Hi buddy, I worked through your video tutorial (which was very easy to follow) with my multimeter and have deduced that I need to replace my heater relay as per the tutorial. Do you stock these?


Capacitor fault. Checked belt and assisted to push when humming which works.

cant find this belt on you site

Problems with the dryer option and a code flashes that doesn’t show on user manual. Definitely over heating

Please help with my Hoover vhc 68b-80 tumble dryer PCN number 3110053415090254

My dryer keeps beeping and all lights flash a few seconds after any program is selected and turned on. Can you advise what I can do please?

Seems to work for a while and then starts beeping and the start/pause light flashes red. If I open the door the clothes do not seem very warm.

I have changed the thermostat cut out switch the thermostat cut out lead and the full element but still no heat. Can you help with what else it could be. Thanks

The model is a Candy Grand -GCC – 590NB -80 S/N 311006361450141 turns on for a minute – no heat – then all lights flash (just like in your video). If this is an error for a specific part and is generally easy to replace, then I’m happy to do that if you could give me the cost of the part. Thanks

in diagnostics mode turnes both ways ,jugs,even heats but not as it should ,I think. In diagnostics gives out code e51.