Tumble dryer Zanussi ZDC 67550W runs for around 4 mins and then stops

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Hello, My tumble dryer Zanussi ZDC 67550W runs for around 4 mins 38 secs and then stops with an error. If you then restart it, it errors again. Repeat this about 12 times or so, it then finally starts. It appears to be taking a LONG time to warm up. Would This most likely be a thermostat issue? I haven't yet taken it apart to check, but thought I'd see what you thought first. Thanks!  




Paul answers

Paul answers


Zanussi ZDC67550W tumble dryer spare parts

Zanussi ZDC 67550W tumble dryer spare parts


Hi  Steve



the first thing I would check is the  thermostats There are two on the heater,  and normally 1 on the ventilation tube inside the machine,  this may either be an NTC sensor or a conventional thermostat.

 The heater element has a high and low side you need to check booth circuits. Another common fault is the pump that takes the water from the machine to the collection tank please see all videos for more help on these


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