Hi Guys,

I’ve gone through diagnostic process. Everything seems to work fine but at the end the drum won’t pump water out.

Any ideas?

Hi I have a Indesit IWB5113 all the lights were flashing and on investigation I found that the Z0607 triac on the power module had blown completely off the pcb. I have just ordered a new triac but I was wondering if you could advise me as to what may have caused this and if any other components would be defective. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

Hi – the machine is about 6-7 years old. Presumably the motor or brushes have gone. Is it worth repairing or buying new one? Thanks

I put it on a spin it makes a noise, but water won’t drain… it gets some way through programme then it just starts beeping

Hi. When my washing machine get to the spin cycle it’s stops working for ages then flashes all the deeply light and unlocks the door. But the machine is still full of water and at the moment full of wate and out clothes. Is there anything you can suggest. Thank you.

i checked brushes on this motor and very worn down, do u have replacement brushes and how much. Thanks

I’d like to purchase a drum bearing replacement kit

Hi i have a beko WM5120S i have checked for fault codes and found the first LED in the row flashing 2nd and 3 LED are lit constant. When start button pressed the machine will the trip the RCD After approx 3seconds.

Any thoughts??
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I wish to purchase a Door to Drum seal spring but of the 2 two types available for Zanussi neither are listed against this model. Watched the video and got machine apart (great video thanks) so appreciate your help in replacing this part. Kind Regards Sharon Alsop.

Hoover VT914D22S/1-80N 3100534612365065 Hi, initially my machine has a heater fault code along with the error 3 draining fault code. I have cleaned the heater and all of the pipes, checked the water inlet vales and the discharge pump are operating ok, I have disconnected the tube from the pressure switch and made sure air passes freely too. The machine now only shows error code 3 after any wash cycle, it also doesn’t seem to fill with much water when any programme starts either , it doesn’t spin at high speed on any wash cycle either, the drum does turn normally during the wash cycle. I wondered if I should buy a new pressure switch or it may be a pcb issue? Can you let me know what you think or ask me any questions you can to help me see if it’s worth fixing or not?
feel free to call me if you wish.
I also note that the main plastic drum housing is welded not screwed together, there isn’t a pressure chamber externally for the pressure switch tube, I presume if there is one it must be inside this welded housing? I did poke a 2.5mm wire inside the hole where the tube connects onto the housing to ensure it was clear and when I reconnected the tube and blew down is was clear.
I think that’s everything I’ve done.
Many Thanks Matt,