iam looking for a motor for my washer i have tried changing the cabons but motor shorts and need to replace it

Starts washing normally and in the middle of the wash it stops and makes a loud noise

I put it on a spin it makes a noise, but water won’t drain… it gets some way through program then it just starts beeping

The Machine is leaking due to cut door seal or malfunction door lock. Would you please help to identify required parts numbers to try to replace it.

I need your help! my washing machine works fine but at the end of the program the tumble doesn’t spin!

When I close door, it shows door open sign and not working

Machine is very noisy when spinning, suspect something stuck under

The start button not responding or making the click sound, when putting the machine on

I followed your instructions on your Youtube videos to replace the door handle. Now the door won’t close. I made sure all the parts were exactly where they should be…I need you help please !!

When I start the washing, The door won’t lock and not taking the water into the machine,