Every time I start the dryer and turn for the program that I want it tells me E21

When switching the dryer on it runs for around ten minutes then stops rotating, bleeps and the empty water light comes on.
I believe from your video that the fault may well be the pump/float assembly.
Can you advise of the cost of this replacement part and estimated delivery time to
UK mainland please?
If you could respond via email please I’d appreciate it, thanks again.

Hello the drum on the tumble dryer not turning its heating and I can hear the motor

Cuts out after a few minutes

As per your videos I have checked the thermostats and heater, checked NTC sensor and reading drops as it gets warmer, can’t remember figures though and finally cleaned fluff out

Pnc number 91609616904
Belt recently broke and was replaced. We have had “buzzing” and failing to start for approx 6 months with a heavy load.

Now there is no buzz and nothing happens.

In Diagnostic mode using mode 3 I get the pump briefly running and a click then error code 51.

I took the PCB put and checked it over. Nothing obviously wrong with a visible check.

I put it partly back together to test and it worked.

I put it all back to together and it did not work.

After a day of checking, re-soldering connections, checking tracks etc I have not got it to work again.

I suspect the start capacitor is failing and maybe that has damaged the PCB in some way.

Any advice as to what to replace first would be greatly appreciated.

I was going to try to find someone to test the PCB and I was going to replace the capacitors.

Thanks and your videos are great. Especially as many of them feature the exact same model as mine!

Do you have any second PCB boards for sale? PCB is made by Bitron 40006187

Will run for 30 mins then stops. Clothes seem no dryer. Error E 60. Have cleaned condenser and filter. Tank empty.

Hello! I have a dryer from Privileg with the Circuit board LP 712236 – exactly like the one you showed here in your video: https://www.how-to-repair.com/help/printed-circuit-board-repairs-for-tumble-dryers-aeg-electrolux-zanussi-etc/ . I checked the relays on it and one seems to be broken… no “clack” when I tested it with 9V. All others are fine. The white relays are specified with SHC SRE303012. Do you know what relay to buy to replace them? I can’t find the exact same anymore….

With greetings from Germany,

front panel lights up press start flashes red not starting pnc number 91609737900