In the Rinse and Spin mode, starts at 21 minutes. When it gets to 14 min and the Spin icon is on, the screen goes blank, then comes back at 15 min.

Tried the Test Mode procedure in your video, but all the LED’s did not light. There was a strange display in the window. Turning the cycle knob does nothing.
Did the Calibration with your video guidance. Not in the Test Mode, the initial strange display is different, but no other change.

I suspect the controller to be at fault, but I don’t believe in throwing parts at a problem without proving the cause.

I have not opened the cover yet as the machine is pushed into a recess and it weighs more than I do. But I will prepare for that next step. Maybe an animal chewed wires? I’m in Panama and most appliances are outside.

Thanks your your videos. Very well done.

I have a Miele washing machine w5740 that is showing an error code f138 and the washing machine is not starting. I did pull it out to have a look and there was some water in the bottom of the machine. I cleaned it up and it worked for a while but it is started showing this error again. What should I do my friend has an older machine and he said he had the same problem and his was showing a different error he said he had two flashing lights on the right-hand side, and the timer is just showing straight lines in the dial and the machine would not start, he found that he had a leak on the door seal and replaced it, and it solved the problem,
My question is how can I work out where the water is coming from?

I watched your video on replacing the bushes that seems a good place to start. But I can’t find the part number or bushes anywhere. Candy website seems to only want to sell motor or fan and all other pages work from same parts list. I could easily change these out myself if it’s the same as your E08 fault video. Machine turns OK during a cycle but won’t go to a spin. Also machine won’t do a spin and rinse cycle. Does this seem like an issue the bushes would cause. Any help with part numbers appreciated

Please my washing machine needs a deep clean as it’s not draining

Looking to buy replacement brushes for my hoover DXA 68W3/1-80. Motor is Haier HCD63/61 41042385 220-240V Can you help with this?

my indesit iwc6165 washing machine drum doesn’t run in spin turns during wash cycle.
I have removed the motor and the brushes which seam very short and there is a fair amount of carbon dust coating the back plate. Am I right to suspect worn brushes.
Motor is a C.E.S.E.T MCA 61/64-148/AD1
Cod. 160021115.01
There is also a code MCA 61/64-148/AD9 on a bar code
Brushes have a code just about to be worn into L94MF.
Can you advise if you agree regardingt he brushes and if so which replacement should I order? I can supply pictures if that helps
p.s. the video on how to remove the motor was extremely helpful made it an easy operation

Went through the diagnostic test and the drum turns left and right but tried to spin and seemed to switch of with a sigh after moving an inch.
Took the motor off and one of the brushes is halfway down from new. Once-a-week usage for work gear only. New to your channel great simple to follow video’s, Forgot to mention, Error code 11 came up which I got rid of.

when it comes to the spin there is no motor action and the Drum is not turning when washing, I checked the carbon brushes in the motor and they’re good

I used it for first time (it was a second hand buy as they are expensive new) and it seemed to be working fine. It was spinning and had water in it (I set it to a quick wash). Around 15 minutes in it suddenly tripped the electrics. I restarted it quite a few times and it seemed to continue with the same wash cycle (must have some sort of memory) and always tripped within seconds (although not immediately sometimes). The only thing I can think of I did wrong was the the drain hose was at low level into shower cubicle (but I didn’t unclip it from machine so it went up to height of machine first) but not sure what problem that can cause?

I had to remove the clothes (I can confirm the heater was working as the water wasn’t cold) from the machine totally wet and also removed the water that I could see inside the drum (the level was below the opening of the machine). I tried the next day but this time I had it on off position (before I never touched the controls so it kept trying to continue from previous cycle but tripped switch) on the ‘drain’ cycle and it drained loads of waste water. I then tried a wash cycle with nothing inside (the manual states this should work normally as they recommend ‘maintenance’ washes) but it didn’t seem to fill with any water nor spin at all (maybe related to it not filling). The thing is no errors appeared but it seemed to operate normally but without any washing. It ended much sooner than it should too but the end and door reopened afterwards as if it finished the cycle. Again, no flashing lights to indicate any problems although clearly it didn’t do any washing. I then tried with a few small cloths to see if it was due to being totally empty and it was exactly the same. No filling and no spinning although the washing machine was making water noises etc as if it was working normally and also no errors appeared. I suppose I could try it again with more clothes but I think it should still work without many (I am just thinking now as I was using a low temp wash and maintenance washes are higher temps – could it detect that there wasn’t much clothes in there ?). Anyway, I don’t think it was due to the lack of clothes as I assume it would display some error instead of just going through the cycle much quicker with no issues shown. I even tried it on a cycle where the motor doesn’t even run (for very delicate items) and it again didn’t fill up.

When I turn on the machine it starts to fill, stops, then water is pumped out, then fills with water, then again pumps this out. Keeps doing this till I turn it off. At no time does the drum start to rotate. Have run trouble shooting and had code F13. But when ran it again this has not come up. Drum does not rotate one way or another but water does fill the various containers when going through the steps. Please help. Many thanks