Hi, got a Bosch dishwasher model SCV53E03GB/74 that doesn’t fill and is constantly emptying out. I poured water in machine and motor works then it empties out but doesn’t fill. Checked solenoid on inlet aqua pipe and it clicks. No water in bottom of machine and checked micro switch for floats and it has resistance when living floats. Is the water jug the problem. Thanks regards Dean.

After initial filling cycle the machine stops and the start light goes off and the salt and rinse aid lights start flashing.The 2 orange lights for wash and dry cycle are permanently on at this point.The machine stops working.

Hi I have a Indesit dishwasher IDV60B which is sticking in the program and the water is not heating I think. Can you help me repair this.

sticks in long wash and rinse modes

Hi, I’ve checked the filter, which is clean. Nothing around the impeller. I’ve also cleared the drainage pipe. There was a little blockage in there but thats cleared now. Machine still filling and draining! I’m thinking I require a new Impeller jug after watching your video, What do you think. Dishwasher has been in store for a year but had hardly been used. It has been transported a couple of times.

I have replaced the aquastop hose. While the side panel was off I checked the float chambers for free movement and dirt and overflow. All OK. Machine drains OK when I manually fill and do reset.

Indesit IDL 500 Error code 3

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Pump stops after 20 mins approx. Used Vax to clear pump via :-
1 removing filters etc, from drain.
2. Applying Vax to outlet pipe before U bend
3.Cchecked outlet pipe – clear

I’m assuming the pump has failed. For the time being I am running a second and third “start” to complete a wash cycle.
So it seems I need the pump part number. and price.
My son and I will review your Video to see if we think it worth the trouble of carrying out the fix.
Great videos by the way
Phil Bird

What is this error code and what can i do for this


Will not complete cycle trips ecu can reset but soon trips again.
How to remove top and s8des

my dishwasher is not heating I suspect it may be the elements by any chance if you go to the video that I could use for changing this also I’ve included my model number would it be possible for you to send me a link for the correct part