Hello _ I think we have defined that the issue is the selector switch but `I cannot work out how to remove it from the fascia without damaging the fascia in the process. There aren’t screws as shown in one utube video. Im sorry but i only just found you on yourtube and had already bought my part from elsewhere. Can you help me with the removal of the switch. Is it a s special tool or a technique? with gratitude – Imogen

my oven has stopped heating could you supply the element

Basically the rubber seal is going – the serial number is nowhere to be found and the guys here in france say there is nothing I can do!! I can give measurements of the knackered one, I can use an approved ‘universal’ one if need be – I just need to find a solution – the oven is only 3 years old! Once I find a solution happy to buy half a dozen!!

Hi, I saw you video, very good one. My home oven switch replaced but i forgotten to take wiring picture, so now some functions are not working, could u kindly send wiring diagram pls. thank you

The grill hits up but it shows curves and cracks so I want to change it to prevent more serious damage. Could you tell me how to do that and what’s the code to buy a new grill? Thank you very much,

I accidentally hit the front of the oven and the front glass of the door has smashed. I still have the handle but the front glass needs replacing

When I remove the connections it does trip. Your video helped! Shorting to earth?
There is a code stamped into element IRCA 0348R796
Can send image…
Element has only 2 connections and there are no screws just 2 wire clips and pulls out.

big oven does not work and selector switch seems damaged (we followed your great tutorial). we found a number 5C1 158R4717 but are not so sure. This switch has been changed last year by a company. But we want to try to do alone this time. please help

Hi! I have recently subscribed to your channel due to your incredibly helpful advice on removing and repairing oven doors. Having removed mine, I see the problem is that the brackets holding the inner door to the glass fascia at the base of the inner door have snapped and I have had no luck trying to find replacements. I wonder if you have any idea if these can be replaced, and where to get them from? Many thanks, Sarah

No heat in the oven. tripped the electricity