Hi hope you can help. my machine has been leaking for a while, Its coming from the door area I think.it was only a trickle that was manageable at first but its now getting worse. Is it the door do you think.Thanks

Hi we have an old Hoover Washing Machine thats seems to keep filling with water, the motor seems fine as do the electronics,Im at a complete loss as to why this has started to happen,sorry im not sure where to locate the serial number. thanks in advance

Hello There, I was wondering if you can help me please, Im not sure but i think the motor is not working on my machine. Can you tell me how to check if it is this. Is it a difficult job to repair or replace,My machine will not spin just makes a whirring noise.

my washing machine iss not heating although the drum is turning, clothes are getting warm and on some programs, the machine stops mid cycle

hi, I’ve removed a penny from the pump. Put back together. Machine still makes a large hum noise and will not begin cycle.
I have went through test mode and spins both anti clockwise and clockwise and then nothing. Start/pause led and extra rinse led both flashing and nothing happens. Any help appreciated

Can you please provide me with a link to purchase a new rubber gasket for my washing machine?


Hi I have a stuck nail between the front of the drums. I have removed the heating element as per you video but as it is head up has not fallen through. I have tried a magnet between the drums but it is not reaching it. Any suggestions please.

Hi, i have a dryer fault and I followed your youtube video Without luck. I wonder if you can advise please ?
This error is n ER73 NTC thermistor fault on the drying duct. I replaced this (Lefthand side) and the lower washer One without success.
The machine intially doesn’t get the drum warm on cottons or synthetics and the time runs down too fast. A second run usually works.
I tested the condenser thermostats ontop of the heating element and the heating element and these are all good.
In frustration I found a replacement white Dryer PCB but again no luck and Err73 persists.
I am out of ideas. As it does get hot I think8ng relay rather than sensor ?
Any help appreciated

Hi watched vid how to get error code it comes up with e 18 which says unbalanced, I have reloaded to no avail, I am going to get my other half to check water supply to machine also voltage input, is there anything else you can suggest please.
Kind regards
Pixie Lou

Hello, Please do you sell the door lock for my machine ?
Kind regards