drier Mod EDC68558W …long story short….drier stopped working completely…had a technician look at it ….did a replacement data board change…..it worked…..BUT….not really….after assembling the machine….the drier works now for one minute in all drying cycles and then stops…..the other “non” drying cycles work …the drum turns . I ran a diagnostic and got 5 red lights and 13 green lights….

    Please I must mention that I am now living in CHINA and am short of language skills…patience and above all time.

    Thank you for any feedback…………including a beer..

  10. jonathan says : Reply

    Hello Paul,
    I have a error 54 with a Zanussi z273.I checked the motor resistances , I have 21.6 ohms between 1 and 3 ,19.6 ohms between 3 and 2 and 40.4 ohms between 1 and 2.

    Is the electric motor replaced?
    What are the correct motor resistors?


  11. David says : Reply

    Hi Paul,
    good and useful videos! I hope you can help.
    I have a zanussi tumble dryer (ZDC67550W). Drum was turning with difficulty. Belt appeared alright. No error codes were being displayed (I followed the procedure described on your videos to obtain error codes). I changed both capacitors last week.
    This did not improve the situation.
    Today tumble dryer stopped completely. Lights are on as normal but drum does not turn. Went into diagnostic mode.
    In Position 3, drum does not turn and I get error code E51. I then clear the memory, and try position 4: here drum does not turn either but I get no error code at all. I clear memory, and try position 5: here, first a clicking sound, then 5 seconds pause (drum not turning), second clicking sound and error code E54 (not E51). Same in position 6 (after clearing memory). Any advice on where the fault could be and which parts to purchase?
    Thanks, David.

  12. SAMI says : Reply


  13. Dario says : Reply

    Good morning,
    I have a problem with the AEG T58840 tumble dryer which gives me error E 52, (it does not produce condensation in the lap cycle) from what it can depend and how I can solve it.



  14. Gordon says : Reply

    Firstly thank you for your videos, they are very much appreciated in these times of austerity.
    I need your advice with my Zan’ dryer. I have error code 51. I have replaced the capacitors and nothing changed with the fault. Any help would be grateful accepted!
    Thanks in advance,


  15. Gra says : Reply

    Hi, I have error code e50 on a John Lewis JLTDH17. I have replaced the capacitor, but still got e50. I looked at the the pcb and one of the chips (a triac?) is blown. Can I just replace the triac, or would someone have caused it to blow? The machine did have condensation in the display (due to the vents being blocked by cloths) and the inside of the machine was full of lint

  16. joe says : Reply


    my electrolux ewf85761 drum is not spinning, already check the error is E52.
    how can i solve it

    thank in advance

  17. Daniel says : Reply

    Thanks a lot for great instructions. Have a Electrolux edc67550w and it indicated error e54 so I switched the capacitors, but now it indicates error 51 so what would you recommend me to do now?
    Best regards

  18. Alon says : Reply

    I have AEG dryer which returns E54.
    It is starting for 2 / 3 seconds and stop.
    What can be the problem?

  19. dasun says : Reply

    error code e51 (aeg brand name)
    plz help me4

    • Adrian_P says : Reply

      Error code E51: The first time I got this code on my Zanussi WJD 1257 W I spent most of the day tinkering with it. Now I just wait for a change in the weather! In my case the cause is simply condensation. I live in an old stone cottage which remains cool throughout the year. So on a hot humid day any air that gets into the house condenses on all sorts of surfaces including the washing machine motor. If you get this error think about the weather before you do anything expensive! Even in a modern house if the weather has done a sudden switch from cold to hot/humid you might get some condensation.

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