F06 or F17 Error Code – Hotpoint Indesit Washing Machine Recall – Fire Risk Contact

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This video will show you how to fix F06 and F17 error codes on Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines.
If you need to check if your Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine has been Recalled here is the link: https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.co.uk

A lot of Hotpoint Indesit some Creda and Ariston washing machines were recalled due to faults with the door interlocks and the wiring harness that goes to the printed circuit board, Although these were a fire risk a lot of these machines are repairable with the new modified door lock It is highly recommended that the manufacturer Or a qualified engineer does the work as they are all covered under the guarantee scheme.  this video will show you how to replace a door lock  but if there is any sign of  burning on the electrical plug Then it should be always replaced by the manufacturer

Check if your machine is in the recall program

if door doesn't open, remove plinth

peel back door seal and detach interlock

turn on, select program and press start

use the pull cord to open the machine

unplug door lock from the wires connector

error code F17 shows up

pull cord and door at same time

replace interlock, put seal and retainer back on

error code F06 shows up

remove spring that secures the door seal

put plinth back in place

Use your full model number to find the right door lock for your washing machine

Hotpoint Indesit model numbers look like this

Search using your full model as in the label


2 Responses to “F06 or F17 Error Code – Hotpoint Indesit Washing Machine Recall – Fire Risk Contact”

  1. Michelle says : Reply

    Hi F06 flashing changed inner door lock machine works for a week then F06 flashing again help

  2. Michelle says : Reply

    F06 flashing got inner door lock changed worked for a week then F06 flashing again help

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