HELP! I have a Samsung Front Load Washer (Model WF365BTBGSF 4.1 cu ft). This is a newer machine that wont let you fiddle with the PCBs given they are covered with a jelly style moisture barrier.

Initially the washer stopped and displayed an error code (AE). I reset the machine. Removed the power cord and let it rest. I also reset the electrical breaker. The washer started back up and ran for the five minutes and then shut down completely. The AE code no longer displays – the machine display simply goes blank and eventually powers down. The AE fault code which only displayed the one time indicates a communication issue of the washers main components. I opened the machine, inspected it (looked for obvious wear, burns disconnected/loose connections) and decided to replace the main control panel (DC92-01527C) – RESULT: NO Change. NOT CHEAP.

Machine started up initially but powers down after 60-90 seconds. It continues to do this, provided it is unplugged or the electrical panel breaker has been turned off (removing all power to the machine) for an extended period before turning it back on.

My sense is there is a capacitor somewhere that needs to be replaced. I saw two small capacitors on the main board but my guess is they regulate power to the components on the PCB and there must be another regulating the motor.

Hi, i just found your website as i’m stuck with my faulty washer/dryer… it wont start any program, but sometimes it does and dont finish it….i get the Ed4 error and i visually checked the 2pcbs i don’t know how to get further, could you help me ? Thank you very much
The appliance code will be 11 digits long starting 914.
Hi thx for your answer ! I think i found the problem though as the washer
works properly when i disconnect the dryer element…Certainly to an earth
leakage as i found on the net…Do you confirm? Should i only replace the
heater and do you know the exact model ? Thank you again and have a nice
day !

The number you asked for : 91460430400

Paul your assistance please. Problem with Zanussi washing machine ZKN7147J

On a 40 degree wash, when start button pressed machine trips RCD. When RCD reset machine starts ok and works through program wash rinse cycles until with 22 minutes remaining RCD trips again. When RCD is reset machine continues with wash & rinse cycles. However with one minute remaining door lock LED goes from steady on to flashing, and door can be opened, wash rinse cycles appear to be finished. But timer doesn’t reach zero and buzzer doesn’t sound. This is repeatable fault.

On 30 degree wash when start button is pressed machine starts ok and works through wash rinse cycles ok. Again with 22 minutes remaining RCD trips. When RCD is reset machine continues with wash & rinse cycles. However with one minute remaining door lock LED goes from steady on to flashing, and door can be opened, wash rinse cycles appear to be finished. But timer doesn’t reach zero and buzzer doesn’t sound. This too is repeatable fault.

I have inspected both PCBs, no evidence of blown electrolytic cap or overheating components. Main PCB pt no.EWM2500N.

I have replaced interlock, on the thinking that it was preventing the timer not reaching zero. Haven’t tried any other programs.
Washing machine is kept in a garage.
(Prod 91460443901. Type H1966334. Ser No. 438 00016).
Comments appreciated. Many thanks. Regards Howard

Worked perfectly normal for one wash them put in a white wash and the start button usually flashes then you press it to start. But that isn’t flashing and when you press it, it just beeps and won’t start. The door is shut properly.

On wash cycle there is water entering the detergent box, then the drum remains static (does not rotate) then after some time, the machine empties.
Compliments on your site, looks really good, I’m going to go through every video, I think this will be of great help. I have many appliances in a number of properties. I just sent you a query re an Indesit washer dryer IWDC6125. The machine is not going into wash cycle, the detergent drawer is receiving water, then nothing happens, then after a period the machine empties without the drum ever moving. I’m thinking electric motor problem, maybe brushes. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance… Best regards Paul

Hello The fault e18 is showing. I have checked the hoses; all fine. The pump appears to be working as the impeller blades are turning but no water is coming out the waste hose. When I open the filter cap on the drain cycle, gain the impeller blades are turn but no water is coming out the waste pipe. When I take off the filter cap/filter water pours out and empties the machine. Any ideas? COuld it be that the pump is not working to100% Thank you. Chris

When in diagnosis mode I get to step 7 I believe and the water keeps filling past present level at this point I have to turn off and drain. Error e08 shows occasionally

i HAVE CLEANED OUT THE DOOR SEAL. CLOTHES WASHED AT 90C DONT COME OUT HOT.RAN DIAGNOSTICS AND GOT ERROR CODE 68 THEN 69. This is with red and green flashing light method. Please advise what I can do. Machine is abt 10 years old.

Hi There, Could you advise me on which Carbon Brushes to buy for an ACC UOZ 112 G 55 Washing Machine Motor. Thank You.

I need to replace the carbon brushes on a Welling HXGP1L.56 Washing Machine Motor. Could you let me know which carbon brushes will suit this type of motor. Thank You.