BEKO Condenser Sensor Drier Model DHR 73431 water pouring from the condenser

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Re Re BEKO Condenser Sensor Drier Model DHR 73431 Serial number 15-200305-07 Good morning. Your advice please. The above drier is just over a year old. At the end of the drying cycle, both sensor lights for the water collection tray and filter who the need for emptying/cleaning. But removing the filter assembly results in water pouring from the compartment where the condenser is located. The water tray is bone dry! What is the problem and cost to rectify please. Many thanks for your time. Colin G. PS Both filters are cleaned after every drying cycle.




Paul answers

Paul answers


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Hi Colin

 if water is pouring from the condenser then you may have a problem with the pump system and it's not able to pump the water to the collection tray I would strip down the pump assembly and checking for blockages


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