F18 F03 Bosch Washing machine not draining or emptying. Neff, Siemens, Balay, Constructa

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This video will show you how to replace a washing machine pump and test it. This video Can be used on Bosch Neff or Siemens washing machines and other Bosch manufactured machines.
it is important to understand what is not working before you go replacing components. follow the steps below to find the fault. You may have an error code F18 or F03 these are all Pump related.



you may have an error code F18 or F03  these are all Pump-related If your washing machine is not draining or emptying there are basically 5 things to check.

  1. Check the pump filter for items like screws, coins hair clips ETC.
  2. Check sump hose, waste hose, and sink fittings for blockages.
  3. Test the pump that it's rotating and electrics are good.
  4. Sometimes the impeller in the pump can be damaged as in this video.
  5. Check the power is getting to the pump.
    always worth putting the machine after repairing on a boil wash to clean the drum if you have hard water, it is worth descaling if you cee a lot of calcium build-up.

Check if pump is working and check sink fittings

Remove door seal band and peel seal off

remove wiring harness of panel

you can separate a pump from its housing

remove the clothes, use emergency door release

Remove door lock from panel

Remove pump

finding the id label to get model to order new pump

Drain down washing machine before working on it

Remove front pane screws

inspect sump hose

Fit new sump hose and pump

Remove the kick strip to gain access

inspect the filter for any coins screws etc

Remove bra wire, coins, screws from pump & hoses

Test new pump works and check for leaks

Use your full model number to find the right pump for your washing machine

Bosch Neff, Siemens, Balay, Constructa model numbers or ERN numbers look like this

Search with full model number please

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