Bosch Dishwasher: SuperSilence Shows E24 in display. Can you tell what caused this please? How can I fix it?Arne     Paul answers     Hi Arne It looks like you have a blockage or a faulty pump. See related videos below. i will need your model number to be able to help you  

Neff S5443X2 GB/44 faulty pump

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so a quick question for the guru – drain pump resistance 300 ohms and needs a flick to run – fecked ?? its a 10 year old neff is it worth it ? cheersMark Gaskell     Paul answers     Hi Mark  hi mark there are two pumps in the machine main motor pump

I Have a Bosch Dishwasher SMS69L09uk/15. It has intermittently not been filling or more so not emptying usual fault code e 25 and “check water” light on. At the moment on a short wash it will fill and empty. On long wash it stops before cycle has finished with “end” and e25 and “check water”

Bosch SMS69L12GB/18Hi Paul, we have an E21 error and i need help stripping machine have you got a diagram to help please? I have a Bosch SMS69L12GB/18 dishwasher and when i have found the problem i will need to know which part to order.   Paul     Paul answers   Bosch SMS69L12GB/18 spare parts Please

Hi Paul, please could you assist me? I have a Bosch SMV53M00GB/01 and need to know which part to order. The fault is this  an integrated bosch SMV53M00GB/21. After pressing start it runs the pump and empties any water (I’ve added water to check the pump is working and it is) – it then sounds

Hi There Please assist me…Our dishwasher does not filling up with water and then it does not star the cycle. I can hear it is trying to fill but it then stop and give 1 flash every time. it fills up with little water. I turned it 45 degrees backwards some water ran out but

Hi there, fantastic website! I’m having trouble with my Seimens dishwasher. Model SE64E330GB/32. I went to turn the machine on, led’s weren’t lighting up on the control panel. Removed casings, power was going to control module. Opened module and found a burned looking track on the board, so I replaced it. Machine was then turning

Hi Paul, just watched your excellent YouTube video on replacing a pump in a Bosch dishwasher to guide me stripping down ours. I wonder if you can help, our Bosch SMS69L02GB/07 dishwasher has no error codes and washes with cold water, empties OK but doesn’t dry, it appears that there is no heat. Assuming it’s

Our Siemens dishwasher wasn’t draining so I changed the drain pump for new one from Siemens but the dishwasher is not starting. I can hear a hum sound but no water is coming in. Model number is SE 64630GB/13. Any advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Drain hose seems fine. Is there a

Bosch Dishwasher SMS40C12GB/18 Hi Paul, am getting an error code E15 on said m/c, i understand it’s the float mechanism at the base of the machine, do i have to remove the base to get access to this area, or can i get access to it via your tutorial for removing or replacing pump, if