How to find faults and repair a Bosch kgu34665gb/01 Fridge Freezer Bosch kgu34665gb/01 Silver Fridge Freezer     Bosch Fridge Freezer Spare Parts       This article will show you how a Bosch kgu34665gb/01 Fridge Freezer. We will be looking at the cycle of the fridge over a few days with our graphing system

  Hi Julie In general if you do not know the make of your fridge freezer I would always fit the lower wattage as this creates less heat in the fridge about 15 watt should be fine. Here is the Fridge freezer bulbs and lamps

My Fridge freezer is not getting cold in the fridge, have you any ideas what could be the problem, Mahmud Hi Mahmud there is a few things you need to check first, if you have a frost free type Fridge Freezer it might be the auto defrost system that is not working correctly, try defrosting