Bosch SMS50E02UK dishwasher error codes E24 sometimes E25

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I have a bosh dishwasher error codes E24 sometimes E25 it sometimes works fine for a few washes and then stoppes with error code watched your pump replacement tutorial looks quite simple please advise me which pump to buy or if it could be something else I have thoroughly cleaned the filters and cant see anything blocking the pump by it is suspect model number SMS50E02UK PURCHASED ABOUT 4 YEARS AGO  




Paul answers

Paul answers



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Hi Tom

The first thing you need to do is find your full model number this is normally located inside on the stainless steel at the top of the door just inside but i think it is model number SMS50E02UK/01.

 if your bosch dishwasher is showing the E24 or E25 fault then this is pump problem .

You will need to take the pump out to make sure there is no glass or bits of food ETC blocking the pump but if you need to replace the pump i have put a link here for you for the correct pump for model  BOSCH SMS50E02UK/01.

To assist you with this with repair on your bosch dishwasher i have put videos below

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