Hotpoint VTD00T Scraping noise

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my belt has snapped on my dryer but it has been very noisy for a while after taking the back of i can see i have snapped the shaft and the bearing is worn out is there a replacement kit avaiable

i have a White Knight C77AS the red light is showing at the front but the water reservoir is empty help pleaseSean White Knight C77AS Spare Parts   Paul answers Hi Sean Have you checked the pump unit for Blockages, and made sure the float switch works correctly, although these videos are note on your

Hi, my Zanussi condenser dryer has a regular but intermittent fault. It will sometimes complete a drying program but frequently will start running and sometime later which can be a couple of minutes or longer it will stop and display a flashing  E50 error. I have taken top and side panels off and tried cleaning

Heater relay faulty on Hoover VHC681B-80 condenser dryerHi Paul , I used your great video and found the heater relay faulty on my Hoover VHC681B-80 condenser dryer. Where can I buy the relay? 12vdc / 16A 250VAC / HF115 Thanks for any help. Richard   Paul answers   Click here to buy replacement Omron relay

My Hoover VHV680C-80 tumble dryer is not heating. I’ve tested the temperature sensor and the heating element and both seem fine. After viewing your videos I’m suspecting the problem can be the relay on the printed circuit board. I have attached 3 pics. One of the whole board. One of the relay for info,and one with

Candy cdc266 uk wiring need pleasejohn     Paul answers   Candy cdc266 uk condensor tumble dryer Spare Parts   Hi john Candy cdc266 uk condensor tumble dryer here are the photos of the wiring to help you and there are a load of videos below to help you with the repairs model number Candy cdc266 uk

Re Re BEKO Condenser Sensor Drier Model DHR 73431 Serial number 15-200305-07 Good morning. Your advice please. The above drier is just over a year old. At the end of the drying cycle, both sensor lights for the water collection tray and filter who the need for emptying/cleaning. But removing the filter assembly results in

First of all, I find your tutorials very informative and useful. I will check your web siten in future too, should I have issues with home appliances. The tumble dryer in question has been more difficult to fix than I expected. The drum would not start reliably and the motor made humming noises. The symptoms

Hello, My tumble dryer Zanussi ZDC 67550W runs for around 4 mins 38 secs and then stops with an error. If you then restart it, it errors again. Repeat this about 12 times or so, it then finally starts. It appears to be taking a LONG time to warm up. Would This most likely be

Hi Paul! Please quote price for a thermostat for a Neff condensing tumble drier WFD2473GB. Does this model have a reset button I can try ? (drum spins ok but does not heat up) Thanks   PS Hi Paul -Sorry – Did not think of checking inside door! The number there is E-Nr  R4380XOEU/04 FD7906