We put the oven up to Max but it’s just not getting up to the maximum temperature.

when cooking a roast the oven over heats cuts out the after some time comes back on but then it over heats and cuts then comes back on after some time as iff its cooling down

I have replaced the oven thermostat and the fan element. The bottom element is working.When it is switched on, the neon stays lit for about 3 minutes then goes off. It comes on and off again at intervals but the oven takes about 3/4 hour to get to 150 degrees. What other parts can I change ? I am aware that it could be the selector switch but can’t find out if there are any other safety devices/cut outs built in. If you can identify the part, could you tell me where to source it (preferably with a part number) please?

Fan oven not heating up,fan is working,light is coming on.Have removed the element and tested it and it is working. Is there an internal fuse?



the heating element on my Creda oven just split.It was tripping the main fuse in the fuse box.

Now the element that was in the oven has 5 little connectors and the 2 holes on the bracket did not align up, only one screw was put in. The di

So by looking on your website I was wondering , should I buy the element H2RCSP02800014 , the one with 3 connectors?

Because it looks like tho one in your video, and the oven has only 3 connectors.And maybe the doles will align this time.

Thank you for your help and your time.


Tony C

Hi Paul, an element I replaced has subsequently blown, when I was pulling out the element, two of the connecting wires came free and are now inaccessible behind the back plate that supports the fan (The plate at the very back of the oven.) I am happy I can remove the fan and plate to gain access to the wires but I am unsure in what sequence I should re- attach the wires to the element, can you help please?

Hi watched the video on replacing the fan element .
My issue is a noisy fan .

Trips the circuit when power is switched on at wall, before even turing oven on, no clock light. etc. Cooker is second hand but has been working for a year since electrician wired it in. Any help gratefully received.

I have the part required and a qualified electrician to replace it for free for me (I cant afford a shop repair) but he asked me to look into a user guide to find out what panel needs to be removed to replace it? can it be done from inside? or does he have to remove the rear panel? any advice would be brilliant, thank you

I’ve just sent a message to you asking for assistance, but there’s no indication that it actually got submitted.

Kindly advise if received or not.