Bosch Dishwasher SMS40C12GB/18 error code E15

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Bosch Dishwasher SMS40C12GB/18 Hi Paul, am getting an error code E15 on said m/c, i understand it's the float mechanism at the base of the machine, do i have to remove the base to get access to this area, or can i get access to it via your tutorial for removing or replacing pump, if i have to lie the machine down on which side should i lie it? Regards Andrew Berdauskas




Paul answers

Paul answers



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Hi Andrew

The first thing you need to do is take lid and side panels of this might give you access on some modes they put inspection hatch at bottom, the anti flood device is normally set of  then there is a leak you will need to find what is causing this.

To assist you with this with repair on your bosch dishwasher i have put videos below


Hi Paul, Many Thanks for your prompt reply, Managed to remove the top & sides and the door panel, the base looks to be 1 piece of moulded plastic, with no access to the float mechanism, there was a bit of water in the base but i wouldn't say a lot, managed to tip it on it's back to remove the water, inspected from the front underneath the door and from the sides but could not find anything untoward, re-assembled it and the machine is now running fine, if the problem re-occurs, is there a way of getting better access on this model?




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  1. Robert says : Reply

    I have aE15 fault on my dishwasher l have looked at the sites to fix it and they say take it out and tilt it
    My is integrated and I cannot get it out
    Can I fix the fault any other way

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