AEG T65170AV Tumble dryer Not heating

Wednesday, 16 November 2022 by

Prod No: 916095259

Drier, not heating, thought it may be element so purchased a replacement via yourselves and followed the tutorial on replacing the part. The new element seemed to work for a couple of wash loads then failed. Spoke with Paul who got me to check the elements and thermostats on the element block. These all tested fine on ohm meter. Elements appear to be fine / heat goes to the drum area when I run machine on diagnostic. Can you assist me here please. I may need to buy another part if required. If you need further info, please get in touch. Thanks & Regards

Following your advice on some of your videos, I have determined that the issue with my tumble dryer is the capacitor. I have ordered and received a oem capacitor. The issue I now have is finding where the capacitor is on the dryer. I have taken the side and back panels off, but cannot locate the capacitor. It is not near the motor which is where I expected it to be. I have a feeling it might be at the top of the machine (there is a metal panel on the top right hand corner when looking from the front of the dryer) and I can see what looks similar to a capacitor. I can’t figure out how to get at it though, wondered if you have come across this or can offer some advice?


Hi Paul,
Can you please provide assistance, my tumble dryer is turns on and spins but does not heat up. I have opened it up and checked the heater, it has one thermostat which has tested ok for continuity, the heating coils look intact but I am unable to disconnect the cable to check continuity.

Can you tell me if this appliance has more than 1 thermostat if so where it may be located as I could not find anymore.
Also could it be the circuit board?

Thank you in advance.


Checked two rear thermostats and front thermistor as per your vid, all ok. Trying to follow the vid to check the heater, but your commentary seems to be different to the coloured wired wires you actually have your meter checking between. What colours should I be checking between and if it is faulty, what will my meter show?

Hi there,
A tumble tumble dryer I bought to fix was having tripping issues after a few hours use. Found condensation building up in the rear heater housing at the bottom and the air circulation impeller was flicking it up onto the heater unit causing it to trip off the circuit. Stripped down dryer and inspected all air ducts, tested sensors, cleaned condenser everything I could think of plus what’s recommended online. Got it back together and was working a treat, but after a few hours water had built up again in the rear heater housing at the back and at a loss really. Rooms not hot or cold as I know this can effect condenser dryers and it’s ventilated well.
Any advice or something I’ve not thought of?
Many Thanks

Following the guidance in the video I have tried many times to enter diagnostic mode but no luck. I notice the machine in the video is a JLTDH14 but the controls look identical except that on start up it always selects the “Cupboard Dry” option. Is it a difference button combination required for the JLTDH18?
Thanks in advance.

I have recently moved to Australia and since my household goods have arrived the tumble dryer just does not seem to be drying efficiently.

I have a humming noise in my tumble dryer is not starting can you help.

my wife was told me that the tumble dryer is now no longer heating. she did say some weird flashing lights came up, but when I asked her, she could not remember the sequence so I do not know what the error code is.

My Beko heat pumped tumble dryer has stopped condensing the water from the circulated air. It does heat up, but the clothes take so much longer to dry.
The water no longer collects in the container, but slowly condenses by the evaporator filter and drips on the floor. I have tested the water pump and that works fine.
As the compressor produces both the heat for the drum and the cold for the condenser, and it is heating up, would it be a good guess that it has leaked its refrigerant?
I have stripped it down to check for fluff blockages, but it is all very clean.