Digital lights flashing Displaying error code 15, dryer still working

Hi-my tumble dryer has the fault described above: all lights flashing and then it stops. I suspect it is the heating element(s). How much would it cost me to fix it all in? – Thanks

Wife used it, worked fine, next time just completely dead. PCB712529-02. I am an engineer, can read schematics, should be able to repair this if I can follow the circuit from power supply onwards, would be nice to get the schematic / circuit diagram. Can you help please? Regards

iv cleaned all filters but still not working

Hi please can you help ive been watching your videos now for past 2 weeks as i have a hoover condenser dryer that has stopped working but it hums still. Its been playing up for a while now but its only 3 years old and only used every 2 weeks so done hardly any work.up to now i have been turning the drum with clothes in so they have been sitting high to the right as thats been the only way to get the drum going but now it does nothing but hum. I have taken the top off and switched on and then just gave the drum a little help and its ok and on stopping i help again and off it goes so i think its the capacitor. I have now removed all the front apart from bottom part. i can see the capacitor but i scared to remove as it says you can get shock. i dont really want to remove the drum i can undo the capacitor easy for removal but can i touch the main casing of the capacitor is it just the connections you must not touch and can it be discharged with connections on please help

Hello! I have tested the two thermostats at the back and the sensor at the front (according to your excellent video) and they seem OK. How can I tell if the problem is with the circuit board? The machine is eight years old but hasn’t had a lot of use.

5 minutes in all the lights will start flashing and an alarm will go off aswell

Hi I’ve used many of your tutorials on YouTube with much success. However I cannot resolve the problem with the above dryer. I have replaced the door interlock switch and confirmed the start switch is good, I’ve also tried giving the motor a start by pushing the drum ( to rule out the motor capacitor) to no avail. When I push the start switch I can hear the door interlock latching which wasn’t happening before hence why this was changed but still dryer not starting can you suggest any other checks I can do. Cheers George

No heat when switched on

Followed your video to replace 7uf capacitor but fault persists with a burning smell.