Machine will not start at all , cannot find any reference to a D5 fault code as opposed to the normal E codes.
Can you help please.

I’ve watched some of your videos, does the same heater do the heating for the wash cycle and the heating to dry the dishes?

Can you please offer any advise and any spare parts I might need?


1st time on eco wash drain pump on for approx. 30 seconds then on/off button flashes with lights 1&3 on .Turned off at main.
2nd time tried cycle 3 same as 1st time this time lights 1&2.
3rd time same but light 1on but machine will not turn off drain pump on continuous even with no water to pump.
Each time I poured water into machine with jug to make sure drain not blocked.
Have you any ideas please.

I’ve watched your video on diagnosing error codes but the layout of the LEDs on this done seem the same as what you discribed. The drying led is solid green, the start/pause led is solid amber and the low salt led is flashing red. Please can you help to diagnose and fix? Thank you


draining correctly but when it starts filling water it doesn’t stop

Hi Paul,
it has code E27. however i tried plugging into various other power point but still same problem. machine is on and i can press any cycle , all prompts still works like normal but machine wont start.
please help.
Thank you.

It fills and empties correctly but it’s not washing the plates as the water jets are not spinning or spraying.

I am looking to order flow meter for this issue after watching your youtube video. Hopefully it will fix the issue.
If this does not work, what other possibilities could make the check water light stays on.
I may aswell check other possibilities while i have the machine opened.
I actually took the machine out to throw away until i saw your youtube video.

bosch sgs45c02gb/06 will the flow meter 0424099 above fit my dishwasher please. also do you know how to get the fill chamber/martix/bladder off to clean them?