led code F15, on our dishwasher only had it 3 months?
British Forces posted in Germany so cannot get UK support? Any guidance appreciayed

Pump keeps running water constantly trying to fill water light flashing

I think that calcium has affected the water pressure on the inlet filter and the spray arms won’t turn. The fault is intermittent though..I have removed the filter and cleaned the nozzle, but need to open it up.to unblock it completely. Can this be done on this model?

H, if i I switch dishwasher on and it does the 3/5 cycles for emptying old water then starts the fill cycle about 30secs into and check water light comes on and after couple mins it pumps water out and repeats this cycle



Say we put it on C1,it will then only go halfway around on the turn knob and just sit there until we turn it off,any help would be very much appreciated,if a part is needed we would be more than willing to buy from you,of course if it doesn’t cost more that the washer is worth. 😉

in between successful cycles, the unit inside fills slowly over 12 hours with clean water about 1-2 cm high. Is this a faulty water inlet valve issue?
Do you carry the part?

Dishwasher still makes a noise but light 1 is now flashing and it will drain but won’t bring water in.

Doesn’t matter what program we chose, after a few seconds after you start it, the check water sign is on( not flashing). For a while if you stoped it and then turn it on, it worked ok but now has stoped working all together. The last time has sucked the water but it didn’t pumped it out. The evacuation pipe is clean. The water in the dishwasher is clean an the matrix looks clean. Please help me.

Hi Paul
This BALAY dishwasher was bought and installed in Portugal.
Had a problem with it not filling. So I changed the inlet valve. Machine filled once then after the first pump out did not refill to rinse. Machine now does not fill again and only a buzzing noise is heard as the timer clicks on without anything happening. Any ideas? I have contacted BALAY Portugal but they only sent me the spares diagram.

At the end of washing cycle on the display appears error 3 and the dishwasher stops working, at the bottom of the dishwasher remains dishwater.
Could you help me to identify the problem?

Thank you