QUESTION – Everything in my Hotpoint oven comes out undercooked. For instance, frozen pizza, instructions say bake 18-20 minutes at 220 degrees. I let oven preheat thoroughly to 220 degrees (I wait about 10 minutes just to be sure), cook for 20 minutes on center of lower rack. The side of the pizza that was closer to the rear of the oven is visible slightly more cooked, but in general the cheese has melted etc. Yet biting into the pizza, parts are not warm

Question – My oven Hotpoint, is burning all the time my food i try setting different levels of temperature but seems to me that is working in the higher level of temperature burning always the food.

hello. Months ago the digital display that control timer stopped working however the oven continued to work so never bothered. However I had a power cut and since then oven wont heat up. I read if you do something with the timer it would work again. Can you help?

I tried to take out the whole light fitting to change the bulb (even though it doesn’t look like the bulb has blown) and now the fixture is loose so I think it needs replacing too. The strange thing is that both bulbs stopped working at the same time. I can’t see where the switch or transformer are in case the issue is with them.

Hygena app2440 no lights working

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the lights do not work but the bulbs are good

Hi Paul Many thanks for getting back to me concerning the part I need in order to replace the halogen light fitting on my Hotpoint Cooker Hood. I will purchase this through your good self of course! In answer to your question as to what bulb I need, it’s a 20 watt 12V G4 bulb if this is of any help. Does this come with the lamp fitting or do I need to purchase these separately from you? In deed do you have in stock? If so what is the price as I will probably purchase a couple from you in order to have some spare. Look forward to your reply and thanks for your help thus far.

Kind regards


Hi, wished I had seen your video before pulling out entire lamp holder whilst attempting to remove blown bulb. I prised the entire unit out to check what bulb I needed and now it wont fit back properly. What part do I need as well as needing new bulb?
Thank you, Keith

hi paul,my oven fan humes but the flywheel will not has also started to trip the rcd on the electrics now.i would say its the fan gone but i would appreciate your advive


I have just replaced one of the bulbs in this cooker hood, using your excellent online instructions. To do so I had to remove the glass which covers the bulb and I notice it is broken. Would it be possible to get a replacement. It is a circular piece of glass of small diameter.



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