Hoover DX C10DE-80 error codes

Thursday, 14 March 2019 by

Please can you tell me the fault codes on my DYNAMIC NEXT DX C10DE-80


It spins but after a short while beeps and all the lights flash on the front panel. Not had this long and I always remove the fluff from the front before use. Any ideas of what I can look at.

i think I need a pump & the float please can you send me the link to order. Thankyou

I think the heater relay is at fault on the board . The relay has hf115f on it

Also has 012-1h3a(335)

good evening my Hoover tumble dryer is not heating I have checked the element and found that it’s burnt out, I’m also thinking of replacing the back bearing and I can also see some damage to the rear seal on the machine could you please help me, I have included my model number 31100561 – VHC 580NC-80

tested elements and thermo devices, all look ok, price needed for timer as discussed. Thanks

I need the thermostat on the left hand side of the Heater Element.

Machine functioning but only cold air.

I have changed heater elements and mother board still can’t solve it