Electrolux EUF2744AOX Internal Ice

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EUF2744AOX Spare parts

This is a 7 compartment frost free freezer. Recently, it has started to get a large build up of ice inside. I have emptied, cleaned and defrosted, but ice returns after a few months.
Is it something that can be fixed, or better to buy a new freezer? I am in Santa Barbara de Nexe, Faro.

I have recently purchased the above integrated fridge freezer second hand on eBay but it does not have the door fitting brackets. I need brackets and hanging nuts for both doors and some small L brackets to support the lower part of the door. Can you provide these parts for me? I have sent a message on eBay but got no reply so trying your website direct. Thanks

daughter left the freezer door open overnight and everything defrosted. the display showed -24 and 4 degrees. a mains restart showed 16 and 18 degrees. the unit then fired up and got to required temps. then it stopped , no compressor noise and began to warm up. another mains reboot ans a panel reset and the compressor kicked in until temp was reached now its stopped again and warming up. help

At the bottom of the fridge the temperature is cycling between 5C and -2C. There are between 3 and 4 cycles per 24 hours. There is a short rapid rise of 4C that becomes a longer gradual increase. We bought an Elitech temperature logger to investigate the problems and I have log files if you need them. Thanks Steve

Hi There, My undercounter Whirlpool fridge is over 25 years old & I am struggling to find a replacement thermostat. Are you able to supply one or is it possible to fit an electronic thermostat as a replacement? If so, could you let me have details of a suitable one.

Replaced the thermostat but still freezing fridge contents. Cause & remedy plz?

Hi, The freezer compartment was frozen up then the fridge stopped working. After defrosting the freezer it appears that both compartments were not working but the build up of frost hid the freezer issue. The starting device had brown staining to the housing. I have replaced this but there is no noise from the compressor or anything else. One thing of note though, the rear of the fridge gets warm around the drain hole, this is clear of debris. Can you help please.

i have checked:
air flap actuating OK, fan operating Ok, defrosting element ok
do you have NTC for this model?

Hi, my John Lewis JLFFW2005 Fridge Freezer is cold on the freezer compartment but warm on the fridge compartment. If I turn it off overnight, the evaporation tray gets full, I empty it and plug the fridge freezer back on. It works for 6 to 7 days then same thing again.
Do I need new appliance or can I fix this or get it fixed?

Good evening Paul hope you are keeping well and your family.
I am looking to see if you have fitting instructions on how to change led on a beko fridge.. It looks like a small flat screwdriver to press it out and new one looks like a push fitting, however this one seems to be very tight. I don’t want to damage it. Any removal instructions would be appreciated.