My elderly neighbour has the red light door lock stops on all the time on her washing machine and nothing will works, even if I unplug it then later plug it back in the red light stops on. I managed to get her clothes out by looking at you videos. I’m not quite sure if it’s the pump or the actual door lock or main board. I was wondering if you could give me some advice for her

dOF fault on display ,could not get any programmes to work now machine won’t switch on at all.

I have just seen this video after fixing my wf321p earlier with this exact fault. I have to ask though about how you have fitted the electrolytic capacitor on this board. I can see the polarity before you remove the faulty capacitor and the markings on the board are a white circle and a + which both show the opposite that you refer to as “positive on the left” as the +ve is clearly marked on the board to the right. The white band marked -ve on the capacitor can be seen before removal and is nearest the small 8 pin I.C. adjacent to the capacitor being replaced which is the white circle on the board. I have a photo of mine before removal which also shows this. Basically, it looks and sounds to me as though you are fitting this capacitor the wrong way round. The link below also shows the capacitor with the -ve side nearest the ‘chip’ and “on the left where the little white dot is”. Electrolytic capacitors fitted the wrong way round don’t usually last very long and can ‘go’ in style as it were.

Followed the video the thermostat seems at fault no circuit
Coil reads about 45 ohms
The dryer light indicator doesn’t light when put on the program cycle?
Would that be the thermostat cut out at fault?
When measuring volts on coil I get about 76v

Machine will wash and rinse but when it comes to spin it beeps and gives fault code 08

Towards the end of a bed/bath cycle the machine stopped and all the cycle lights / power light flashed rapidly. I opened the door and washing was dripping wet and possibly not completely rinsed. I set it to a rinse only cycle, that started ok but then went to flashing again. The doorlock light has stayed lit. I set it to spin / empty and it won’t start. Now the machine won’t unlock and it looks like the drum doesn’t spin. I’m going to try opening the pump pre-chamber and see what happens. Hope you can help (again). Thanks.

My Hotpoint washing machine is not starting at all, I shut the door the control panel is set to the program I press the stop button but nothing happens

My washing machine is very unstable at the final spin. The machine is bouncing around the kitchen when it’s on the high spin.

i heard a strange noise and now my Hotpoint washing machine, I’ve noticed at the end of the cycle the clothes are wet I’m not too sure if the drum is turning all but it definitely did not spin at the end of the cycle

I don´t know why, but water is entering into the washing machine When the machine is Switched Off water is getting into the drum this happens overnight, I’m when I come down into the kitchen in the morning, I can see the washing machine has gone a few inches of water in the base of the drum