Thermostat on heater is open circuit. Is it or an equivalent available separately from the heater ? Identification on the thermostat is 36fxe24 20226 l140c a1733. Thanks !
sorry should have included this – it’s a zanussi lindo300, type TC09H65HW, prod no 91609737900, s/n 74518557

The dryer runs for about 30 seconds then stops and all the lights flash. The display is not digital so i don’t know the error code to know what part i need to buy.

starts for a minute then stops all lights on panel flash and machine beeps

The water tray was full, I emptied it but when I went to put back on it kept tripping electrics. I pulled machine out and there was water all at the back, tilted the dryer and lots and lots more water came out the bottom, I’ve let it dry out, tried it again but it keeps tripping still.

Sometimes it stop after only a few minutes…..
The pump works-the compression starts…
it seems to be okay everything I checked…. it’s 100 % cleaning inside I have seen your videos on YouTube…
I think it’s possible problem with the humidity sensor…? How can I see if it is working…? Can it be the reason why it stops and thinks it dry maybe….

I don’t know how to put my model on test mode ( service mode ) as shown on your YouTube video…. my machine is 90 % the same but it’s not with buttons… it’s with touch screen buttons… can I send you pictures of the machine?

Best regards Jacob

Hoover VHV 781c not heting

I’ve changed the heater as error code E08 on hoover site said faulty sensor and I have to buy the heater unit. Wish Id seen your videos first. The relay on your site says 24v dc is this ok for me as mine says 12v?
Thank you


The tumble dryer wasn’t producing heat so i stripped it down to find some wire on the compressor corroded and not connected to one of the terminals. I cleaned everything up and replaced the connectors but it’s stil not producing heat. I have also checked the capacitors and they are fine. I also checked the two NTC sensors and they are ok as well. Do you have any suggestions pleae?



This dry runs for a few seconds then stops and showing the water light what part will I need for this
Possible sensor switch

Hoover DX C10DE-80 error codes

Thursday, 14 March 2019 by

Please can you tell me the fault codes on my DYNAMIC NEXT DX C10DE-80