BEKO WMA8168LB1 washing machine E12 error

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Hi, I did a load of towels in my beko machine and put too much soap. I now have an e12 error. Can you help me


Paul answers

I will try and help with this problem with your BEKO WMA8168LB1 washing machine

Error Code E12 Definition: Washing machine has detected overfill.
This error code can be caused by oversudsing from overloading or by adding too much detergent.
The pressure sensor will read that there is too much water in the washer.

You could try just flushing it on a rinse cycle first to see if this clears the error with empty load or the easiest way of rectifying this fault is to drain all the water out of the machine​, find the pressure switch on the machine remove the pipe and blow through it - make sure you have the machine disconnected from the electricity supply, you also may have to remove the sump hose to get at the pressure bowl to clean this out as well. 
I have included a couple of videos below that may assist you if you need further assistance please feel free to contact me

If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me​. all the best Paul​.

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3 Responses to “BEKO WMA8168LB1 washing machine E12 error”

  1. Tam says : Reply

    My washing machine one day started and it tripped the fuse box. I checked the fuse in the plug and changed it but the machine seems to have no power going to it at all…
    Pls help as I have 2 young children and washing is mounting

  2. Kristine Formosa says : Reply

    My belo is still show e12 even though I’ve flushed it out and havent used the machine for 4 days

  3. Melissa Balfoort says : Reply

    I have this machine and it has happened a couple of times. The simple solution, is to remove all itmes in the bowl. Turn machine off at the wall. Open the door and pull the machine forward to empty the water. Make sure you have towels or something to absorb the water, as a lot comes out. Once drained, turn it back on and set to rinse and spin. The machine will work again. Don’t over fill the washing powder or liquid. I only use half a scoop of powder. Happy washing!

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