Miele complete c3 not starting when press button

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hi paul I would like to bring the Miele complete c3 vacuum cleaner into your shop for you to have a look at this week I can bring it in for you it just stopped working and the light is on but when I press the start button it does nothing


Paul answers

I will try and help with this problem Miele complete c3

The machine is ready to pick up.

The customer had been using the machine without the correct bags and therefore the Motor had filled with fluff. This had caused the motor to overheat and therefore high resistance on the circuit board by re-soldering the connection it fixed the problem.


Miele complete c3

Brushes were good but motor cloged with hair

Motor pcb blown conection

Blown track had to resolder


If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me​. all the best Paul​.

Paul Charmbury
Appliances Engineer
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