Error fault codes for Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines

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Appearance of the control panel of the affected by error codes

Hotpoint indesit ariston washing machine panel error codes


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Technical Data on error codes and  faults Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines with these type of panels
Indesit washing machine brands (WI ..), Ariston (QA .., .. AR, AV ..) hotpoint wm,wf etc and Scholtes whose facials are shown on the left.
To order your washing machine parts you will need your full model number (This is normally around the washing machine door frame on a sticker)

Reading fault codes is interpreted in two different ways.

These fault codes are displayed in the form of a binary code and used on many popular Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit washing machine models
1-For direct display on a screen or flashing lights.Ex F11 or E11.
2-These are the interpretation of the fault codes this can be done by adding the values corresponding to the flashing lights.
The image below reveals three flashing lights. This is the control panel front or top Indesit. The values for each indicator are 1, 2 and 8. The sum of these values gives 11. Either the fault code 11: Drain pump problem.




We will always try to keep this up to date but every printed circuit board behind the control panel has its own diagnostic system so this is only a guide for you.

Merloni made washing machines (Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit) just to name a few, if there are no flashes or error code displayed but door lock LED is lit and washing machine fails to start then check door lock and associated connections .

Basic type

F10 – No cold fill. Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.

F11 – No hot fill. The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being frozen. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked.
F12 – No mixed fill. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps.
F13 – Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections.
F14 – A fault with the water heating has occurred*
F15 – Water is not being pumped out and a flood condition could occur. Check that the drainage hose is raised to the recommended minimum height and that the pipe is not blocked.
F16 – Extremely high water level. Disconnect or turn off the water supply and ensure that the water level does not rise any more*
F17 – Door not closed properly. Close door firmly at the 3 o’clock position.
F20/1 – The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect. The ambient temperature could be below freezing*
F30/31 – A motor drive problem has occurred. Try running the programme again. If the problem persist, book an engineer.
F40 – Water below protection level during a heat step*
F41 – Water level detect sequence incorrect*
F50/51 – Customer language and wash programme have not been saved. The system will run with default conditions (1000rpm max and English language)*

EVO1 Washing Machines and Washer Dryers

F01 – Short circuit motor triac*
F02 – Motor jammed tacho detached*
F03 – Wash thermistor open/short circuit*
F04 – Pressure switch jammed on empty*
F05 – Pressure switch jammed on full*
F06 – Program selector error*
F07 – Heater relay stuck*
F08 – Heater relay cannot be activated*
F09 – Incompatible eeprom*
F10 – Pressure switch not sensing correctly*
F11 – Pump cannot be activated*
F12 – Communication error*
F13 – Dryer fan or dryer thermistor faulty*
F14 – Dryer element faulty*
F15 – Dryer element relay faulty*
H20 – Not fillings. Check tap, hose and inlet valves
LOCKED – Check interlock*

EVO2 and V4 Washing Machines and Washer Dryers

F01 – Motor triac short circuit*
F02 – Motor jammed or tacho detached*
F03 – Wash thermistor open/short circuit*
F04 – Pressure switch jammed on empty*
F05 – Pressure switch jammed on full – Check pump for blockages.
F07 – Heater relay stuck*
F08 – Heater relay stuck*
F09 – Setup error*
F10 – Pressure switch not sensing*
F11 – Pump cannot be activated*
F12 – No communication between cards*
F13 – Drying thermistor open/short circuit*
F14 – Drying element faulty*
F15 – Dryer element relay fault*
F17 – Interlock error*
F18 – Communication error*
H20 – Not filling. Check tap, hose and inlet valves

Some vented Tumble Dryers

F1 – The level of required dryness has not been reached within the time period. Check that the correct programme has been selected
F2 – Thermistor or sensing circuit failure*
F3 – Heater plate over temperature. Check the filter and vent hose for a possible blockage

Some Condenser Tumble Dryers with and without lcd

F01 – Short circuit motor triac*
F02 – Motor jammed or fan blocked*
F03 – Front thermistor open/short circuit*
F04 – No pump piloting*
F05 – No feedback from the pump*
F08 – Static heater relay with contact welded closed*
F09 – Eeprom is not programmed or not functioning*
F10 – Common of heater open or one shot open*
F11 – No pump connection*
F12 – Communication error between board*
F13 – Rear thermistor open/short circuit*
F15 – Dynamic heater relay with contact welded closed*
F17 – Master relay welded closed*

29 Responses to “Error fault codes for Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines”

  1. Simon jacobs says : Reply

    Please can you advise me on flashing lights on my Ariston Aw1600wd machine
    The delay timer and rapid light are both flashing at same time. There is no other function
    Any idea what the fault could be please?

    • U. Silberg says : Reply

      I had a similar problem with my Indesit WITL106. The fault code indicated problem with electronics. I then took out the pcb and discovered that it was covered in soot from the electric motor’s coal brushes. The soot builds up inside the waching machine over time and disrupts electronics. I cleaned the pcb thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol (in a spray can) and pressurised air.

    • MikeR says : Reply

      This fault code is EEPROM configuration doesn’t match the machine it is connected to. The same controller is used for a range of machines and brands with various configurations. I replaced an Ariston a1600wd controller with one of the same part number from Ebay but was from a Hotpoint. I then had the two flashing lights mentioned. If you haven’t swapped the controller out then it is likely that a poor connection to the controller could give you this fault code (F09). Remove and re-seat each connector of controller and from panel etc. If you have got a replacement controller you need to re-program the configuration memory to match your machine. If you are interested in pursuing this I can give you more details, email me here:
      Good luck

  2. M.H.Saeidirad says : Reply

    Please can you advise me on F04 code on my Ariston Avd 140 machine.


  3. OMAR GONE says : Reply

    could you please advise me on fault A11 , Ariston dishwasher LEFA+ 8H141

  4. Steve says : Reply

    Aquarious WF540 mini load light and creasegueard lights flashing, will not pump out water.? Found some coins and a key in the bottom hose filter but still not working, this all happened after using some vinegar to descale/clean the drum, Thanks in advance

  5. Jorge Guerreiro says : Reply


    My washing machine ( indesit winxe 107 Eu with display )flashing all the time the word door. I replace the door lock for a new one, but I don t get the problem solved. When the machine was fine, we can see a red lock on display now don t saw anymore and the machine don t starts. Have you some solution for this situation.

    Thank you

  6. Stephen says : Reply

    We have a Hotpoint aquarus WF541 washing machine that looks the same as the one at the start of your YouTube Video
    The lights flashing are:
    – the top four on the left (not the fifth and bottom one)
    – the ‘Final Spin’ (the very right hand one of the top set of five)
    – On/Off.

    Are you able to fill me in on the fault, please? Thanks in advance.

    • Stephen

      I have the same problem – did you get a reply and did you sort it out?

      • Stephen says : Reply

        No, there was no help. It appears that the moderation on this site is a little on the slow side, but that’s to be expected with a ‘voluntary’ site I suppose. I’m still grateful for the YouTube video.

        However, I fixed the problem by changing the same capacitor exactly as in the YouTube video I linked. It’s not so easy getting the top lid off (another video showed where to hit it – towards the back – top dead central of the front of the lid if I remember correctly). Also it’s a lot of fiddling to get the control board out and back again when the washing machine is on the floor, and there are a large number of cables to refit. Take some photos before you remove them.

        My capacitor looked barely domed at all, although there was a lot of sooty powder about near it. I thought the adjacent components (diode etc) had fried at first, but the black powder wiped off easier with a facial tissue. Anyway, if you can solder, then it’s quite doable, and a very cheap repair. I’m guessing it’s a power supply component, and the flashing lights are saying that it is under voltage or something.

        (BTW I’m still totally in the dark as to which four LEDs out of the two sets of five LEDs you would read, and in which direction, to get a fault code for other faults.)

        Hope this helps Caroline

  7. Charles Sotubo says : Reply

    Everytime I load my indesit washing machine IWDC6105, I could hear the sound of water coming into the machine and suddenly the lights on the display panel keeps flashing with a funny noise.

    Please what do you advise I do?

    • it is very hard for me with this description to understand what the fault is it would be useful if you uploaded a video to YouTube for me to see.

      Paul Charmbury
      Appliances Engineer
      youtube facebook google+ beer
  8. Naz Ajmal says : Reply

    Iam from Norway. my washing machine is getting 08 error. What can i do to repair it my self.

  9. Daniela says : Reply

    I get the error code F05 …can I repair by myself?

  10. Tom Pardoe says : Reply

    I have an Ariston a1600wd. The element recently died and was replaced by a local technician (sorry if wrong title). A few washes later and if my maths is right, it’s started throwing a 13 error. Am I right thinking this is a heat sensor problem? The machine seems to get as far as the dry cycle then stops before doing it.

  11. Hassan says : Reply

    Can you please advise me on Code F15 ?
    I have Aristotle dish washer machine model LFD11M121

  12. Zahir says : Reply

    My washer and dryer, stop suddenly and when it work , all LEDs were flashing and F18 appeare

  13. ASHRAF says : Reply

    If somebody has a course in repairing washer cards
    Please contact me

    Greetings for all

  14. morteza says : Reply

    what is the error F18 in Ariston washingmashine?what should I do to solve problem?

  15. Wayne says : Reply

    Hi. My Ariston AQXXF121 shows F05 code. Have checked filter. Nothing in there. It happens only on half loads.

  16. Debra says : Reply

    I have a Aniston washer and it’s flashing f2 can any plz tell me that that means thank you

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