In the picture above, on the bottom left corner of the red/black box in the centre of the image, (with the play button in) there is a right angled elbow. Mine is leaking. Can you tell me what this is called so I can find a new seal for it please…. This is the only machine I can find on you tube that looks like this.
It is A bosche SL15N1B or SG145E16GB/29


On/off, salt/rinse aid leds flashing, washing led steady on, drying led off, end led on, start/pause off.

Can you help please?

When I turn it on it beeps then sounds like it is filling, when I go back 5-10 minutes later the 1st button and 3rd button are both lit up and the machine is no longer working

My dishwasher will start and fill with water, but won’t actually start the cycle. I have watched a video you did to service the machine. But cannot find a float by the filters.
The lights it flashes are the rinse, salt, wash and end.
Only light not flashing is dry.

Starts goes through cycle but after a couple of mins in stops, drains and flashing lights

When you start it makes like it’s going to work then stops

Machine will not start at all , cannot find any reference to a D5 fault code as opposed to the normal E codes.
Can you help please.

I’ve watched some of your videos, does the same heater do the heating for the wash cycle and the heating to dry the dishes?

Can you please offer any advise and any spare parts I might need?


1st time on eco wash drain pump on for approx. 30 seconds then on/off button flashes with lights 1&3 on .Turned off at main.
2nd time tried cycle 3 same as 1st time this time lights 1&2.
3rd time same but light 1on but machine will not turn off drain pump on continuous even with no water to pump.
Each time I poured water into machine with jug to make sure drain not blocked.
Have you any ideas please.

I’ve watched your video on diagnosing error codes but the layout of the LEDs on this done seem the same as what you discribed. The drying led is solid green, the start/pause led is solid amber and the low salt led is flashing red. Please can you help to diagnose and fix? Thank you