Hello, Please do you sell the door lock for my machine ?
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My washing machine is leaking whenever I use the Daily Quick Wash.I have had the machine on it’s side to examine it and the keak appears to be central from the drum area.
Would this be the seal? I have examined the pump and drain bellows and discharge pipe, they all appear dry.
Thank you in anticipation of your advive.

My washing machine is a front load washer. I keep getting a de2 error & the door will not lock. I’m looking for a replacement locking mechanism so I can fix it myself. I saw your tutorial on YouTube, however I live in the United States & am not sure if you work with people out of country. Thank you!

Code Error DE and won’t wash

Washed fine yesterday and then last night I put a wash on and after 10 mins came up with error code E50 I moved the washing around inside then spun the drum with my hand and continued with the wash. After 10 mins E64 came up and keeps coming up now so it won’t wash at all anymore. Please help me if u can thanks so much

I get 2 tablespoons of water within 30 seconds of filling up,left hand side 6 inches from the front 3 inches from the side..thought it was the dirty hose from the soap dispenser to the drum, cleaned it but still leaking.Put kitchen towel directly under soap dispenser,no water.,taken off door seal but no hole.All I can think of is a faulty outer drum.I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks Ian.

Dear Team,
I have seen some of your videos and maybe you can help me to identify if the motor is not working.
In the beginning there was an error code (F13) and I changes the pressure sensor (SPS-A06H 2819711100).
unfortunately it dosen’t solved the issue. The testing program skipped the motor test (not turning).
Spin-Programm was also not successful 🙁
So i removed the Brushles DC Motor in order to check… but here we are … I removed the cover of the electronic
section but it is so compact I don’t know how to check!
Could you help me? I have some pictures of the motor … If you need … I can send.

I really appreciate your support.
Best regards

I have tried diagnostics and does what it should,eo8 code comes up

I can’t turn it off or on with the start button. I did your test and the code E09 came up then the screen with 1880 in the spin bit, a tap with a line through it and 80c in the temperature bit, an egg timer, 88.88, e and a padlock on the line. The buttercream line has all waking symbols and a play/pause symbol
Then the bottom line has lines with 1,2,3 and 4 on it.

Hi The plate on the bottom of the machine, underneath it, seems to be riveted onto the frame. How do I get to the filter/pump?