Hello there (not sure if your name is Paul)
First of all I would like to thank you for taking your time to share these tutorials and all the help you are providing. You are surely helping a lot of people and I find it a very kind and caring gesture to taking all this time.
My problem is on a small fridge with a freezing top compartment. The problem seems to be a very common one on fridges apparently…the dreaded clicking every few seconds with compressor not running.
I have tested the compressor with a multimeter and the values seem to be all good, condluding in a way that the compressor is still fine. I checked the starter relay and although it seemed to be giving good results on my multimeter parts of the housing broke off and I noticed some age related corrosion on the contacts inside. So I purchased what seems to be the same rating relay…however the problem remains the same.
I have checked the overload sensor to see what is happening during this process and noticed that on the inside it turns red-hot just before it clicks.
The last thing I checked was for any humming in the compressor, and it does seem to have a very low hum, which means that it is trying to start.
I am a bit lost now. As illogical as it might seem I am thinking I might have the wrong rated relay (I tried another with a bigger rating but didn’t solve the problem). If the relay is good than, as illogical as it may seem the compressor must have something wrong.
So….I am now reverting to your kind help. Is there anything I am missing or that I can check before I see if it’s worth installing a new compressor and the labour it might cot to refill with gas, or purchase a new fridge, please?
The model details are: Zanussi, model: DR 50/2 /A. Type B 23230 X. Capacity 140l. Gas R 12 0.08Kg. 90W/0.7A. Class N.
Many many thanks in advance!

here is my PNC- 925699704 TYPE- B256996 i need a new defrost heater for this please

Hi there
Thanks for your video on YouTube.
My Indesit Freeze freezer working but freeze not cooling.
I clean the ice was builded 40 days a go then it was cooling fine Now it is not cooling again.
I checked the ice build up I saw lots of ice cleaned again now seem to me working but not like its should do.
If you thing thurmostar is needed to be release how much and how I can get it please.
If you kindly let me know I will be appreciated to you.
Again you guys are wonderful because if you did not put your video on demand YouTube I will never knew.
Thanks for your kind help


Fridge is frequently starting to ice up. I think it’s the thermostat. I’ve taken photos, but have no where here to upload them.

Fridge running all the time and icing up.

is that worth changing defrost control unit, or point me onto another direction. thanks john.

The fridge is not cold at all and the freezer is around 3 degrees Celsius. It used to be a bit noisier intermittently but now has a constant low level hum.

The fridge compartment has not been cooling fully.

Following your video’s I tested the thermister’s and they were ok. I also check the resistance of the heating element and there is no continuity.
I suspect the heating element is faulty and have removed it.
With the evaporator fully defrosted the fridge is once again cool, but I suspect that without a heater it is just a temporary fix.

The heating element has the following part number


Is this a part you can supply?




Freezer section not freezing and error A2 appears.


Turn off and let warm up. Then restarted fine. After 12 hours warmed up again.