Bosch WAS32461GB Washing Machine that will not start

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Bosch WAS32461GB Washing Machine Door Interlock


Hi Paul! I have a Bosch Logixx WAS32461GB Washing Machine that will not start, is there anything I should check? Thanks.




Paul Says



Hi Carl!

This is usually due to the machine still having water in or a door interlock fault. See related videos below.

Also if you find that you have a faulty door lock/interlock click on the picture for the correct part for your model number


Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts

To try and help with this problem on your Bosch WAS32461GB, I have put together a full list of videos below on your washing machine. There are many common questions that people ask about these Bosch's. Please have a look at the relevant video to your problem, and if you need more help, feel free to come to us on our live appliance chat during working hours.

Common questions people ask about on Bosch WAS32461GB model of washing machine/washer dryer.


Bosch washing machine Won´t Drain, Will not drain, doesn´t drain, does not empty – these are all pump problems, see video on this.

Bosch washing machine Will not start, won’t start, Will not open – this is usually due to the machine still having water in it or a door interlock fault, see video on this.

Bosch washing machine Will not spin, Wont spin, will not spin, doesn´t spin, fills up but the drum is not turning, won't agitate or spin - drum doesn't move!- these faults can either be motor related or pump related

Bosch washing machine Does not take conditioner, is not taking in any water.- these are all water valve related, see videos on this.


8 Responses to “Bosch WAS32461GB Washing Machine that will not start”

  1. Peter says : Reply

    Hi Paul. Trying to fix problem on a Logixx 8. The light’s do not come on at all when the dial is turned. There is power going to the machine so not sure if it’s a faulty capacitor??

  2. Ross says : Reply

    I have a Bosch washing machine in my apartment. it will not accept any wash programme. the red curser on the control panel just keeps cycling and will not accept the programme I select. I have tried turning it off and on at the wall switch etc, but still does not work. The red curser light cycles around on circles

    • Ross Jury says : Reply

      Hi Paul,

      none of the above problems fit my situation. Can you up date on this in particular. the curser circulates around the control panel but will not lock into a set program.

      does not happen all the time but does on a regular basis. I bit hit and miss or cross your fingers.

      Thanks Ross

  3. Hems says : Reply

    Hi, my Bosch washer dryer isn’t washing. All light shows , then when l select a wash section, l hear a clock sound , then a second click sound follows. What do l do please? Thanks

  4. ali552 says : Reply

    bosch logixx8 washing machine do not power on light

  5. Paul says : Reply

    I have a logixx 8, I changed the bushes after the error code f43 was shown and now the machine does not work at all. I Sellect a program, push the start button , I can hear a buzzing for a few seconds, then nothing happens at all. No error code is displayed.

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