Fridge running all the time and icing up.

is that worth changing defrost control unit, or point me onto another direction. thanks john.

The fridge is not cold at all and the freezer is around 3 degrees Celsius. It used to be a bit noisier intermittently but now has a constant low level hum.

The fridge compartment has not been cooling fully.

Following your video’s I tested the thermister’s and they were ok. I also check the resistance of the heating element and there is no continuity.
I suspect the heating element is faulty and have removed it.
With the evaporator fully defrosted the fridge is once again cool, but I suspect that without a heater it is just a temporary fix.

The heating element has the following part number


Is this a part you can supply?




Freezer section not freezing and error A2 appears.


Turn off and let warm up. Then restarted fine. After 12 hours warmed up again.

I installed one Elitech STC 1000, but I do not know where it is best to mount the temperature sensor.
I initially mounted it on the right side wall, but as soon as I open the door, warm air, warm air goes inside and give the startup command.

i have used your brilliant videos to help me check the the NTS sensors and the thermal fuse, which are all fine. There is infinite resistance to the defrost element. I need to purchase a new defrost element for my fridge. Do you have one in stock?
thanks for all your help.

I have had problems with my Samsung RS267lash Fridge over freezing and causing inside middle vent hole and fan to eventually freeze to point of no airflow , then fan grinding eventually to a halt from being frozen.
When I force the fridge into defrost mode, it does not seem to melt the ice either.
*Theoretically, if I force it into Defrost mode, the heating elements should come on and should be able to test 110V Correct?

Don’t think it’s a bad Defrost heating element , last time I checked this it showed 96 ohms
Defrost sensor (yellow) was +- 2K at Room temperature.
Thermal fuse (Red black /w white foam) = 0 ohms

Not sure what to do now.

the cooler section stopped working – and became warm. We thought it might be the fan which has frozen and so we defrosted the appliance overnight. There was a lot of ice! now the alarm is going and I wonder what the correct temperature is to set it.??